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  1. I also find it interesting how next year CF is trying out several new indoor motion simulator-esque dark rides. It seems as though they're starting to branch their new dark into two different directions. Maybe in the coming years, could parks see both types of dark rides? Or are they seeing which is the most popular? Or will future installations be a cross between both types? Regardless, I'm sure CF will look at what guests enjoy the most and will do their best to keep newer additions as high-tech and improved as possible. The next few years will be fun to watch and see what happens!
  2. When OSU's Theme Park Engineering Group is planning an off-season construction tour of Valravn.
  3. Just now heard about this addition and I'm actually really excited to see what Universal does with it. As a big Jimmy Fallon fan, I'll be highly anticipating this new ride. Sounds like Universal is planning on adding some other solid new attractions too. Definitely beats Disney in terms of thrilling, unique rides.
  4. Honestly, I'm don't think most of the general public cares whether they see an ad or banner on a fence inside a park. The times I've gone to parks with non-enthusiasts, they never seem to mention anything about it and instead only focus on the rides, even ad-heavy Six Flags parks. I feel like it's just enthusiasts who always complain about them, specifically with SF parks. However, I do think think they detract from the "magical" experience of being inside an amusement park. But hey, obviously it's working for SF (or at least something is with their strategy if they keep setting records).
  5. Valravn, here I come!

  6. It's far from perfect, but I think that overall food service at CP has made drastic improvements over the past few years. KI's seems to be pretty solid too.
  7. I do have to give credit to Intamin for being industry innovators. No, their rides may not have perfect reliability, but I admire their willingness to take risks when it comes to developing unique and groundbreaking rides. I personally think this is a really cool concept, especially with how non-riders and riders alike can be impressed with it. While I doubt it will be Cedar Fair, I do hope a park installs one of these in the near future.
  8. I know it's over a month late, but better late then never! On Sunday, May 10th, I went to Cedar Point for a post prom celebration. Check out the full report and pictures! https://handsuprideon.wordpress.com/2015/06/15/post-prom-paradise-get-to-the-point-51015/
  9. I decided to create one thread where I can post any reports and pictures I may have, since I usually end up writing a lot of trip reports in a given year. This way they will all be contained in one spot. Plus since I'm starting to write most of mine on a separate blog, this will be a good way to give out the link for each new one instead of bogging down the forums with tons of new threads that only contain a link and a few sentences. I hope you all enjoy following along with my amusement park adventures! I plan on using this thread each year from here on out. I'll go ahead and give out the
  10. I was actually across the street from the park at KeyLime Cove Sunday night as my Science Olympiad team was coming back from Nebraska. It was torture seeing the park and not getting to go. Originally we were planning on going the next day on Monday but of course it was the one day of the week the park was closed so we had to make other plans. Hopefully I'll make it back this summer, since it sounds like an amazing park with a fun ride lineup. Thanks for the report and pictures!
  11. Actually, on Sunday Rougarou was down for a few hours, surprisingly. But thankfully they eventually got that running. I hope to get another trip report up for that day too.
  12. The off-season is finally over! This year I decided to create a blog specifically for my trip reports, so check out my first one of the year about Cedar Point's Passholder Preview Night! https://handsuprideon.wordpress.com/2015/05/09/rougalicious-preview-night/
  13. I still have yet to be on a flying eagles ride (GASP), not even Lake Erie Eagles. I will definitely ride LEE in May and if I like them, which I'm sure I will, I'll have to ride Woodstock Gliders whenever I make it to KI this summer too! I think I just haven't been on them since spinny rides usually don't get along with me too well, but these don't seem too bad.
  14. Good riddance, off-season blues!

  15. Just for fun speculation and enjoyment, I created a new 5 year plan I would implement if I was the CEO. All of these major additions so close together might not be the most realistic, but I tried to balance them out. For 2016: Throughout this upcoming summer, we start seeing footers pop up in the former GTT area as well as signs of other development. Late summer, a few support pieces and track even start appearing and the park announces their big 2016 plans: The world's tallest and fastest Dive Coaster that pretty much follows suit with the Sandusky Register's apparent "leaked" memo. The park
  16. ^I never ever knew that book existed! I want to read it now. Always did enjoy R.L. Stine as a kid. As for these future additions, I'm surprised Ouimet is giving out information so freely. I guess it's nice to know, though. I also did not see every park in the chain getting a dark ride, but again, this is a very pleasant surprise. The part about Garner Holt also gives me hope that the future installments will be millions times better than what WMG looks like.
  17. Mystery solved. Red track, looks like it can be for a wing rider, and would also explain why track is showing up now.
  18. "Ain't it Fun" - Paramore is another.
  19. My favorites (part 2): Behemoth (also Nitro, Impulse Talon among others): I love the contrast between orange and blue. It just stands out so much. -Can't forget about the new pain on Scream too! I love it. I love the inverted blue/yellow on Impulse too. Medusa: Purple against yellow looks so sharp, and I love it. There are many more interesting color combos I love, but I'll stop or else I'll be posting for a long time Anyways, I find it interesting how all my tops are B&Ms. They truly have the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing coasters.
  20. Some of my favorites (part 1): Fury 325: WOWZA. What more can I say. Probably THE most beautiful coaster, in my opinion. The bright green on the back of the track spine really does it for me. Shambhala: dark, sleek supports--not your typical gray/silver--as well as track with a contrasting white a cool shade of blue on the rails. And since it's in the picture, I'll give an honorable mention to Dragon Khan--I know it has red track but it looks great with the pastel blue supports. Banshee: While it would have been even cooler with the original shades of colors seen in the renderings, the
  21. Is it just me or does anyone else love watching reverse POVs too? It's so funny seeing everyone's reactions. The guy in the red is really funny in this one, especially at the end once the ride is over. Watching these reverse POVs also give a good indication of the forces during the ride. Just from watching it, I can tell there are definitely some strong lateral and negative gs. I really need to get down to Charlotte this summer...
  22. Something caught my attention on the webcam currently facing the construction/dorms area. I circled in red the area of notice. https://www.cedarpoint.com/online-fun/live-video-cam/camera-1 Do I see a footer and several footer holes or...? It also looks like there are little white markings spread out...Future footer locations???
  23. Everyone has their own opinions and that is completely acceptable. However, just to chime in, I'd have to say that Cedar Point is the better park. Having grown up with it, I can't even begin to list the amazing memories I've made with friends, family, and progressions through the thrill rides and coasters as I got older. Personally, wearing sunglasses at night and covering my face when the muffleheads are out and laughing the whole ride are memories I'll never forget, and have actually make Cedar Point even better for me. The location on the lake, the sound of the seagulls, the beauty of the p
  24. Definitely sounds like it will be a launching coaster, and probably something more thrilling than Firechaser. As for the type, I have no idea yet. I guess I'll wait until more clues/teasers pop up.
  25. Banshee for sure. I rode it 9 times on our trip last year and I can't wait to get back on it.
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