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  1. I figured it out. They have already shown you what's in the shed! NOTHING!
  2. I think upstop is very close. Manufacturer: GCI Length: 2,401 ft (Does anyone else watch The Price is Right?) Height: 115 ft Drop: 85 ft Layout: Like a cross between Prowler and White Lightning. Short, wild, fast, and packed with airtime. Records: Tallest wooden coaster in the park (It doesn't take much, does it?) Special: Follows the terrain in a deeply wooded setting. Should make for another crazy-good night ride.
  3. Yaaaawn.... Don't mind me. Just catching wind of some déjà vu here. @Maddog (7/11/16 @ 9:50 AM) - Yes. This. This is exactly what has happened to Mrs. Zombie and I both times we had our Platinum passes. Thus, we no longer carry them. I'm still around. I just like to stay low and keep opinions to myself these days. Where's my newspaper? Zzzzzzzzz....
  4. She's not kidding... Her French macarons can be very persuasive!
  5. Kennywood is well worth the drive. I would make the trip annually from here on out, if I could.
  6. No more love for the left side of Gatekeeper?
  7. Sometimes a little PTO isn't enough...

  8. The Hurler... so... much... pain... You just had to mention the food at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Now I'm hungry. (Fixed a major misspelling of Busch. Oops)
  9. After visiting Kennywood and Knoebels (both great parks, by the way), it's easy to see that Kings Island is missing a good quality dark ride. Though I'm sure Cedar Fair would most likely embrace the latest technology and trends, I have seen with my own two eyes that fancy animatronics, interactive games, and 3-D glasses do not always make the best dark ride. Noah's Arc, Exterminator, Black Diamond, and Knoebels' Haunted Mansion all manage to provide an unforgettable experience with simple props and effects. Keeping a new dark ride simple would be the key to keeping it maintained.
  10. Only about 2 weeks to go until Kennywood :)

  11. Every coaster in the park I've found enjoyable at one time or another. Vortex is a harsh ride, but worth it every time. There are only two rides so far anywhere that I absolutely refuse to ride ever again... The Hurler at Kings Dominion, and The Roller Coaster at New York-New York in Las Vegas.
  12. I know we have Snoopy's Splash Dance, but a nice fountain like Cedar Point has would be nice elsewhere in the park for cooling off. That thing came in handy last week!
  13. I saw Cirque Imagine today with my son. He normally can't hold still but he loved this. It's a fantastic show and a perfect fit for the park.
  14. ^...and you might feel like you're 33 when you're done riding it.
  15. Everyone has their own preference, but for myself: Diamondback - Row 2, Left seat The Beast - Front row at dusk Banshee - Back row, Right seat The Racer - Back row Vortex - Car 5
  16. That's just confusing. Thursday isn't Hump day!
  17. I have a confession to make. I lose focus on what I'm doing from time to time daydreaming about this great ride. Just close your eyes during the video and... wow, man. You said it all.
  18. Very awesome trip report. It was a great read during my break at work today and made me wish I was there. I love your photos. Especially the up-close shots of the train.
  19. My wife and I make 2 trips a year (we've been there twice during Math & Science Week). Best advice is what malem said, plus: -If you want to ride Maverick, and don't plan on getting a Fast Pass, you will want to get a ride on that first. The lines stay long for it all day once the queue fills up. -The school crowds flock to Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force almost immediately! The lines became much shorter for these 2 rides after they left (once again, start at the back by Maverick). -Raptor is great for ERT. -The food at Pink's is really good! -Magnum XL200, Gemini, and Power
  20. My 6 year old son would 100% agree. Boo Blasters on Boo Hill is the one ride at Kings Island I try to pretend isn't there at all.
  21. The hot sauce analogy is a good explanation. "Turbulent" was the first word that came to mind after riding it for the first time. Not rough. To experience such a "hot" coaster is amazing, but it will drain every ounce of stamina from me after just a couple of rides.
  22. Now you've done it... I'm all psyched now and can't hold still in my seat! Zombiejane and I are going to Kennywood and Hershey Park through the second week of July. It's our first time for both parks and we're very excited. Now I need to find a Kennywood wallpaper for my computer at work to help the time pass... (Did I ever mention that I work for a Japanese company? Hello Kitty and cute anime characters as wallpaper are common, but roller coaster wallpaper makes me the strange one )
  23. ^ I too, have witnessed this strange phenomenon with floating loose objects on Diamondback, at the expense of someone else's carelessness. It drives anyone watching crazy. Especially the owner.
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