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    Coasters, coasters, coasters! But I also really love and appreciate other rides, and really love a park that is just beautiful, (from the people right down to the landscaping). KI really does fit the bill very well.
    I love my TV shows too: Walking Dead, Flash, Agents Of Shield, Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow, Gotham, Ring Of Honor, Lucha Underground...plus, various shows on Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, Food Network, HGTV and ESPN.
    Sports: Hockey (Pittsburgh Penguins), Baseball (Cincinnati Reds), College (University Of Cincinnati) and most recently Lacrosse (Ohio Machine and Miamisburg Vikings...my sons team).
    My family is seriously into home haunting, (for anybody who doesn't know about that, we create a haunted house attraction in our home for Halloween night. We spend a greater part of the year brainstorming ideas, building and going to haunt conventions...all for three hours a years. But the hundreds who go through it, love it, and that makes it all worth it. Plus, we also love doing trips in season to different professional haunted attractions.
    I also love Mexican food!
  1. Haunt 2017

    Yeah, I can also confirm the restaurant, (though he didn't know the details), one of the employees in Attitudes said there was a restaurant coming next season. The other employee was stocking the shelves with some really old, beat up sirens that looked 15-20 years old, (I wish I were joking).
  2. Haunt 2017

    Ed Alonzo was incredible! Plus, he was so accommodating for pics and conversation.
  3. Haunt 2017

    I'm sorry, forgot all about that with Bayou.
  4. Haunt 2017

    I still feel like there's hope for a return of a haunt at the Eiffel Towers top. Cornstalkers in definitely gone, the gardens are already being prepped for Winterfest. It's also so hard to try and look for clues for haunts anymore in the park since most of them have their own buildings now. Those who don't are quick turnovers, and small decorations that are covered in fog during the event. The list I have shows 10 mazes and 2 scarezones plus Hot Blooded/Blood Drums/Monster Rock all returning. If things remain the same as past seasons we'll get another scarezone and two more mazes, right? Lance also said we'd be losing a haunt, but gaining two new "attractions"...not necessarily two news haunts. Either way, I'm extremely excited and confused at the same time.
  5. Haunt 2017

    It never hurts to ask about it. If they say they really need you for Wolf Pack...go for it. If you get a good energetic team to work with this job can be a blast. In the meantime, don't forget about the make-up job, ask about it as much as you feel comfortable. It may be a job you have to chase down a little.
  6. Halloween Haunt 2017

    At Coasterstock Lance Heal had made some reference to one of the mazes being "high" or needing to "get high" with it. And all I could think was "please, please bring back the asylum at the top of the Eiffel Tower, (it was a part of Fearfest, not HH)! I would also like to see us get the zombie hunter up-charge experience that Knott's Berry Farm has had for the past several years.
  7. Move One Ride from Anywhere in the Country to KI

    If not Pony Express, use some land between MT & The Crypt building to install a ride like River Battle @ DW. Maybe trick it out a little bit more with a cave section and an animatronic character, or have a small log flume lift and drop, (maybe 10 - 12' high). A fun family ride when it gets hot out.
  8. Move One Ride from Anywhere in the Country to KI

    I could see extending Rivertown out to BLSC...it's easily the best themed and most popular section of the park already. Adding MT this season, and something like Pony Express would just make it better imo.
  9. Move One Ride from Anywhere in the Country to KI

    I also am on the bandwagon for KI getting a flat ride package like CW. I remember thinking that when I was there last...and that was June 1999! KI has always had a serious hang-up with getting good quality flats, (except for the one shining incident when they put in Delirium). I will stand by my comments from a few years ago and say that they should've gotten an Aquatrax/Maverick-style coaster. BUT, I also like Rhyano's idea of Cobra's Curse...I would just pull Backlot SC out of there and drop CC in it's place.
  10. Move One Ride from Anywhere in the Country to KI

    Can't remember, does Kennywood have a top spin? Loved the one at KD, theming was cool...and it seems to run more reliably than ours.
  11. I'm very nostalgic so I am extremely happy! Yeah, it's not the same coaster...thank God. But it is the perfected version of it. Never did stop calling it Top Gun, but thankfully I won't have to see that "Flight Deck" signage anymore.
  12. Next to go?

    I can't stand Tom Cruise, so I'd say Hot Shots, but...I do have to say that TC was just another actor until Top Gun, then he became a major player. Now, chopping block...get rid of that stinking action theatre! If I heard right, this was the last year for Urgent Scare, and it really isn't utilized except for a few people per day who pay to see that dino flick, (poor fools!). It will make space for future expansion if nothing else.
  13. Move One Ride from Anywhere in the Country to KI

    I could see moving it to X-Base. As far as space, there's a lot between The Racers and FOF that would most-likely fit the Skyflyers. I personally don't see it ever making enough money again to warrant re-locating though. That would cost more money than the ride is probably worth. A ride like Darkastle would be a great fit, but Spider-Man is way out of reach on the overall price tag alone.
  14. Move One Ride from Anywhere in the Country to KI

    I love the idea of renaming the Action Zone "The Woods" or something similar. Next step, tear down those Xtreme Skyflyers and you'll have a plot of land for said dark ride/flat ride(s). I mean seriously, when your selling rides for $5, and giving away BOGO passes on Plinko, (which most people I've seen throw them away) you need to rethink things. As far as the upcharge attractions...Slingshot is the keeper.
  15. Halloween Haunt 2013

    I also liked the feeling of a 300 ft. drop on your left, and psychos on your right...totally gave you a hopeless feeling. It was also funny how they would pick the most scared person in your group, get them to unknowingly speak their name into a mic which the monsters would hear to and then torture the victim throughout.