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  1. The only disappointment discovered at the event was the removal of all the large trees near Panda Express. My family and friends almost always sit and relax under their shade every time we go to the park since they provided a cool, beautiful place to take a break. This area now looks so open and lacks charm. One of our tour guides said that they were removed due to being dead/diseased or dying, which is very unfortunate. Their absence makes a huge (negative) impact on this area, so I hope the park replaces them and makes an attempt to add more charm, landscaping, and shade. Next we
  2. $40,000, over 800 participants, and a day full of fun later, Cedar Point's 2017 Winter Chill Out was a success! I was thankful to be able to attend this amazing event again, and it was as great as ever. The park did an incredible job hosting it, and all of the staff deserves a huge thanks for their time given for this event to even be able to occur. I'm sure many of you have already read updates and seen pictures, but I figured I'd go ahead and write up my own experiences and thoughts, as well as sum up the main highlights and share my own pictures. I was in the 10:30 group, and aft
  3. As with any big change like this, it'll take a little while to get used to but my initial impression is that it is a very clean, modern look. I like it. It's also interesting how they seem to be trying to put a much larger emphasis on multi-day stays. I only spent 5 minutes checking through the site so far and already the amount of times I've seen "stay overnight" or "you'll need more than a day" or anything else along those lines is well up in the double digits. I feel like the park (and chain) has definitely been going in the right direction, especially in terms of its marketing, and I
  4. I also went with green and white.
  5. I voted for Diamondback since I'm a sucker for airtime and hyper coasters, but Banshee would be 2nd.
  6. When people start posting in this thread again.
  7. Congratulations! It will be great to have you as one of the mods!
  8. ^Great articles! I especially enjoyed that second one about all of the animatronics. Very cool!
  9. Wow, after watching the POV video, this ride really exceeded my expectations! Great job, Disney! But I don't think I could convince myself to ever wait in a 5 hour line for it...
  10. If you're a pizza fan, I'd recommend Imo's! (Pronounced "eemoes.") It has super thin, crispy crust and tastes like no other pizza I've ever had. I know there are some around the St. Louis area, probably elsewhere in the region too. In Jefferson City, if you're able to/into that kind of stuff, I'd recommend taking a tour of the old Missouri State Penitentiary. Very cool and creepy building. Overall, I was actually sort of underwhelmed by the city as a whole when I went there (It was a Saturday in the late afternoon and there were literally 5 people walking around) and most of the stores on
  11. LOL! For those who are confused, reference: https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/742482648224927744 Look at the reply thread starting with "I'm sure it'll make enthusiasts bark with delight". That was quite an unbe-leaf-able yet entertaining way to kill some time!
  12. Oooh, I haven't heard about this one. Please share what you can. I love to hear about things like this! I'm sure someone else who knows can explain it in more detail, but I heard about this too. All I really know is that the park was planning a large wooden coaster around the area where Diamondback currently sits, and the coaster was already planned out and construction was about to begin when the park for some reason suddenly decided to nix it. Not sure why they did, but everything was basically scrapped and the park moved on like that coaster was never even planned.
  13. I also didn't hear that at the time...Very interesting. Although surprising that Dennis would actually blatantly say that, unless he was just joking around.
  14. What an improvement from last year. Seriously, last year's Coastermania doesn't even hold up in the slightest compared to yesterday. All day, every employee I encountered was friendly and happy (and not just in rides---everyone from food service to maintenance went above and beyond expectations). In addition, the event went extremely smoothly. Check in was a breeze, lunch was delicious, and ERT was truly what ERT should be like--no lines, re-rides, and overall just a blast, plus I was finally able to get my coaster credit on Wilderness Run. I didn't see any issues with rides all day, even Drag
  15. I'm not sure if they have an app, but I use a website called Coaster-Count. I find it to be a really quick and simple way to tally your coasters and keep track of them!
  16. Noah (from the article) and his grandpa Marty are awesome people! We've become great friends and have met up multiple times at amusement parks and even other trips such as to Tennessee. Noah and I actually first met through PointBuzz and have been best friends ever since. My mom and I were standing with him and Marty when Don came over and asked the two of them if they'd be interested in being interviewed for the Inquirer. The article turned out to be very well written, and it's so cool that one of my friends and his equally awesome grandpa were able to be featured. By the way, some of you
  17. I saw on social media today that someone claimed that the park was handing out ride vouchers near the ride entrance.
  18. Well unless more have been added since Sunday or I just didn't see them all properly, they seemed to be fairly spread out. (Like for a steel coaster.)
  19. Ah, gotcha. That's the one I saw but questioned whether or not it was correct due to the bent bolt issue. Thanks you!
  20. ^I agree! The scavenger hunt was a blast, and added a great extra activity to the weekend. However, does anyone know where the footer with the bent bolt was located?? I, along with several other people, spent forever trying to find it but to no avail. We did find one that could have matched except the bolt wasn't bent like the one in the picture.
  21. I don't think I've ever seen trees fall in such an orderly fashion...and that end up creating perfectly cleared paths through the woods... Looks like just the right width for a coaster to go through, if you ask me. Very interesting.
  22. I had an amazing time at Coasterstock! I'd like to thank Don and the rest of the park immensely for such a memorable and fun event. Despite some questionable weather the first two days, this weekend has been amazing. Between the park's hospitality for providing the event, the giveaways like the shirt and free photo downloads, tours, ERT, and so much more, it's been one of my most enjoyable trips I've ever had to an amusement park.
  23. Gotta love Cowboy Coaster! (Ride On_17, cross threadin')
  24. I thought Valravn was awesome. I rode in the middle of the back row and the ride experience exceeded my expectations. I thought the vertical drop was very intense, and it felt like it lasted forever. The entire ride was also incredibly smooth; in fact, it might be the smoothest coaster at the park. The drop after the MCBR was also very fun, and the final inversion reminded me a lot of Banshee's inline twist, which I absolutely love. Even though I have no other dive coasters to compare it to, I think this coaster is a winner. Plus it makes such a bold impression visually when watching the ride
  25. 68 pages, several days, and far too many hours than I should have spent later, I've finally caught up on this thread. The end of my first year of college as well as a busy start to summer has kept me really tied up lately, so I've been glad to finally have some free time to read through everything. It's been a lot of fun seeing all of the speculation. The 2014 Decoding thread is actually what first brought me to KIC, and is what ultimately caused me to join the site. This is by far the most welcoming, enjoyable, and friendly enthusiast site, so I'll always be thankful for the speculation
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