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  1. Maybe it is just the picture but it looks damaged. The rails bend way too sharply at the end, maybe it was dropped or something hit it. It has likely been there for a while and will continue to be until they arrange for a semi to take it to get recycled. Reminds me that a piece of Yukon Striker was dropped during construction and I am pretty sure that piece was sent back to Clermont, I doubt that is the piece of track we are looking at though.
  2. I have always hated how this coaster is called 415' tall. The problem is that it is the exact opposite of how Orion is built. Orion used the terrain to be taller then the distance from the ground to the top of the lift hill, with a 300' drop but only 287' tall. Superman has the station built on the top of a hill, then the track goes out over the downward slope but curves upward. If it had been built on level ground it would only be around 330' feet tall. The drop from the top of the tower is 328.1 feet. Even worse the ride no longer is going anywhere near fast enough to get to the top anymore, the 50 to 100+ feet of unused track at the top means the trains are realistically only going around 200-250 feet upwards (in relation to the height of the station, not from the ground under the spike).
  3. Intamin is willing to build them still, the model is listed on their website and in marketing information. But no one is willing to buy one, the problem is that the existing rides cost too much money to maintain. The very ride people are praising was almost scrapped back in I think it was 2016, before the park decided to spend the money to re-track the entire ride at a cost of more then 12 million Euros, which is crazy for a coaster which only opened in 2001.
  4. Typically the park does not close lines early. So I would expect it to close at 7 with the park. If you want to be certain I would be there early and just hang out near the end of the line.
  5. Roller coasters are inspected regularly, and the inspections are used not only to find existing problems which need corrected but also potential issues, parts which are still in spec but not by much. Basiclly it is safe to operate for right now but will need replaced or refurbished in the near future. When the track reaches that point, it is rarely worth the expense to fix. Which is what has happened to several Arrow coasters. From what I remember sections of the rails on Vortex have been cut off the ride and had replacements welded in place.
  6. First a parking garage is just not happening. Last I heard costs start around $10,000 per a parking space. Outside of Disney/Universal amusement parks rarely can afford parking garages. Spending $50 million on a 5,000 space parking garage, or two new coasters, and frankly management is going to build the new coasters until parking becomes a problem more then 4 or 5 times a year. The causeway is not the problem, when traffic is backed up its an issue at either the park, or the surface streets in the city, but its a lack of ability for the cars in front of you to go not the width of the causeway. I am not sure how easy it would be to work with the EPA to get permission to expand the road, and due to the costs involved I just cannot see it happening. A new parking plaza is possible, and I could see it being more automated like the one at Kings Island, not sure how much help it will be though. If anything I could see a new off site parking lot with a bus transportation system. But I think that management is going to need to see a greater need then just a handful of days a year, maybe if they plan to expand onto portions of the lot, or build a new hotel, etc. Likely there will always be parking out at the park, it just might end up being premium, handicap, resort, etc parking with the main lot off site.
  7. Kenban

    Beast Brakes

    The way magnetic brakes work is they oppose movement based on speed, the faster you are going the more noticeable they are. The slower you are going the less they do, which is why you never see them used to stop a train because they cannot. To my knowledge all of the magnetic brakes on The Beast are a kind that cannot be turned on or off, maintenance has to go out and physically remove the brakes, you can sometimes just see them sitting off to the side of the track, typically in the spring and fall when it is cooler. Likely you were just unable to feel the brakes because the train was not moving fast enough for them to grab hard enough for you to notice. There is no such thing as a trim less ride on The Beast for any members of the public.
  8. The rumor was that there were major issues with the rides supports. I have heard everything from having to completely remake the supports to it being redesigned at the last minute before fabrication. Not exactly sure but everything I have heard suggests support problems, which with the first pieces not showing up until February there was likely an issue with fabrication. I remember joking a few months ago that Six Flags would announce the 2020 attractions before it opened, which did turn out to be true. At this point I believe it will be 2020 before it opens, and if the claim by Kings Island that they will have the track done in January, and will try to cycle Orion by February holds, there is a decent chance construction will be done before it opens.
  9. I have to point out there is a $79.95 pass called the Splash Pass, it includes parking, admission, and all of the important parts if all you want to do is go to the water park. The pass everyone keeps complaining about just adds the ability to bring a cooler, a free game of skill every week, paddleboats, mini golf, and extra bring a friend tickets. If these items do not matter then there is no need to pay the extra $50 dollars. Without the rides the Adventure pass really does not make much sense for most guests.
  10. Cedar Fair was unhappy about a football stadium which was being built next to the park, which would have a serious affect on the parks parking, and the ability to operate the park between construction and then games and events which would occur, my understanding is that the park is not very profitable so that likely factored into the decision but I do not remember this being announced as a reason. So they agreed to sell the park to a local company, the sale ended up falling apart and an agreement was reached with the 49ers to limit impacts to the park. This was long ago enough that it was when Dick Kinzel was CEO. To the best of my knowledge Cedar Fair has not indicated any willingness to sell any parks recently, and has stated in several interviews they wish to acquire more parks. They have been trying to buy the land for years so that they could stop leasing it and actually own the land under the park. The city was going to sell the land to a developer but the park had a lease which gave them right of first refusal. Which means in the event the city plans to sell the land the park can refuse to allow the sale and purchase it for the same price as the original buyer. Cedar Fair executed this provision and purchased the land. If they had not done so the park would have had to close at some point in the future. The purchase had nothing to do with a future sale of the park, and had more to do with preserving the ability for it to be a park.
  11. I remember when this happened and thought nothing of it at the time, but does anyone have a link to the thread, I am having trouble finding it.
  12. The Bat, and Screaming Demon are before my time, but at the same time all of those coasters were removed before sites like this existed, so getting a real feel for how fans of the park felt would be difficult. I am really not sure that there is that much outrage over this decision, the 14 page thread about the removal seems to have more opinions on what should replace it then people really complaining. Last year when Firehawk was announced, most people seemed to be expecting Vortex, I know there are people who really are mad, but at the same time I believe it to be overall a minority of enthusiasts. From what I can tell not many in the general public are that bothered by this decision. The only ride on your list that I do remember was King Cobra, and frankly, no one that I knew at the time seemed to be that bothered. I am sure it had its fans, but mostly people seemed to be fine with its removal. As I remember the log flume was originally supposed to be removed but outrage caused the park to overhaul the ride instead. There are a LOT of people who are angry about the eagles and many still are.
  13. Neither, the pumps are there to remove the water after the splash. The track is below the water line of the surrounding pool, it is filled by opening gates and just letting the water rush in. Six Flags over Texas is getting one for next year, I have heard Six Flags went cheap and is not getting the rotating load platform so it will operate with only a single boat.
  14. All I want to know is why this was not announced several weeks ago. It seems very strange to suddenly close for maintenance like this.
  15. My guess is Sticker's will not pickup any rides. Since it is a private park expansion is very difficult to justify, and would have to happen very slowly. It would be easy to expand straight out of business. Cedar Fair might be interested in some of the rides, they have picked up used rides in the past, but so many used rides are put on the market every year and they have been very selective about the rides they purchase. The flying bobs for instance is the mobile version and is still mounted on a trailer. I doubt they would be interested in rides not designed to be permanently installed unless it is easy to convert.
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