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    Beast Brakes

    Easily the total change in elevation from the top of the lift hill to the lowest point is 201 feet. Ignoring the trim brakes, friction, and wind in theory the ride should be able to hit around 78 MPH. Wooden coasters are actually known for how well they maintain speed because they experience a lot less friction losses then a steel coaster, if I remember correctly a wood coaster losses about half of what a steel coaster does over the same distance. Before the change to magnetic trims I do not see any reason why it would not have been possible to hit 75 MPH, although likely only after it
  2. Holiday World still does a charity auction annually. They do it as part of Holiwood Nights. You can see the items they had and the prices they sold for here. The big item this year, an actual ride logo off the front of one of the Voyages trains, for only $681 dollars.
  3. Wheels are somewhat rare. They are a wear item so you would think they get replaced frequently. But what happens is they are reused like car tire rims. The nylon, urethane, etc is removed, and they are checked for damage and relined. Since they are remanufactured parks rarely dispose of them. For a ride like Vortex the wheels will be interchangeable with others in the chain, maybe even Adventure Express, and they would have been sent to other parks or kept at KI if possible.
  4. I had a friend visit Cedar Point a few weeks ago, and his experience was similar. He went home extremely unhappy and while he is an enthusiast and would never vow to never return, he really did not seem to want to return anytime soon. He rode three coasters and was in the park from open to close. I know Cedar Fair is trying to make as much from their Ohio parks as possible, but they are really ruining a lot of good will. They have to reduce capacity if to do nothing else then to get the lines under control.
  5. I can confirm it is operating.
  6. B&M has maintenance guidelines, they detail how often to inspect the track and what to do if something is found. Often the first step is to contact B&M. Having said that I have read several B&M service bulletins. The typical response to a crack is to grind it out, weld a replacement piece of steel, NDT to verify the repair, and repaint. The only times I remember seeing to replace the item is for parts on the trains if the material is too thin. Replacing a piece of track is not typically done, even for a crack. Just to add we have no idea what is going on, and we h
  7. The park still has some pretty good sized pieces of track. You can see them when riding WindSeeker at the edge of the clearing. People have been speculating about using them as decorations, but at these prices and demand it makes sense to make more collectibles. My guess is there is at least enough track to make 200 more.
  8. At least as of right now nothing has changed at any of the major Florida parks. Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld have all kept the previous restrictions in place, and it appears they have no intentions of removing them. This order was done a few days ago and I have heard that it’s been causing issues with some guests not wanting to follow the parks restrictions.
  9. I was at the park Saturday and I have to say even though I like Haunt. I really preferred this fall festival at least for the feel of the park during the day. The park feels better when they are not blocking off pathways and putting out random obstacles which are there all day for the scare zones. Plus I preferred having the trick or treating in the main park, it was nice seeing the kids run around in the main park instead of the water park. I want Haunt to return when it’s safe. But I kinda think they should stick primarily to houses and roaming scare actors. Not sure I want the tra
  10. The launch itself is the same, the difference is the location of the train. Launches and magnetic brakes need more precision in the location of the train then wood has typically been able to provide. A slight misalignment can cause serious damage to the launch or for the launch to not push the train properly. There have been cases where a bent launch fin has done a million or more dollars of damage to a launch system. Wood has a lot more flex to it, and trains deform the wood, it also changes size due to the weather. Steel just does not have these issues. Basically this is why before top
  11. I did not say that RMC was not comfortable using it. It’s still safe and my understanding is they are willing to use it if if the track can do the job and the park is determined to use it. But frankly there is nothing topper track can do which IBox cannot, and they would prefer to just use IBox. The only reason I can think of using topper track is marketing.
  12. Lightning Rod has actually been down for around a month now. Rumors at the time pointed to damage that prompted the park to contact RMC who told them to shut down the ride. Over the years the ride has had issues with potholes in high stress areas and there were a lot of people complaining earlier this year about a new one. I know people keep placing blame on the launch but I suspect it’s a track issue. Reports out of RMC a year or two ago were they wanted to stop using topper track and were pushing customers to use IBox and they were going to charge extra if someone really wanted toppe
  13. I suspect Intamin will have the same problem RMC has had with producing T-Rex track. The problem is it takes pretty specialized equipment to bend that large and thick of metal into the right shapes before welding. RMC has stated they would need some very large equipment orders to be able to actually produce a T-Rex coaster, simply put it’s not coming anytime soon. Also is there anything a wider single rail can do which standard track cannot? What makes Raptor track so special is the riders are straddling the rail, but extending the track width removes this advantage because riders are
  14. Based on the length of the project 10,300 feet it appears to be going all the way from King rd, to Western Row Rd. So this is not just something for the park we have to consider the entire distance from one side of the park to beyond the park. Which is the problem that it feels like people are ignoring. The problem is one half of the park grew past Columbia road years ago. One of the wave pools is located above where the road was located, the water park entrance plaza is directly on that path as well. So is a quarter mile of the handicapped parking, and employee parking, and there is
  15. Based on the information we have the water line project is still in the design phase, they might have realized it’s a mistake placing a new water line next to a defunct road that passes through an amusement park. It’s very possible we are looking at the early stages of the county deciding if the water line should be moved, or they already reached that decision, etc. Its a bad idea to jump to too many conclusions based on what we have seen so far. Redoing the drop off lot is the very kind of project which a park would be delaying or cancelling due to the pandemic.
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