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  1. People need to understand that Disney World has a huge number of resellers and scalpers. There are people who have essentially turned shopping at the resort and selling the items online into a full time job. The resort has been trying to fight this by introducing purchase restrictions and canceling annual passes, but there are still a huge number of people doing this. This popcorn bucket is just the latest item which was immediately posted on eBay. There are literally hundreds of these already listed online, and they can sell for more then a hundred dollars. The long line was a combination of people trying to make money, and people who actually want it for themselves. Just take a look at this photo and understand the purchase limit was 2 per a person.
  2. No time limits on the snack, it’s basically usable all day and you could pick it up at the same time as a meal if you want. NOTE: This is the Six Flags meal plan, not Cedar Fair/Kings Island meal plans.
  3. Six Flags has two meal plans, a regular one which is one meal and a snack. Then a deluxe meal plan which is two meals and a snack. Both allow you to substitute a snack in place of a meal. I really want a deluxe meal plan at Cedar Fair, I am willing to pay extra to get a snack every visit.
  4. Rumor is the flywheel launch on Montezuma is being replaced by either LIM or LSM. There is a similar ride in Europe that had similar work done a few years ago by Gerstlauer, they used LIM’s on that.
  5. According to the parks own Facebook page. They claim to have a demolition permit and they started tearing down the ride the morning of the fire. It sounds like the fire was to dispose of the wood from the coaster and it got out of hand and burned other buildings. How did they get a demolition permit and how did no one find out? It all seems strange.
  6. Six Flags Mexico removed a gay couple from a line for kissing, part of which was videoed and posted online and I included below. Which prompted a pretty swift backlash. Removing the policy is corporates response.
  7. Don’t focus on the parking impacts, this is not the primary parking lot. The design goes through the South parking lot, the hotel parking lot, and the dining and shopping parking lot. The main parking for the park is across a major road and will not be impacted. The parking garage appears to be for the hotel, but might be big enough to make up for all of the lost parking. The design is giant, looks a good deal bigger then Fury 325, around the same height but a longer drop due to a tunnel to go under a road to a parking lot. Around 320-325 tall, 347 foot drop, and I have seen estimates of track length of 7,000+ feet. Might be just enough to hit 100 MPH. With the parking garage this looks to me to be a $50+ million dollar project.
  8. Here are the rules straight off of ACE’s website. The coaster must use traditional lap bars that allow riders to experience so-called airtime, or negative G's (that sensation of floating above the seat!). Individual, ratcheting lap bars do not meet this requirement. ACE Coaster Classics allow riders to slide from side-to-side. A coaster with any restraint or device that restricts this freedom is not eligible for ACE Coaster Classic status. ACE Coaster Classics allow riders to view the upcoming drops and thrills. Coasters with headrests on every seat, or the majority of seats, restrict this view and are not eligible for ACE Coaster Classic status. On ACE Coaster Classics, riders are free to choose where they sit. Some parks' operating procedures assign seating; these coasters are not eligible for ACE Coaster Classic status. That’s it, every single rule has to do with the train or operations. Removing a tunnel makes no difference.
  9. I might be wrong on this, but I believe it was the addition of seat belts. There are a number of rules and everything from head rests, seat dividers, and even something as simple as assigned seating prevents the ride from qualifying. I believe the rule in this case was you are required to be able to slide from side to side.
  10. Landmark designations by ACE are permanent. It is purely to highlight the coasters historic importance. Parks can modify the coasters or even remove the coaster and it’s designation will not change. Big Dipper at Geauga Lake joined the list after the park was permanently closed but before the coaster was torn down. ACE also has a coaster classics list which can be rescinded and is intended to highlight rides which operate in a classic manor. Woodstock express used to qualify and it has since been rescinded.
  11. The bottom of the drop occurs inside the tunnel. If you move that point to be earlier in the tunnel the drop becomes more steep and you enter the tunnel lower, but the total height of the drop effectively remains unchanged. Either way unless something more is done to the tunnel or the lift height the total change has to be negligible due to the limited space to move the track. It is always possible the trim could move or be removed. But based on the post and specifically calling out the changes are not intended to change the rides speed or thrill makes me assume the trim will remain. I would love for the ride to receive the work necessary for all the trims to be removed, but I don’t feel like that’s a priority of the people who make the decisions.
  12. My guess is me neither, the angle of the drop does not change the speed gained, which is a product of initial speed and difference in height. The trim is there to reduce speed. I think this is a really important quote from the post by Don. It reads to me that all they are doing is trying to make the ride smoother and likely reduce future maintenance. I know there has been speculation that these changes are being made to remove trim brakes. The trims have been there since day one, and I think people do not realize the top of the lift hill to the bottom of the turn up towards the second lift hill is a total height difference of 201 feet. Without trims the train could be going close to 75 miles per an hour or more at that turn. I just cannot see the trims ever being removed without much more significant changes being made to the ride.
  13. I think your misunderstanding the problem. It’s not the amount of sway, it’s that it is not consistent. The rigidity of the bents is changing in this area causing the bents to move different amounts. The goal is not to reduce sway, it’s to make it so that it sways together a similar distance which will produce a smoother ride. I think you are correct they are separating the structure but I am still confused about exactly what the new design will look like. I really do not understand what the line about “the lower bents will be upper bents until the tunnel” means.
  14. Parks rarely comment on bans publicity, since the individuals are minors it’s even less likely. I doubt we will ever really hear much about what lead to this. I guarantee there is more to this story then what was published.
  15. This is common when resetting the route is difficult and running the parade more then once is needed. For instance the Disneyland Christmas parade runs at 3 and 5:30 this year. The first showing is forwards, the second is the same route but in reverse. Not sure the attendance at Kings Island can justify running the parade twice a day, and with how many performers are also performing in shows around the park it would limit the parks ability to put in shows.
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