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  1. When your height adjustable high rise chairs in English remind you of Drop Towers, so you entertain yourself during class by pulling the lever to fall, and repeating this over and over again until the people sitting next to you look at you with strange looks (although they probably knew what I was doing).
  2. ^Where is that? Do you know anything else about it?
  3. Alt, Indie, and EDM are my favorites too.
  4. Currently watching more Goodtime demo! Screenshot from the live cam: https://www.cedarpoint.com/online-fun/live-video-cam/camera-1
  5. Can we bring one guest who does not have a coaster club membership like with Coastermania or will all participants have to be a member of one of the approved coaster clubs?
  6. Seeing Big Dipper sitting abandoned is the worst part for me. I've been to the Geauga Lake water park and it really hurts looking across to see my first roller coaster--and one of the oldest in existence--sitting to rot. Such a shame.
  7. As cold as it is, it really is beautiful to see the lake and beaches when it's snow covered and frozen in ice.
  8. When your phone shows that your current location is Sandusky...even when you're an hour and a half away...
  9. I went to CP's Subway for the first time this past fall, and only because my friends didn't feel like walking to Pink's. I was really hungry but could only get a 6 inch, they didn't have what I wanted, couldn't toast it, their drink machine wasn't working, the worker wasn't the friendliest, and it wasn't worth the price. There could be something much better in its place. Likewise with KI's and any others that might be at CF parks.
  10. Thanks for sharing that article! I never knew KI had a greenhouse and grew some of their own shrubs/plants.
  11. Two too many. (That is, unless those in-parks Subways expand their offerings and lower their prices. But since that will never happen, KI can go ahead and get rid of them and I'd be happy.)
  12. I just posted this in the defunct park thread but it seems like it would be a better fit here. A very sad but interesting read. http://www.themeparktourist.com/features/20140824/28153/lost-geauga-lake-how-worlds-largest-six-flags-disappeared
  13. A very well written and informative article on Geauga Lake. Not gonna lie, reading this made me really sad and emotional but it's worth it, including the pictures. Even some of the comments are interesting to read. http://www.themeparktourist.com/features/20140824/28153/lost-geauga-lake-how-worlds-largest-six-flags-disappeared
  14. I'd rather wait in an immersive, hour long line at Universal or Disney rather than a boring twenty minute line in a hot queue corral at another park. For me, the experience isn't always only about the ride itself.
  15. We found that out our first trip there and now try to avoid that area. It's a shame since it really is nice. I know smokers probably enjoy to have a smoking area there but nobody else does. I'm sure another spot could be found.
  16. I hope more of them are installed, including at other CF parks (cough cough Cedar Point). Granted they were installed after my KI visits last year, but they seem awesome!
  17. When your parents suggest your graduation present might be a trip to several new amusement parks.
  18. Seeing as in recent years Ouimet has been striving to improve general park aesthetics, I wouldn't be surprised if this area gets at least some beautification in the next few seasons. I sure do hope so.
  19. No way, Jose. It's not like Disney with iconic, well, Disney characters. Or DC/Marvel characters. Or the Peanuts. I think a plain old king would just be sort of cheesy. And creepy (especially since everyone would probably associate it with the aforementioned Burger King king).
  20. Very interesting. I wonder why the number of clubs has decreased so much? Maybe it's due to capacity because of how popular this event is becoming, but in that case, I'm sure most members of those other clubs will end up joining one of the ones listed so they can still go. In the end, I don't think the park will achieve trying to cut back on attendance.
  21. Last year was my first year in one and it was with the Coaster Crew! Since I'd only really plan on using it for Coastermania last year (couldn't really do any other events), I hopped on the KIC/CC discount right away. I still have to look into what to do this year. It sounds like you have to upgrade to a CC Platinum member for Coasterstock, an even I'm looking into attending and wonder if that will be the case with Coastermania this year. If not CC, then I'll probably end up going with GOCC.
  22. New rumored details: If this turns out to be true (I'm still not saying it is, but you never you know), it sounds like it could be the best dive coaster out there. Some highlights would include a 223 foot lift with a first drop into a tunnel, a top speed of 80 mph, and 4 inversions. http://www.sanduskyregister.com/entertainment/fairs-festivals/7372776
  23. Just for comparison, a simple Google search reveals that Oblivion cost $12 million, Sheikra cost $13.5 million and Griffon cost $15.6 million. It may seem "cheap" when dealing with coasters, but if this rumors turns out to be true, this would mean CP's would be right up there in caliber with what many people consider to be some of their favorite coasters. In my opinion, what gives this rumor so much credibility is that in the past whenever the Sandusky Register has posted leaked blueprints, reports, memos, or anything like that, they turn out to be pretty accurate. Plus they claim to have qu
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