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  1. Testing has begun again. I have not seen closeup pictures of the lift yet so no clue how much work was done. But I have seen videos of the trains cycling. Still wondering exactly how this accident occurred. I believe the train had to be traveling backwards for the front wheel assembly of the third car to end up under the car in front of it. But I have since seen high resolution photos of the lift with the train stuck on it and the chain is clearly intact. So I am still a little confused on what initially broke.
  2. Wiener Prater in Austria has removed 26 according to RCDB. Here is the parks that I could think of and I grabbed the numbers off of RCDB. Geauga Lake - 14 coasters Great Adventure - 15 coasters Palisades - 16 coasters Cedar Point - 17 coasters Dreamland -17 coasters Wiener Prater - 26 coasters I doubt Kings Island is even in the top 20 or 30 for most removed coasters.
  3. Those cabins look fantastic, I have wanted the park to get a campground for years, and feel this is long overdue. I am torn about staying in one, mostly due to distance once you are far enough away that I have to drive why stay in one of the cabins instead of a hotel which is likely cheaper? I feel like this should have been built by Cedar Fair and it should have been located where the old Safari was located, basically behind Great Wolf Lodge. Actual woods, I could see a walkway to the river, and not directly next to the highway. Great view of the park, and it would be possible to walk
  4. KD needs work and it needs good solid unique rides. A B&M hyper would be a great start, but it has to be something special. For instance a speed hill, maybe right after the drop. The turnaround from Shambala, instead of the standard hammerhead. Plus lots of good solid airtime hills. Two loading stations, which would allow 4 trains and they can use one station for forward and one for backwards trains, enabling the ride to basiclly be two different rides. To keep the costs down use the standard B&M hyper trains instead of the staggered seating.
  5. Land should not actually be a problem. This is complicated, but the park used to own like 150-200 acres because they have a giant campground across the street, and they are not even using large sections of that land. Apex sold all of the land to a holding company and was paying a lease. I remember the new owners of the park had stated before the purchase closed that being able to repurchase the land was a requirement. But I have never seen any evidence either way if the land purchase occurred. The counties GIS website still lists Store Master Funding as the owner, but it also still lists
  6. My guess is this will be a parking lot coaster. It’s pretty compact, it appears to be 130’ x 260’ when I measured it on Google maps. Likely to be located next to Steel Hawg. If the park is planning to continue to expand we will likely see more rides located in this lot and people will have to park in the grass lots and walk in.
  7. There was a Q&A at Dollywood Earlier today, the park representative stated approximately 2,160 feet of the track is being replaced with I-Box. The ride is only 3,800 feet long, so basically 57% of the track is being replaced with I-Box. From what I have seen it will be I-Box from the launch through the first big drop. Then a long stretch of Topper Track. Then it goes to I-Box just before the 45 degree banked hill which leads into the quad down, turn around into the brake run, and it does not become topper track again until after the brakes. It sounds like the only top
  8. It’s official RMC is RMCing an RMC. ACE received confirmation during a Q&A with Dollywood. RMC will be installing I-Box on Lightning Rod, it’s already been confirmed the layout is staying the same. It’s unknown how much track is being replaced. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHlbR53M5N5/
  9. I am pretty certain you are wrong about it having the highest profit margins. The best profits on the least amount of capital investment? Maybe, but that is not how profit margins work, it’s about total cost of operating the parks. The problem with MA is they have the lowest revenue of the whole chain, and frankly it’s not even close, and in total profits they are either last or next to last. I do think it’s about time for the park to see a big new ride, and I think an RMC Raptor would be a great fit.
  10. I got my order placed, received my confirmation, and the site says sold out already. Not sure how many were available but they went very quickly.
  11. If the park does open, I suspect it will be almost only be lights, crafts, minimal shows, maybe flat rides but no coasters, and will not be called Winterfest. Since it’s what the other parks are calling it likely Taste of the season. No regular food stands so that they do not have to provide anything to holders of the meal plan, but specially foods with a tasting card would likely be available. That’s all just a guess, but Carowinds will have a few coasters open, and food stands and the parks FAQ says the meal plan will work, so it’s always possible there will be more. Having sai
  12. The effects in the last tunnel do not appear to me to be new. It just appears the existing effects have been fixed. But it does look the best I have seen in a very long time. There are a few feet of red track, the area it is in is very smooth now. It’s hard to tell while riding but I do not think the sections correspond to track segments. Which suggests to me that the rail or maybe more was cut out and refurbished or replaced. Overall though it’s a few feet of track, maybe 10 ft total.
  13. Kenban

    Beast Brakes

    Easily the total change in elevation from the top of the lift hill to the lowest point is 201 feet. Ignoring the trim brakes, friction, and wind in theory the ride should be able to hit around 78 MPH. Wooden coasters are actually known for how well they maintain speed because they experience a lot less friction losses then a steel coaster, if I remember correctly a wood coaster losses about half of what a steel coaster does over the same distance. Before the change to magnetic trims I do not see any reason why it would not have been possible to hit 75 MPH, although likely only after it
  14. Holiday World still does a charity auction annually. They do it as part of Holiwood Nights. You can see the items they had and the prices they sold for here. The big item this year, an actual ride logo off the front of one of the Voyages trains, for only $681 dollars.
  15. Wheels are somewhat rare. They are a wear item so you would think they get replaced frequently. But what happens is they are reused like car tire rims. The nylon, urethane, etc is removed, and they are checked for damage and relined. Since they are remanufactured parks rarely dispose of them. For a ride like Vortex the wheels will be interchangeable with others in the chain, maybe even Adventure Express, and they would have been sent to other parks or kept at KI if possible.
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