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  1. There was a live video feed of the evacuation. It was pretty crazy to watch.
  2. Here's something I posted over on PointBuzz... To add to the fun speculation, here's just what I personally think will come to the park for 2015. 1. A new pavilion. By now it's pretty obvious that something will be going on with that area (Fear Faire not being listed on the HW site, while the site was still fully accessible), various markings in this area, and the fact that 2 other Cedar Fair parks (Carowinds and California's Great America) have announced new pavilion like structures. I'd even love for something more like Harmony Hall at Carowinds. It would be nice to have a big food court a
  3. So I finally got around to making this trip report. Our friend who works at the park once again was able to get us free tickets so we (my parents and I) were very thankful. We decided on this day, Thursday the 10th, since the weather looked decent. It wasn't supposed to be too hot and it was supposed to rain/storm in the morning so we hoped this might hold off some of the crowds like in previous years. We sure were right! It ended up being a perfect day. We arrived at the park a little after opening and headed straight for El Toro. No line at all. I wanted to ride in the back and got right on
  4. I'm especially surprised with Magnum. It has been said that it was the coaster that basically started what became the "coaster wars."
  5. Darn Senior Project! Maybe I'll be able to go to this since I'm not entirely sure of my availbility that month, but I sure hope I can!
  6. This article is really interesting, and highlights some of the most influential and important coaster ever created. This includes the origins to the roller coaster and the first "scream machines" that existed! The Beast is one of them, and I'm not surprised at all by this. http://mentalfloss.com/article/58035/10-roller-coasters-changed-america
  7. That's so awesome! You're lucky you were filming when that happened. I think we all love you for that!
  8. Ride On_17

    2015 Idea

    I'd still rather have a traditional, non shooting dark ride but oh well.
  9. Wow, this is horrible. Now the latest is 2 injuries, with one of them being a broken leg. Apparently riders onboard were freaking out when it happened according to people who were there. Very scary. And that really smashed out that piece of fence...crazy. Thankfully it wasn't during the day since usually a lot of people stand right around that spot, but I'm not sure if there were people hit by flying fence pieces. Thankfully none of the injuries are life threatening. I really love Skyhawk but do you think it could be on its way out due to all its incidents, especially this one?
  10. Ride On_17

    2015 Idea

    I love how much time it seems like you spent on it. Great vision and imagination!
  11. To be honest, Gatekeeper actually slipped my mind when creating my list. The back left of that coaster is amazing.
  12. Knowing Tony he probably did not just randomly do that. Or did he? With him it's nearly impossible to tell what are clues and what aren't. I guess that's part of the fun with Cedar Point speculation.
  13. And it's not a coaster but since Terpy mentioned Demon Drop, I'd have to give an honorable mention to Zumanjaro. The suspense as you ascent... Then slowly crawl to a stop... Giving you several seconds to grip tightly (or in my case, stick your legs out and put your arms out )... And to enjoy the amazing view... Before suddenly plummeting down to the Earth, getting faster and faster the farther you drop... Big Droppy Thing sure is incredible and sure does have an amazing big drop.
  14. I searched and didn't see anything like this so I thought it could be a fun topic. What is everyone's list of favorite roller coaster first drops? Also, be sure to list if it's in a particular seat. And different seats can count as a spot, as seen in mine. I love drops with airtime and weightlessness, so that is mostly how my list is ranked. Feel free to indicate if there's any particular reason you chose that seat/ride. 1. El Toro (Back seat. I've never experienced more intense airtime before) 2. Diamondback (Back seat. All I can say is WOW.) 3. Maverick (Back seat. Extreme ejector air.)
  15. There's a new, very intereresting blog. Lots of pictures, including the old Pirate Ride building, Point Pavilion, the structure by GK (the hew haunt), Mantis, the lagoons near Adventure Island, and Mean Streak. I'm not sure what to believe as diversions or clues. Plus what Tony said at the end is interesting. "We won't make you wait a century... But don't trust the 'Lemon Chill Guy' And maybe, just maybe, don't trust mi?" Yes, he did say "mi." I have no clue what that means though. https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog-article/online-fun/Thanks-For-The-Fun
  16. I agree, especially for the near miss elements with the barn.
  17. Just the fact that B&M now has a launching coaster has boosted my appreciation of them way up. I can only hope that this will be the first of many. As of right now, that's what I thought what they were lacking the most between them and Intamin. As others have said, Intamin better start watching out. B&Ms suddenly taking huge leaps and bounds in the industry.
  18. This coaster looks so awesome. I'm very impressed, not only with Holiday World adding a (STEEL!!) coaster of this scale, but also for B&M for incorporating a launch. I really need to go to Holiday World even more so than I did before this announcement.
  19. Sorry to bring back this topic, but the required amount of money needed for this is still over twice the amount that has currently been donated. Please spread the word!
  20. There are just so many clues and pieces to this puzzle. Unlike in previous years when a major addition was coming next year, at this point in time I am clueless as to what's coming. And I love that. I can't wait to be surprised, as long as no blueprints or leaked documents (or websites) get out ahead of time.
  21. So the Coaster Campout was being called Camp Rou...any connection to the trademarked name Rougarou? I know originally this was suspected as the name of a new haunt in the building next to The Beast at KI, but PointBuzz member kevinj gave a good point that Cedar Fair never trademarks Haunt names. Even look at the ones Cedar Point just announced for this upcomong HalloWeekends: neither Hexed nor Tombstone Terror-Tory have trademarks. Do some more digging and you'll see there are no Haunt or HalloWeekends trademarks. Using this train of sense, Rougarou will be the name of a new ride. Could "Camp
  22. So apparently 2 new haunts were announced at the Coaster Campout. In addition to the Hexed haunted house, another one (presumably an outdoor walkthrough or maze) will be called Tombstone Terror-Tory. But as far as I can tell, the location for that one is still unkown.
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