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  1. Based on the length of the project 10,300 feet it appears to be going all the way from King rd, to Western Row Rd. So this is not just something for the park we have to consider the entire distance from one side of the park to beyond the park. Which is the problem that it feels like people are ignoring. The problem is one half of the park grew past Columbia road years ago. One of the wave pools is located above where the road was located, the water park entrance plaza is directly on that path as well. So is a quarter mile of the handicapped parking, and employee parking, and there is
  2. Based on the information we have the water line project is still in the design phase, they might have realized it’s a mistake placing a new water line next to a defunct road that passes through an amusement park. It’s very possible we are looking at the early stages of the county deciding if the water line should be moved, or they already reached that decision, etc. Its a bad idea to jump to too many conclusions based on what we have seen so far. Redoing the drop off lot is the very kind of project which a park would be delaying or cancelling due to the pandemic.
  3. I was at Nagashima Spa Land last year and I am pretty confident they do not have one. So I started doing some searches, and I found a map from 2007 on Theme Park Review. I cannot find it on the map and according to that previous post from 2007 it should have been installed and operating.
  4. How tall would Orion be if it was built on flat ground? Around 305 feet tall. How tall would it be if instead of a slight rise in ground level under the lift there was instead around a 25 foot drop in ground level? 330+ feet tall, making it the “tallest” giga. Would it actually deserve that title, no. Either way it’s the same ride, just more steel would have been used. If either of those were true no one would even question if it was a giga. Frankly it’s time for this stupid pointless debate to end and to move on. Height is a terrible measurement on its own because fantastic ri
  5. I just wonder how are they using the train? Is it going to be stripped for parts, put into a rotation with the other trains?
  6. It’s not just that the website and author refuse to say they are wrong, it’s almost like they refuse to read and understand the very documents the website is posting. Immediately after that paragraph posted above, is a single page from a bigger document which you can find here. It lists 2022 not as the project start date, like they claim, but as the design completion date. Construction complete is listed as 2026. There is no construction start date, but considering it’s not going to take 6 years to do the work it’s not likely to start anytime soon. Simply put the county is obviously not in
  7. With that we conclude this weeks episode of crazy coaster theories and return you to your regularly scheduled program of minor change equals new coaster.
  8. Cedar Fair tries to not build the really big new attractions near each other. The idea is you want to cycle around a park basically rejuvenating areas as you go which also helps spread out the crowds. Fixating in one area causes issues. With how much work has gone into Coney Mall, and Area 72 it’s time to move onto other areas of the park, Action Zone feels like the logical next step. Leaving the space empty for a few years is better for the long term health of the park then shoving something in quickly. There is nothing that special about its location which makes it important to buil
  9. Ignoring the fact that Cedar Fair executives have stated in interviews that they do not intend to build an entrance coaster at Kings Island because they like the entrance and feel a coaster could ruin the look and feel. Some of those individuals have moved on, its possible plans have changed. Also my guess is if they do build an entrance coaster it would stay off to the side and not pass over or under the entrance. Your not wrong building to the entrance would come from that direction, but here’s the thing, it would also likely be closer to the park and not directly over that road where
  10. Something people need to keep in mind is the 50th anniversary is coming and frankly corporate is going to want the park looking as good as possible. Tearing down an aging station which is only used for a haunt just to clean up the park could easily be justified, also being 20 years old it might need inspections or maintenance that they do not wish to perform. The 50th is going to happen once, and they will want to take advantage of it. The park is going to have modifications which have likely been planned for a little while now between now and 2022, and anything after that might be totally
  11. If you look at the correct location there is zero work that has been done as far as I can tell. There are longitude and latitude coordinates on the previous page of this thread. That location is where the drag strip ride was located, and it appears to be completely untouched.
  12. Neither, Mystic Timbers is better then either one.
  13. The trains the park currently owns have a hard time with even a small grade. I cannot remember which direction it occurs but there is enough of a raise in ground level that the trains have literally rolled backwards while under power, and have had to stop, back up, and try again. Kings Island has very little flat ground, and making the train circle the park while not impossible would require several trestle bridges and likely would require new engines. Doable, but not reasonable, although I would love to see it.
  14. I am not sold on the park running shuttles, it’s possible but is the dorm big enough to justify the expense? I measured it on goggle maps and it’s just over a half mile, that’s about the same as walking from Banshee to Soak City, or the same as walking from Great Wolf Lodge. My guess is still lighting, new light poles, which might have call boxes to connect to park security, maybe even security cameras. They are definitely going to want to improve the path to the dorms and the logical path is Columbia Rd. But I expect people will be walking. People keep talking about removing Timberwo
  15. One word, MONEY, someone has to actually pay to build it, and the people behind the project were never able to get enough financing. The original plan was according to their own numbers was going to cost $500 million, the scaled back plans were still going to be $250 million. Before anyone argues price tag, those are the official estimates from the developers of the project. They own the land, got I believe all of the permissions to build the tower, Universal Orlando did try to stop it but it was approved anyways. But I cannot imagine a bank willing to finance this, and getting private
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