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  1. My school has started adding several of these stations, and they're a great idea. Easier than trying to use a regular drinking fountain to fill up your bottle. Hopefully other CF parks will add them too!
  2. Sometimes I just have to shake my head and wonder how in the world people even think up things like that. What they did is horrible, disgusting, and appalling.
  3. My mom and I had talked about the idea of heading to the park sometime Labor Day weekend for one last trip before Halloweekends. Sunday really would be the only day that would work for us, but they were calling for an 80% chance of storms at the park almost all day. At first we were skeptical of going, but a rainy day at the Point is better than no day at the Point. Plus, we figured the threat of bad weather would hold off the crowds. Well, this trip goes to show how the weather in Ohio can change just like that. So much for the 80% chance of storms. When we left out house in the morning, it
  4. So excited about this news! I rode Mantis Sunday and let's just say I won't be sad to see it gone or changed.
  5. That's hilarious! And it still hasn't been fixed yet!
  6. Plus the new Hexed haunted house near Gatekeeper. But yeah, it is interesting how most of the haunts (both indoor and outdoor) are now located in the back half of the park. This should be an interesting and fun HalloWeekends!
  7. If you check out the haunts, you'll notice that Fear Faire is indeed not listed...Goodbye Point Pavilion (or so I'm guessing)!
  8. Last year at Cedar Point I saw a guy play it twice in a row...and win it both times.
  9. Last Monday, August 18th, my mom and I decided to head to the park one last time before school started. We arrived around 9:15 and went for Maverick to get in a little early entry riding. We got 2 early entry rides in (first in the back, then in the front), and there still wasn’t a line so we rode again in the back. It was 10:15 and it still only had a station wait, whereas on a previous trip, the line was already halfway in the queue house by this time. We hoped this would be a sign that the day wouldn’t be too busy…it ended up not being too bad, but still fairly crowded. We
  10. Wow. I'm speechless. This coaster is way above and beyond anything I imagined it would be. The layout (even though the leaked blueprints were out, seeing the exact elements is awesome), the colors (a color on the underside of the track???? So cool!), and height, the speed, and just everything about it is perfect. Plus the new entrance and parking booths as well as other things to come for Carowinds both next year and in the near future. B&M has really been surprising me lately and they're going down a path I'm beyond thrilled they have chosen. 2015 is already looking like a great year for
  11. Today after rehearsal, our marching band did the ALS ice bucket challenge. It was a lot of fun, plus I felt good knowing we were supporting and spreading awareness about a good cause. Plus we nominated what we consider our "sister" band, in hopes of starting a chain of ice bucket challenges (and in result, a chain of awareness over ALS) throughout schools and marching bands.
  12. I finally got around to doing this TR so here you go…It won’t be as detailed as some of my previous ones but at least you’ll get the gist of this trip. My mom and I wanted to hit up the Point again before band camp craziness. We definitely wanted to avoid weekends and had to work around my band schedule, but in the end we made it work. Originally we had planned on going Tuesday July 29th, but even the morning of, the forecast was 60% chance of storms. I didn't like the sound of that, so we decided to wait. Well, turns out the day was beautiful and we missed out on a great day at the park. Oh,
  13. ^Exactly! What makes it even worse is that RT wasn't even replaced with anything yet! It's just a big area of vacant land, where there should be a classic, family wooden coaster sitting. Sigh.
  14. Tomorrow's the big day for the Carowinds announcement! And based on the background in this picture (unless it's just to throw people off, but I doubt it is) you can see what looks like a honeycomb pattern in the background, as well as a faint silhouette of a bee/hornet type creature. Add in the blue color of the background along with the color of the track spotted at the park, and I'd say it's pretty much confirmed that their coaster will be called Fury 325 and will have the hornet theme to it. https://www.facebook.com/carowindspark/photos/a.10151648123373599.1073741826.91085023598/10152628
  15. Avoid Saturdays at all costs. Fridays and Sundays would both be pretty equal IMO. The close to Halloween, the busier the park will be but also the better the Screamster will be, as they will have had time to grow into their characters. Also keep in mind the ride restrictions and late opning on Fridays and the haunt restrictions and early closing on Sundays. Fright Pass will be worth it if you want to get in all the haunts (especially if you will only be at the park 1 day). My favorite haunted house is either Zombie High School or Eerie Esate, and my favorite outdoor walkthrough is Cut Throat
  16. I believe that still exists along the Frontier Trail. Tombstone Terror-Tory will be in the actual Frontier Town.
  17. It's been confirmed that Tombstone Terror-Tory will be located throughout all of Frontier Town (ranging from near Wave Swinger to the railroad crossing near SlingShot, plus going as far back as Maverick)! This sounds like an awesome, huge new scare that will turn the entire back half of the park into a Haunt haven every night. I can't wait to check it out and spend some time in Frontier Town! http://www.wkyc.com/story/news/features/2014/08/14/first-look--cedar-points-new-haunted-attractions/14053849/
  18. This looks like an awesome addition! I really need to get to SDC sometime soon.
  19. My Mantis on-ride photo was the only on-ride photo that I looked like I was in pain. And for good reason.
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