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  1. I would really love it if something is done to Mantis for next year. Maybe the paint will grow on me (if it's indeed being painted), but I find Mantis' current colors to be among my favorite color combo in the park. It's so unique and cool. But I do like that shade of green. I wonder what the supports would be...
  2. Whoops! I also forgot to add in the link to the article, which I now did. I must be tired.
  3. I swear I read somewhere that it wouldn't be possible for a wing rider to be that tall, since the chassis supporting the seats wouldn't be able to withstand all the forces. Unlike a normal sitdown coaster where the force is pushing directly down on the seats and onto the track, with a wing rider the seats are suspended pretty far out, so most of the force is not exerted down on the track. I could be wrong though but I think I remember seeing this before. Unless B&M is able to somehow design wing rider trains that are able to withstand forces from a 300+ drop that's more than twice than th
  4. I searched for a similar topic but didn't find anything, so here you go. This topic is to discuss anything and everything about CP's HalloWeekends event, whether it's general questions/comments, experiences, favorite haunts, rumors, etc. You name it, feel free to discuss it here. I'd like to start by commenting about the new building presumably for a new haunt next to Gatekeeper. According to this article, there will be a new haunted house called Hexed, so I'm going to guess it will go in this new building. This new haunt will also explain the witch advertisements outside the park. http://co
  5. AKA Vomitron. Put me on any coaster (besides Mantis) and I'm perfectly fine, but put my on anything that's really spinny or flips a lot and the end result will not be good.
  6. Some other things I noticed that forgot to include earlier...most rides had auto spiels, which I really didn't like. I know some people on here are all for them, but I find them to take away from the fun atmosphere and character the ride ops can give the ride. Plus, I noticed something else that seemed very odd and that I really didn't like: Not a single ride had "welcome back riders, how was your ride?" The train just pulled back into the station, the ride ops stared at you as bored as ever, and you quietly got off. No excitement at all. I know this sentence is just a minor detail, but I thin
  7. The other day Tony tweeted this: "Currently working diligently on 2015. Did I spel that rite? More importantly, did I say it right..." If you copy and past this tweet (or at least the beginning of it) into a word unscrambler, the word "Centurion" is one of the words that appears. This was brought to my attention to rcoaster10. Diversion or could the Centurion trademark be going to Cedar Point for 2015? If you ask me, it sure does sound like a coaster name. When I first heard about this trademark a while back, I immediately liked it, so I'd definitely be happy if this will be the name of the
  8. No problem! Glad everyone's enjoying it. Yes, it definitely is!
  9. My last coaster credit of the day (and the last ride I had hoped to get on at the park), Steel Force. At first it may just looks like Magnum at CP, but once you ride it, it is anything but. Yes, its structure is similar. Yes, its trains look similar. Yes, it's red and silver, Yes, it's a hyper coaster, and has airtime hills and tunnels. But Steel Force is waaaaaaay better than Magnum. For one thing, it is one of the smoothest coasters I've ever been on. Not rough at all. Add in the incredible airtime (especially in the back) and it's truly an incredible coaster. I'd definitely recommend the
  10. Next, we had to head back around to go the Thunderhawk. I wish there was a direct cut through from the are near Possessed and Stinger (which was still closed due to its incident) that leads back to Thunderhawk and Steel Force, so that was you don't have to make the loop back and around. Oh, well. I was excited for Thunderhawk since it would be the oldest coaster I've ever been on since it was built in the 1920s. There was no wait. My mom and cousin sat in the front, but I made sure to sit in the 2nd to last row, not on a wheel seat. I had heard this ride was rough and due to its 3 rows per ca
  11. It was time to head to Possessed. A little creek and bridge: Possessed (AKA Voodoo AKA Superman: Ultimate Escape)! My cousin was actually sort of nervous about this one since I don't think she's ever been on a launching coaster before. She and my mom sat in the front row while I sat in the back row. We just waited 1 cycle. Unlike Wicked Twister, you don't get a countdown before you launch, which I love. You have no clue when it's coming. The ride op just says "Ready," but you don't know exactly when you'll take off. Plus the straight track on the back spike is interesting, especially w
  12. Time for a couple general park shots on our way to Demon Drop. To get to the left side of the park, you have to go down this tree lined hill. It's actually sort of pretty, and a view of Dominator greets you. Their Planet Snoopy was pretty nice too. This may look like it's a cut through the Hydra, but it's not. I wish it was. It's sort of pain having to go all the way around. There were some good views of Steel Force from this area of the park. On our way to Demon Drop we decided to ride Thunder Creek Mountain, a log flume. It was sort of short but was fun. I really love log
  13. My cousin and I wanted to go on White Water Landing next. Usually I hate going on rides that get you soaked, but I was actually getting a little hot and thought, hey, why not. Might as well try it, especially since it's been several years since I've done Snake River Falls at CP and this was pretty much identical. We waited about 5 minutes for the front row and had a fun, wet ride. Then, of course, we had to stand on the bridge after the exit to get soaked again. We got wetter standing on the bridge than we did on the ride itself. It felt good to cool off and we dried pretty fast. While we
  14. Thanks! My cousin thought I was crazy that I kept stopping for photo ops but I guess I got a few good shots haha. Also, I'll add that originally I had thought the day might be pretty miserable. The forecast was calling for it to be humid and in the 90s, with a chance of storms. It turns out that no storms came through while we were there, and for the majority of the time it was sunny. Despite the heat, it actually wasn't bad at all since there was a great breeze all day that kept us cool. The water park was packed but the park was pretty much dead the entire time we were there.
  15. Next up, since it was really close to Talon, was Wild Mouse. Call me crazy, but I was actually really, really excited to go on it. I know this might sound crazy, but before this ride, my old Wild Mouse-esque coaster was WildCat at Cedar Point. I loved its laterals, quick turns, and little hills, so I couldn't wait to try this one out. I absolutely loved it! The laterals are super intense, and I was laughing for the entire ride. It also had a fun fun little bunny hills. It may just be a wild mouse coaster, but it is extremely fun. I love these types of coasters. A note about the ride, though. I
  16. Every time we go to my grandparents' house at the Jersey shore, we drive right past Dorney. We see it from the freeway and I've always wanted to stop along the way. Well, my family finally decided that this would be the year we would go. It would just require us leaving in the morning so we'd have enough time to spend the afternoon at the park before continuing on to vacation. We were also taking my 12 year old cousin Mackenzie with us, and thankfully she loved roller coasters and she couldn't wait too. So on Tuesday the 1st, we ended up leaving our house around 7/7:30 in the morning. We stop
  17. Banshee all the way! 1. Banshee 2. Dragon Challenge (Hungarian Horntail) 3. Raptor 4. Batman (SFGreat Adventure) 5. Talon (still a fun coaster but not as good as the others I've been on)
  18. Which of the two stratas do you like better ? I've rode TTD many times but never been to Six Flags Great Adventure . I like TTD better, because of the lap bars and whole atmosphere. But KK is also really fun, and feels more intense, surprisingly. I just miss the whole "experience" of TTD with the Christmas tree lights, the interactions with the midway, and just everything about it. But both are great rides.
  19. As long as it won't mean creating a thread on here to try to hook up with an employee (anyone else remember that last year?)...That thread just got creepy. Anyway, glad you've had so many awesome park trips lately!
  20. Rode it twice today, once during the day and once at night. It was awesome during the day, but was completely insane at night.
  21. Glad you had fun at Dorney! I was there July 1st and had a blast. It's a nice, little park.
  22. I'll have to try it. I still have yet to go through it, so I guess doing it at night with a flashlight would be a good first experience.
  23. It's time for a Great Adventure!

  24. When Jason made his statement about appealing to thrill seekers, he was referring to a brand new ride coming for the 2015 season, not a new haunt. But there is a new building being built next to Gatekeeper which is rumored to be for a new haunted house. I'm excited to find out about this new haunt, if it even is one (but I'm 99% sure it is).
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