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  1. Valravn, here I come!

  2. Good riddance, off-season blues!

  3. Let the countdown to 2015 begin!

  4. It's time for a Great Adventure!

  5. Next park: Dorney Park

  6. Can't wait for my first Kings Island trip of the year!

  7. This off-season better go by quickly...

  8. And let Haunt and HalloWeekends begin...

  9. Summer is way too short.

    1. CP&LERR Fan

      CP&LERR Fan

      Your tellin me.

  10. Cedar Point on Thursday

  11. Cedar Point was awesome, as usual!

  12. Next park: Cedar Point

  13. Had a great time at SFGA.

  14. Next park to hit up: SFGAdventure

  15. Hold on a sec...This year's ride isn't even open yet and you're already speculating the next coaster?

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