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  1. As well as WindSeeker. I guess the only thing thrilling about it is the height. Besides that, it's one of the most relaxing rides at the park IMO. Don't get me wrong, I love it (when it's operational) but I remember thinking when it was announced that it didn't quite entirely fit in with the thrillseeker and teenage appeal category that it had previously been said it would. At this point I really am clueless. I love Tony and think he's a great guy, but PLEASE give us some hints and teasers soon! Banshee was being teased ever since the park first opened, I believe.
  2. Leaked blueprints here: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/29816-fury-325/ Definitely looks like an improved version of Leviathan. If this isn't a B&M giga, I'll be shocked.
  3. The blueprints for the Carowinds coaster have been leaked, and looks very similar to Leviathan, except with a few more turns and elements. Definitely looks like a B&M giga. And I guess a dark ride could have a more intense/mature theme to it, but wouldn't that sort of defeat the purpose of a great dark ride? I want a dark ride that the whole family can enjoy together. As for a new flat, I honestly don't think the park has a need for any new one right now. What flat could possibly add to the park's current lineup without seeming redundant? Lastly, think of what Tony said at this past win
  4. Yeah, I try not to let other guests ruin my day but it just makes me sigh and frustrates me that people act that way. Oh well. Gotta love the GP haha.
  5. I find Banshee to be the least disorienting B&M invert I've been on, but I guess everyone has their own opinions. Too bad you didn't enjoy more of the rides and coasters, but at least you loved Diamondback.
  6. Great! I filled it out, so hopefully those three employees will get some recognition soon for their outstanding customer service.
  7. Parents who force their young kids to go on rides. I hate seeing kids crying and terrified to ride all because a parent wants to ride it and forces them to go on it too.
  8. Is this just the "Contact Us" form? Then I select the "Staff, Courtesy, and Service" category? Or is there a completely separate form?
  9. I play trombone, but I love WGI stuff. It's pretty cool.
  10. I love Invertigo. I love Gatekeeper. I enjoy Vortex. In fact, I think Corkscrew is rougher than it is. To each his own, I guess. The only coaster I truly hate is Mantis. After riding it for the first time, I refused to ride any other stand up coaster. It was painful, uncomfortable, and it made me feel very queasy, which never happens to me on coasters.
  11. CP did announce that theirs will be removed, but I'm not sure about the rest.
  12. Califoirnia's Great America announced the addition of a new pavilion that will serve both the park and 49s patrons. Combine Hurricane Hanna's not being on the park map, Tony's tweet with a pile of wood, and all of the marking around the current Point Pavilion, could Cedar Point be seeing a brand new pavilion area for 2015? I actually think this would be a great improvement. It would open the front of the park even more especially if HH is removed, and it would be a great to see a new, modern, structure like CaGA is getting. Thoughts about this new pavilion and whether or not you think somethin
  13. My mom and I already talked about that and we definitely plan on it! They really deserve it!
  14. Oh, the irony! It really frustrates me! Especially since a family friend works for a lanscaping company that provides much (if not all) of the park's plants and shrubs. I do know that they were in charge of the entire front gate/Gatekeeper foliage and plants, which is pretty cool. Throughout the day we would just see some flowers picked bare with the pedals lying all over the place. Some people just have no sense of respect, and it really bothers me. Cedar Point is a very clean and well maintained park, and it really takes a lot of work and effort to keep it that way. I can't stand seeing
  15. My mom and I arrived at the park around 9:30 and made it back to Maverick in time for one early entry ride and rode in the back. My mom saw one of her high school friends and her 2 younger kids. They hadn't actually seen each other in person for a very long time and they had fun catching up, and her 7th grade son is a major enthusiast. He was so funny! Then the line just started to fill up but we managed to get on it again, this time in the front, with only a 5 minute wait. But as soon we we left, a lot of the main queue building had already started to fill up. We were glad to get our Maverick
  16. Posted this yesterday in the Random Discussion Thread but feels like it fits better here. Been watching CP's SlingShot testiing with employees! This ride is so much fun to watch and it attracts quite a crowd. It's funny to watch the workers riding it when they're launched and listening to the peoples' reactions who are watching. I also found it it's planned to open on Tuesday. It will be $25 plus an optional $20 to buy your video. But I love how this ride looks in the park and how it captivates onlookers. While I do agree that the price is steep, I will definitely try it. And again like I s
  17. ^I believe they did. I don't remember for sure but I think so.
  18. Not all of the corps have videos online yet of this year's shows, but I've tried to find at least some videos so you can actually watch and listen to some of these awesome corps perform. Oh, and be sure to turn up the volume when you watch these videos to experience what DCI music is like. For the Cavaliers, I couldn't find any good 2014 videos yet, so here is a short clip from last year's show, Secret Society: For Madison Scouts, again I didn't see any good videos from this year so here's the ending of last year's show, Corps of Brothers - 75 Years of Survival: Same problem for
  19. To end the night, the Bluecoats were last. I had heard a lot of hype about their show, "Tilt," and was really looking forward to seeing it. I had high expectations but it really blew me away. Enough so that it's tie with Carolina Crown's "Out of This World" for my favorite show of the night. The show's theme presented itself immediately. They basically tilted the field they marched on, using bright orange to outline the new field. Then there were many angular teeter-totter like props spread across the field that would be moved and utilized in cool ways throughout the show. Then the ending was
  20. Then came my all time favorite, and also the 2013 DCI World Champion, Carolina Crown. Their show, "Out of This World" combined incredible music, a drum feature involving items such as car mufflers for drums, the use of trampolines, frisbees, and an amazing overall effect. I was wowed and didn't want their show to end! They looked impressive just lining up to come onto the field to set up, between the sharp uniforms and the props (yes, the trampolines!). Just like in last year's show, this year's started with a vocal portion that added a nice effect. The field setup was very unique.
  21. After that were The Cadets. I love this corp's strong, crisp sound. Last year I got to watch them rehearse at a nearby high school but this was the first time I've seen them actually perform. Their show, "Promise: An American Portrait," had a mix or narratives and song, which sort of reminded me of my band's competition show 2 years ago. It was very well done and I enjoyed it. More to come!
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