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  1. ^ This is from the news article that geforce1994 linked to above. "Investigators reported finding a can of red paint and a wet paintbrush under the ride, but they never concluded that the crack was what was painted that day."
  2. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    I suspect we are correct about what this will be. We are likely looking at a new restaurant. Based on when the work started I suspect this is for Winterfest. Which means I would expect this to be announced along with the rest of Winterfest. Because the park still needs to announce rides, shows, etc.
  3. Mystic Timbers named Best New Ride

    I love Mystic Timbers and frankly it deserves an award as the best new coaster of the year. It really is that good. But I have no idea how it can win an award for best new ride over Flight of Passage. I can understand how Dollywood got Best shows, but how is Six Flags Fiesta Texas in second? Only one Disney park is even in the top five for best shows?
  4. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    So is the Potato works building inside or outside the fence?
  5. Pop music back on International Street

    The best thing any of us can do is complain. Let management know that you prefer instrumental music on I street and it's possible something might change. I plan on writing a letter to the park because it is harder to ignore and I feel like it makes a larger impact. Personally I really enjoyed the change to instrumental music it gave the area a different feel from the rest of the park. The biggest problem is that none of us know who or why the decision was made.
  6. What I like more than anything else is that Six Flags is actually adding something in all of their parks. Just adding a flat ride each year would be good for a park like Michigan's Adventure.
  7. In fairness Tallest Super Loop is a place holder. It's believed the real name has hurricane in it so they are holding off announcing the real name.
  8. Haunt 2017

    I suspect you have not been to Knott's Scary Farm. Out of the Halloween events at Cedar Fair parks it is easily the best I have seen. I would also say it is better than HHN in Hollywood but not as good as Orlando.
  9. What could 2018 bring KI

    Just remember Kings Island was the first to receive Dinosaurs Alive. Even if it closes and is removed it could very well just be the first in the chain to have it removed and we could see the rest removed over the next two or three years. I would not link the closure or removal of Dinosaur's Alive to possible projects until we see more than just it being removed.
  10. Kings Island and ACE

    This is my understanding of the issues and the two events that you asking about are not directly related. The Mystic Timbers media day invite was due to issues on the Banshee media day. Basiclly it went very badly and it was decided to stop inviting coaster clubs at all. When Mystic Timbers media day came around it was decided that instead of not having enthusiasts at all to invite a single club. Obviously the club that was invited was ACE and from what I have heard this is likely to continue in the future. I expect only ACE will be invited to media day for Steel Venom. If media day invites are important to you I believe you should join ACE. ACE has had special access to The Beast for years, this is not new. Ever since ACE gave The Beast landmark status the park has been doing exclusive events for ACE. I do not know if the park is still doing this but they used to do a walk back when the park opens so they would be the first riders every morning. Outside of those two experiences I expect the other coaster clubs to continue to receive invites to events.
  11. https://www.cedarpoint.com/tickets-passes/pre-k-pass Cedar Point has the pass as well so it is likely chain wide. Since Kings Island has not announced anything for next year I am thinking it will either just show up on the site or there will be part of another announcement at a later date.
  12. The value of a season long Fast Lane pass just like the dining plan, drink plan, and even the season pass itself is completely down to the individual. I decided to splurge and buy the Fast Lane pass. I can normally only visit the park on Saturdays and Sundays and I find myself only riding attractions with short lines which typically limits what I am willing to ride because while I really do prefer the newer coasters like Mystic Timbers I do find myself not willing to wait an hour. Also I am not even willing to drive to the park if I feel like it will be extremely busy. Right now it feels like this will change everything about what I do when I visit the park and how often I visit the park. I have zero doubts about the value to me of the annual pass, dining plan, and drink plan. I am sitting here even after purchasing the Fast Lane pass wondering if I will get my moneys worth. Oddly I feel like I would have paid even more money for one which is good at the entire chain.
  13. $499 will buy a lot of Fast Lane passes but if you are a frequent visitor especially on the weekends this could be worth it. Knott's also added the season long option also at $499 so Cedar Point is the only park in the chain without a season long option. But that might change because the renewal option is not loaded yet.
  14. What could 2018 bring KI

    I saw Don at the park Sunday and I figured I would ask if we should expect to hear an announcement on Wednesday. Basiclly he said there is no announcement at this time. He did say we should expect something later on.
  15. The Giga Speculation Thread

    California's Great America was under extreme height restrictions for a very long time. Cedar Fair was able to get them modified recently but even building a hyper is likely to be very difficult. The parks tallest coaster is 108 ft and they just received permission to build one 110 ft tall. The closest Six Flags park Discovery Kingdom famously had to build their Intamin Impluse with a sideways spike to keep it 150 feet tall.