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  1. I do not believe new passes receive the bring a friend ticket, only renewals. Also it excludes Saturdays, so it only works Friday evenings and Sundays through the end of the regular season. There is no actual ticket, it’s all digital and loaded on the card, you must be present and you present the pass at the front gate and tell the person scanning your annual pass you wish to use the bring a friend ticket and they handle everything.
  2. Rumor is the gun did not go through security. The individual supposedly threw the gun over a fence, then retrieved it after they entered the park. This is completely unconfirmed and might not be correct.
  3. The same thing happened during Haunt at California’s Great America in 2019. That park cancelled Haunt and transitioned to a family friendly event this year. I expect Carowinds will implement a chaperone policy. I would also not be surprised to see it spread to more of the chain. But I also guarantee executives will have discussions about possibly ending haunt events at more parks. Haunt brings in crowds and money. But at some point it’s not worth it.
  4. From what I understand, the 2023 announcements for the chain were largely intended to be the 2022 changes. The pavilion at Cedar Point, the hotel renovations, etc. Basically projects got pushed back a year. Kings Island was likely not going to get anything this year beyond the 50th anniversary, so our lack of projects gets pushed a year and suddenly the park has nothing really planned and no anniversary. With the pushed projects and both Worlds of Fun and Carowinds having 50th anniversary celebrations next year, the budget is likely gone. Kings Island will do something, building renovations, paint, something. But likely nothing worth announcing in advance.
  5. It takes years for categories like this to move and change. People may not be voting based on experiences this year because how often are they actually getting to these parks? The awards are voted on by enthusiasts, its a select group because you have to apply, and have a certain level of travel to be even considered. Its people who go out and travel and visit parks who vote, although that does essentially mean the people who vote are typically older individuals with the time and money to travel. From what I have heard but have no way to confirm there is a lot of overlap between ACE members and the voters. All of this means enthusiast events might be how they experienced the park. Plus its very common for parks which host a big ACE event like coaster con, which was at Cedar Point this summer, to suddenly see a lot of movement in the rankings. Its possible this really is a reflection of how people felt about an event this summer. I was at Coaster Mania this year, personally I felt it was pretty bad and was definitely the worst Coaster Mania I have ever attended, but I don't want to turn this post into a complaint about one event. I really wished I had gotten an invite to Holiwood Nights instead because I am confident I would have preferred that. How many people have stories about terrible staffing during the start and end of the season? The terrible lines for food and rides during the fall, especially during Haunt? I have a friend who visited during Haunt in 2020, and had the worst experience they have ever had at Cedar Point and I believe one of the worst experiences they have ever had at an amusement park. Even if the park improves next year I do not expect to see it back in the top 5 anytime soon, once you lose the spot on any of these lists, earning your way back up is difficult. You cannot be better for one or two years, you have to really improve and be better then the competition for a long time.
  6. I personally think they should keep the bottled beverages. The pass price is high enough to pay for a lot of drinks. The park is purchasing them directly from the distributors and is definitely getting special pricing. Also I don’t know what the contract with Coke says, but if they can get away with giving away bottled water without a company name on it, generic bottled water with just Cedar Fair and the park(s) name on it would be dirt cheap. It used to be less than 10 cents a bottle in bulk. Since they would not be selling it, they might be able to get away with this. But I have gone back and looked at marketing emails and checked the pages for the Prestige Pass. As far as I can tell it only promised refreshments but never promised what they would be. I also find it interesting it appears the park no longer sells VIP lounge access on its own. It’s only either park of a package or the prestige pass. They did update the package listing to say the lounge has water and snacks. I feel like the park could and should do more, but frankly building an indoor lounge with air conditioning would be more of a VIP experience then bottled beverages. The outdoor lounge does not feel like a long term solution.
  7. Intrasys used to provide the LSM and LIM launches for Intamin before some employees left and formed Indrivetec. Intrasys was the company behind Superman the escape later renamed Superman escape from krypton and tower of terror II. So actually both of the big LSM providers have hit 100 MPH.
  8. Wicked Twister had a dedicated 34kV power line installed. It was the only attraction in the park on that power line. There also has to be a decent amount of power at TTD already to power the hydraulic pumps, likely enough with a storage system. I am VERY interested in what coaster company is doing this. Because I am doubting it is Intamin. First Cedar Fair has been very reluctant to work with them on anything for several years and has been steadily removing rides they built. But Intamin, recently within the last few days, removed TTD from their website. Maybe it’s because the name will be changing but it’s a marketing website, and normally they remove attractions when they close, but it’s definitely not because the launch might be changing they already listed it as an LSM launch and have for several years. I remember that people were seeing markers in the woods behind TTD. The assumption was a rerouted queue. But I am not ready to rule out ride design modifications. Could just be a new transfer track and storage so that the trains are no longer stored in the middle of the ride. Could be adding some elements to utilize the speed and add something extra to the ride to help justify the expense and make it a more marketable change. New trains, a new launch, paint, changing the name, etc does not feel easy to market. Add elements and they can market it as a new coaster. It would also fit with the idea of reimagining the ride. I would think being able to market this work as a new coaster will be important. What I would do is a wide sweeping turn to the right where the brake run starts right now. Follow the shore around the water past Iron Dragon. Airtime hill over the water onto Adventure Island. Go around the outside of the island, have a few elements and finally an airtime hill back across the water into the brakes. Would need to go through, under, or over Millennium Force, but there is tons of space to do so safely. Just put a metal tunnel around the track. The other big issue feels like the rafts which were built where shoot the rapids was located, it comes really close to the edge of the island. That and the trees that would need to be cut down to do this. The goal would not be to make the longest coaster in the world, just make it so it’s no longer 17 seconds long, right around 40-45 seconds from launch to brakes would be perfect.
  9. The TRTR building is roughly one quarter of the size needed for even a ride this small. The building really only has height going for it, the only type of coaster that would fit inside the building is a kiddy coaster, like the great pumpkin coaster, which even then I believe might need to go diagonally to fit.
  10. I feel like the coaster is getting a new name, a new theme, new trains, a new launch, a new control system, and the crazy part maybe even an expanded layout after the top hat. Makes me wonder who is doing the work. Cedar Fair seems reluctant to work with Intamin which makes me think we will be seeing someone else. The two big LSM providers are InTraSys and Indrivetec. Intamin uses Indrivetec, the fins are physically larger and I believe more powerful, they are what was used on rides like Velocicoaster or more importantly here, Red Force. Intrasys is used by most of the rest of the industry, B&M used them on Thunderbird, Premier on Ice Breaker, and Mack on Copperhead Strike, typically you will see two rows of stators, so if you see two rows it was likely Intrasys. Other possibilities exist, like an Air Launch system from S&S but frankly I doubt it. I suspect we will not see an announcement on what exactly is being done until late next year. Because I believe we are looking at a 2024 project. Daily operations have ended making it easier to do work, and we might see construction walls soon.
  11. The terms and conditions make it pretty clear that lounge access and other prestige benefits only work at your home park. But I figured I am at Carowinds for the weekend it cannot hurt to ask. So I stopped by the lounge and asked if a prestige pass from Kings Island would work, and they said it should let me scan it. Then proceeds to scan it, says that it’s valid, and gave me a wristband. I honestly have no idea what is going on. Is it supposed to work or not? Is it a training issue? They scanned the pass and said the computer showed it as valid. The Carowinds lounge did not have any bottled beverages. Just two large containers of ice water, one which was infused. Plus bags of pretzels and Chex mix. I spoke with some regulars to the park and their lounge used to have a cooler with bottled beverages, a large selection of snacks, and granola bars. They have been cutting back None of these things feel permanent or long term.
  12. For the Paramount years I suspect the park will just use a name from after Paramount sold the parks. So instead of Top Gun it will be either Flight Deck or Bat. EDIT: Also a chance they will double dip, it could be both…
  13. The secret to how the posters are so accurate is simple. They are done after the fact. The vague references might make you think it dropped clues to additions years in advance when in reality they were references to something that already occurred. Seaside Boardwalks, could be Cedar Point, but I suspect it is the boardwalk at Knott's, Hangtime did open in 2018. The thing about Camp Cedar is it was not a Cedar Fair project it is owned by and was built by another company, Cedar Fair just operates it. Carowinds has a campground that had recently been renovated when this was made, could also be Cedar Point which had also recently expanded their camp ground. I actually think the Topspin structures that you think has not happened is a reference to the old Tomb Raider ride at Kings Island, the ride itself was a Giant Topspin. The artwork at the top is the station for The Beast, that lead car on the left is RailBlazer at CGA, the tractor is Twisted Timbers at KD. From what I understand the employee who made these posters used to work at Kings Island, and is an enthusiast, so they tend to go a little overboard on the references to Kings Island.
  14. The things internet sleuths find. This post was made to reddit about a week before the incident on the Giant Wheel, it is from a VERY NSFW section of the site. So I am reluctant to post a link, but here is the text. It appears they got caught.
  15. It says two bring a friend free tickets annually. I suspect it’s based on pass year, so you only get two total. But since it says annually it feels like it should be calendar years, and you should get two this year and two next year. Also, you get a free bring a friend ticket for renewing you pass, how do you make sure they use that and not the prestige benefit, since the renewal one expires in October.
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