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  1. Here's to hoping that eventually I'll find time to write up a full trip report, but a few weeks ago I went to Dollywood for the first time and loved it! Of course seeing Lightning Rod sitting there still and quiet was pretty unfortunate, but fingers crossed it will actually be up and running soon.
  2. I am so impressed with all of this. I never saw it coming especially to this park, but I'm so happy since if approved, it will really make this a premier Cedar Fair park. Fingers crossed the city will on board with it!
  3. I really will be saddened if this ends up happening. Just another reason why I greatly prefer Universal.
  4. Note the addition of (yet another) 3 point shootout as well as some other game booth along the Blue Streak Midway. I wonder if the Pirate Ride building will at least get a facelift or has something done with it. I think it will look really out of place given all the improvements and additions nearby.
  5. I'm glad everyone likes the report! It was such a memorable day, and I wanted to be able to share it with everyone else. Except it really did not help the off-season blues at all...Such a tease being in the park and not riding anything!
  6. Tony and Jason McClure did a great job with the general park presentation portion. Lots of humor and personality, along with some fun jokes that kept everyone on their toes. It was announced that over $40,000 had been raised for A Kid Again, which is absolutely incredible. Still so amazed every penny from the event goes to that organization and the park keeps nothing. Then we got into the juicy stuff... The highlights: -New Ninja Dodgem cars from Italy (even though Jason got everyone in an uproar by first messing with us and saying Dodgems was being removed) -Shoot the Rapids is offic
  7. Top Thrill Dragster in all its glory.. You can see how almost all of the drop has yet to be painted, as does the top third of the ascent. Also, it looks like some of the supports still have yet to be painted (especially the left half), but the ones that have really look bright and stand out. What has already been painted looks beautiful and makes such a difference. Oh no, the launch cable isn't connected! How long with the ride be down for?? Wait, it's off-season maintenance, carry on. Next tour stop: a maintenance shop! This one focuses on Intamin coasters and contained Mille
  8. Snake River Falls...minus the river...and the falls...and I guess no snake either Twisty!!! No swinging going on anytime soon... Cedar Point announced it will not be building higher fences in result of the Raptor incident... Instead, it looks like they're just removing them altogether! (Just kidding, actually they're just replacing the fence around Mine Ride, no need to worry. ) It's so cool seeing all the off-season work and maintenance being done that most people will never even know about. I do have a question though... How the heck did a canoe
  9. Thank you! It's looking great! I could clearly see where they left off with the paint, but the part that's already done looks amazing. So much better and brighter, just like Raptor's.
  10. While waiting to move on to the next park of the tour, I continued taking in the quiet yet beautiful atmosphere of the park. It was eerily silent without any rides running, people talking, or guests walking around, but the park took on a completely different feeling. While sort of weird and sad, it was also really cool and fascinating to see everything in "hibernation" mode. Then for the next stop, we were able to go inside the CP&LE Railroad engine house. This was actually really enjoyable, since it's an aspect of the park many people don't know much about and get to see be
  11. I finally got some time to write up a trip report for Winter Chill Out! By now I'm sure most people have heard about the event and have seen some pictures, but I'll still include my experiences and explain this awesome event. I'll start by saying I had only been to one other CP off-season tour, and it was before it became known as the Winter Chill Out as it is now. It just so happened to be that it was for the last coaster the park was building, Gatekeeper, back in 2013. I thought that event was absolutely amazing for several reasons. One, it was my first time seeing Cedar Point in the off
  12. It was such a well done event. In addition to the surprising and exciting changes/renovations announced, it was amazing being to see some behind-the-scenes areas of the park. And man, Valravn truly is massive. Pictures really don't do it justice. I'll try to post a trip report with some pics soon, but long story short--even if some of you may complain about the actual ride itself, it is without questions one of the most visual rides in the park. The way all guests and non-riders will be able to interact with and view this coaster will be awesome.
  13. I got Vortex! "You aren't afraid to flip things around when they're not going in the right direction."
  14. Here's the picture in question: (From KI's Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/kingsislandpr/ ) After viewing this picture on my computer, it appears the one stake says "Blc end." Some Google searching revealed that Blc stands for basic locative construction and refers to figure-ground relationships in terms of objects and space around them. The location of this stake is right at the edge of the dirt and the midway, which I guess would mean the "Blc end" written on it would make sense if the stake is marking the boundary/edge of the midway.
  15. Tony Clark did tweet a picture that clearly shows STR...Just a coincidence? Or referencing its removal? https://twitter.com/TonyClarkCP/status/698265359179259904
  16. Someone at the park last summer told me it would be STR's last season. I took it with a grain of salt but lo and behold... Goodbye Dinos, hello Adventure Island GCI woodie??? (I can dream, right? )
  17. No matter what it ends up being, it will definitely be exciting following along with the latest construction/teasers/rumors. The speculation leading up to a new addition is part of what makes it so great!
  18. Since it fits in this thread too, see this post about teasers regarding what's replacing Chick-fil-A: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/31711-no-more-chick-fil-a-at-cedar-point/?p=709241
  19. Whatever is replacing Chick-fil-A will be something that nods at CP's history while keeping the quality of food the same. http://www.wkyc.com/news/features/what-will-replace-chick-fil-a-at-cedar-point-park-officials-dish-history-tease/22543820 After some researching and seeing what people are saying on social media, I think it will be Chicken Plantation, apparently a restaurant that used to be in that location a while back. The existing structure already has a plantation-esque feel to it, so that would fit nicely. My guess is that it would be like Chicken Shack at KI which I'm really e
  20. The twist before the first drop that puts you from lying on your back into the actual flying position always gets me every time. That has and always will be my favorite part of the ride. Even though I know it's coming, you're just waiting for it to happen, and all of a sudden you flip over and are diving down, staring at the ground. I love it!
  21. On Sunday when I was on I-71 to go back to Columbus, a flatbed with a few Valravn track pieces passed us going north! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take any pictures, but it was really cool to see! I've never actually seen coaster parts on the road before so I was totally geeking out.
  22. Firehawk is one of my favorite coasters at KI. I know most people disagree, but I actually prefer it over B&M flyers. I feel perfectly safe in the harness, yet still vulnerable enough to give it a crazy thrilling experience that I love. It's such a unique experience that I really enjoy. Might as well try it out! Either you'll realize you hate it and won't go on it again, or you'll really enjoy it and will be sure to go in it in the future! Only one way to find out!
  23. Great Adventure is an incredible park. Park staff? Not so much. But in terms of aesthetic beauty and ride quality, it's amazing. I'll end with this: The back of a train of El Toro and Big Droppy Thing ( ) at night are 2 of the most insane experiences ever.
  24. Thank you so much! These pictures are awesome! Much appreciated for you sharing them with us.
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