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  1. Hey all---Didn't KI say last weekend was the last weekend for the ET for 2019? Maybe they are starting to hang the Winterfest lights or something. Hopefully we will get our cams back soon. Later, Mark
  2. I frequently go to the park solo and am a single rider and if paired up with someone I generally talk to the person I am paired with and their corresponding group to feel it out and at times I have let my paired rider ride solo on the same train with their group if I get a wierded out vibe from them and then I ride the next train. I am generally talkative and friendly in line and don't care about getting paired but sometimes solo is the right choice. I know this sometimes throws people off that are counting pairs so that they can ride the same train as their group but what can you do? What I really dislike is when I am at Cedar Point at a ride like Giant Wheel and am kinda "forced" on some couple/group because I want to ride a "no single riders/single riders will be paired" ride. Later, Mark
  3. I live in Rushville,In---about 20 miles to Greensburg/I-74 so around 80-90 miles.(I checked on my NYE trip---95 miles parking spot to parking lot) Later, Mark
  4. Thanks for the reply. Later, Mark
  5. Question--- Is the Firehawk layout the same as it was when it was X-Flight or has it been altered to fit it's current location? Were there any elements like turns, twists, hills, inversions, heights etc... added(probably not) or removed or altered to make it work where it is now? I'm not talking about raising or lowering footers or supports so it will fit in the different terrain elevation changes. Thanks in advance for the info, Mark
  6. If this policy is still in effect in 2019 here is my idea on how I will deal with it---Not for everyone but for myself and some others it seems reasonable. First off I have a $20 Android Tracfone and I get a $100 1 year service card every year and that has enough data and minutes for my 20 or so days a year at the park/parks. ( I just use this phone so I can be reached in case of an emergency and to take a few pictures and play with in line) So it costs me $100 a year to not bring in and risk damage/losing my more way expensive IPhone 8. Her is my solution---I am considering getting an Apple watch with cellular and from what I understand after the initial cost of the watch (not cheap) it will cost me $10 a month on my current plan. So for just $20 more a year I get a good watch (good for all year not just park visits) and 1 less thing to carry in the park. Hopefully they don't ban Apple watches in the future. Thoughts? Later, Mark
  7. I finally rode Mystic Timbers for the first time on Sat. (I wanted to wait till the "new coaster" lines died down and with the small crowd on Sat. it was time.)I actually rode 3 times in roghly an hour. For my first ride after talking in line I was advised that my first ride should be front row so that is what I did and it was great, from the time you leave the station it was all go, even the lift hill had some "story lines" to keep you involved so never a dull moment. Front row was great. For my second ride I rode back row ,it was awesome getting pulled over the first drop and through the rest of the ride. For my third ride I sat in the middle (row 6),another awesome ride. I think one of my favorite surprise elements of the ride was the little "fake tilt" near the end of the ride.(Reminds me of King Cobra's similar element.) I think this will be on my must do list from now on.(with a reasonable line) Later, Mark P.S. I got bat, snake, bat.
  8. I haven't seen it addressed yet so--- Are there going to be "big boy seats" available on MT? At 5'6" and around 275 I rode Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom last year in the 1st and 5th rows as well as Maverick at CP in multiple rows. Hopefully MT is as forgiving to my size and shape as those rides. later, Mark
  9. Hello, I am roughly 5'6" and around 275 lbs. On every trip I make it a point to ride The Bat, The Eiffel Tower ,Boo Blasters and the Ki & MV RR (train) and occasionally ride other things as well.I rode Viking Fury last season with no problem (I also rode Cedar Points version of VF with no issues as well) the only issue is like stated by jcgoble3 that the lap bar might be a little loose on the others riding under the same lap bar, but if I recall correctly I was in a row with two kids 6-8 years old and no more than 60 pounds and we all enjoyed the ride. I also take a KI trip once a year with my now 77 year old mother and there are plenty of places to stop and sit for a bit along our leisurely walks from place to place and going from show to show,and when I hit one of the longer wait attractions she goes into the arcade in Coney Mall and has a blast until I return. I am guessing you won't be the only parent/chaperone that are past their "big ride ability" that will be enjoying the sights and sound of the park more than the rides. There are many less intense things to do in the park that will still be fun and memorable. Have fun, Mark
  10. Hey all, I have a question--- Is there a reason that they are not running the fountain/fountains in the pond behind Hanks? The reason I ask is the fish that are in there are "less active" than in previous seasons and I was thinking this had something to do with it.(I think I read, saw or heard somewhere that these types of fountains agitate the water which keeps algae down and helps fish survive in stagnant waters) As I get older my activities at the park have changed---I no longer ride from open to close, instead I walk the park, enjoy some milder rides and attractions,(The Bat, Boo Blasters, KI&MVRR, The ET and Woodstock Gliders) watch some shows ad enjoy some other things such as the arcade, feeding the fish behind Hanks (I also do this when I go to CP as well) and (thanks to Thrill Biscuit for mentioning it on here)shooting off the water cannons at rafts filled with people on WWC. I am just a little concerned that one of the things I enjoy at the park is diminished and hopefully won't cease to be enjoyable. Later, Mark
  11. Good to hear that the train was up and running. I kinda guessed that it wasn't running yet as they may have been working on/with the new crossing for the WWC path.(I saw it leave the station on Fri. with no passengers.) I hope the next time I get to KI I will get to do my (since I was a kid 3)ET, Boo Blasters and KI & MV Railroad. Later, Mark
  12. My 2016 KI opening weekend was pretty much as expected,with a few surprises--- It was opening weekend so I figured there would be some issues with food service and some ride downtime. Boo Blasters---The sensors were "flashing" at random resulting in my lowest score in years. KI railroad---Not running for the (at least) 2nd opening weekend in a row. Eiffel Tower---Possibly the highlight of my trip----On Fri. I (as well as 3 other guests) had my first ever evac. from the ET as the elevator doors were having issues.(We went down the stairs to the lower top deck and then took the 2nd elevator down to the ground---that still counts though.) I am just happy that my "happy place" is open again for the season. Later, Mark
  13. When you check the webcams on the KI website daily to see if they have been adjusted so we can see the progress on the two off season construction projects. I do this even though the most important one to me is the new toll plaza with the only times I have visited Soak City the past few years is to go through there during Halloween Haunt to get my mini pumpkin. Later, Mark
  14. A little off topic but---While I was around The Bat on Saturday I was wondering how they get the trains/cars off the ride during the offseason for their yearly overhaul. The transfer platform is (I'm guessing)at least 30 feet off the ground and with pretty much the entire ride on supports,I can't see where they can get them off. (That video of the crew checking the rides welds and such on the CCTV's while in lines around the park got me thinking.) Later, Mark
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