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  1. More pictures from 10/3: The Chamber of Horrors: There were cool views of Maverick and the moon from Cut Throat Cove. I love this: I'm in my glory. (Don't worry, I didn't go into restricted areas. This support is next to the old Giant Wheel concrete pad--accessible to anyone.) A cool panoramic shot:
  2. Friday, October 3rd: I had planned to meet up with friend and enthusiast rcoaster10, and thankfully it worked out that we could. The last time we met up was at Coastermania, and we were excited to have another fun time at the Point. I went with my mom and he went with his dad. They arrived before we did and rode some rides, and we decided to meet up at Millennium. It was windy, cloudy, cool, and rained on and off when we arrived. Millennium only had a station wait and it was fun. We went around and rode it again. Then we decided to just walk around to see what was running. Wicked Twister wa
  3. Double the pictures. Double the fun. And double the chills and thrills that go along with one of my favorite time to visit Cedar Point: HalloWeekends! Sunday, September 21st: It was extremely windy and as soon as my mom and I arrived, we knew that a lot of rides probably wouldn't be operating. Upon entering the park, we were even told that Raptor and Gatekeeper would be down until further notice. Raptor never did open as far as I know. Anyway, we went straight to Maverick for the last part of Early Entry and rode it 3 times, first in the front, then in the back, then in the front again. We
  4. I hate hearing about tragedies resulting after fun nights, especially with people so young. I'll be curious to find out the cause of the car fire. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims' friends and families.
  5. But imagine how much better that coaster would be...Actually having bearable restraints! It would be amazing.
  6. It's been on my calendar! My first Coastermania was amazing this past year and already I can't wait for next year's!
  7. "Plus we'll be talking more about what else we're adding to Rougarou (I'm looking at you, lighting and fog.)" - From Tony in the blog. Sounds like Rougarou may be getting the Banshee treatment... I'm even more excited now than I was earlier when this was first announced!
  8. How is it a shock when people posted everything that happend but the new name? I meant more of the announcement itself. No announcement of an announcement.
  9. A random comment about people on Social Media... Cedar Point announces Mantis will close: 90% of the GP is like "I'm so glad!" "Mantis sucks! So glad to see the park do something about it" and other comments relating to this. Cedar Point announces Rougarou, a floorless conversion that will drastically improve the ride experience. 90% of the GP is like "This is so stupid." "This is just like Mantis. Why not just keep it to begin with?" And of course, what Cedar Point post is complete with a "Cedar Point is terrible! They destroyed Geauga Lake!" comment.
  10. I haven't this posted here yet but there's also a new video regarding Breakers with an animated look at the interior. I love the carousel horses inside the lobby! They add a nice touch to the park's history. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0K13FzFMBc&list=UUyR9C6ocv0yTbn6YDWDZbAQ
  11. Every year since Ouimet has had the reigns, I am more and more impressed with Cedar Fair. Unlike Six Flags, they actually put quality in front of quantity. Especially as of late, CF has been doing an amazing job at catering to what each park truly needs.
  12. Some pictures for those of you who want a quick look at what's been confirmed so far for 2015. The main attraction, Rougarou: I'm sure the station will change. I'm still hoping for the new vest restraints. Hotel Breakers: Here's a newly released picture showing a rendering of a kids spray zone and lounge area: Lakeside Pavilion: All pictures from Cedar Point's website and can be accessed here: https://www.cedarpoint.com/what-s-new/new-in-2015
  13. Cedar Point announces even more for 2015! Coral Courtyard will be replaced by Lakeside Pavilion, and more details about the Breakers reno are announced, such a new hot tub, kids splash zone, and lounge area! https://www.cedarpoint.com/what-s-new/new-in-2015
  14. I believe that there will be more effects and possibly theming added to the ride that isn't shown in the animation, since Jason McClure said among other things, its "lighting and other effects, it will be a ride like no other at the park.” http://pointbuzz.com/NewsStory.aspx?id=2005
  15. I'm hoping that the trim will be removed. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  16. 1) This announcement was a shock. But I like the suddenness of it; pretty unique for CF. 2) I loved Mantis' colors but I think Rougarou's will be pretty cool. I love the orange track and especially the supports (whatever color you want to call them. I'll stick with dark green teal.) 3) Epic video. Awesome editing and production. 4) The logo is pretty sweet. 5) The Rougarou name is definitely different and I know many people will mispronounce it (by the way, it's ROO-GA-ROO--it's French.) I think it will grow on me, though. 6) Granted this is only a preliminary animation video, but the tr
  17. I've heard amazing things about Midnight Syndicate, and I also heard that the ending has a special surprise that many people aren't giving away. I can't wait to check it out plus Hexed and the rest of the fun attractions when I go Sunday!
  18. I also did hear that originally there were indeed supposed to be trim brakes there. That's what the purpose of the items in question were supposed to be, and it's also why there's a straight stretch of track instead of another bunny hill. I don't know why they decided not to add them, but I'm glad they never were.
  19. Next time, be sure to ride in middle row on Blue Streak, and I guarantee your ride will be a night and day different from what you previously experienced.
  20. If you sat on a wheel seat on Blue Streak, I can see how you thought it was rough. Next time sit in the middle of a car, as to avoid this. I've had some really smooth rides on that coaster when doing that. And I 100% agree with jcgoble3. Mean Streak is pure torture in any seat other than the front row.
  21. Wow, I wonder what caused it. Thankfully it's closed. Hopefully it doesn't cause a huge setback in Twisted Colossus.
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