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  1. So it turns out I was totally wrong. I have more from Kings Island... These are not all from the same trip or even the same year. You will notice Flight Commander is missing. The actual files have a year on them if anyone is interested. A couple are almost duplicates but I figured I would just post them all.
  2. Corporate policy, it is supposed to be chain wide but you will see some parks be a little more willing to bend the rules than others. Kings Island is very strict about the policy. I have heard that technically it only applies to rides which are classified as a 4 or 5 on the park's thrill ratings. But the only coaster at Kings Island which is not a 4 or 5 is the great pumpkin coaster. So it might be possible to marathon a flat ride.
  3. These are not my photos, they are scans of slides from a relative, they lived in the Cleveland area so I have a ton of photos of old Geauga Lake and Sea World Ohio which I was thinking of posting. From what I was able to figure out these have to be from the fall of 1990. This is because you can see the ferris wheel and flying dutchman rides are still in Oktoberfest which were removed at the end of 1990 plus you can see Flight Commander operating which was added at the start of 1990. I do not believe they made very many trips to Kings Island so I am not certain at this time if these will be the only photos of the park.
  4. When you first arrive the only thing which happens is the music starts playing. The rest of the show including the props only starts when the train starts moving into the station. Unless you sit in the back half of the train it is possible you just missed what occurred.
  5. Only Friday and Saturday this year.
  6. It is for the 50th anniversary of Intamin which is this summer.
  7. All I can say is I remember seeing the dump trucks move the dirt from the construction areas to this field on the webcams. A bulldozer was used to smooth it out so that it would not be left in a large mound. This disturbed a huge area which is what I think you are seeing.
  8. You must not go to many fairs because deep fried junk food has become a standard item. Deep fried Twinkies, Oreos, Snickers, even a stick of butter. Typically they are made by freezing the item, putting it on a wood stick, covering it in batter, and frying it to a golden brown.
  9. The park built the foundation for the new restaurant in the water park which did require excavation. Mystic Timbers is built above White Water Canyon which required filling sections of the ride with dirt for construction equipment which was removed from this field and returned at the end of construction. The park also just built a new storage building which also would have required a foundation.
  10. 2 or 3 years ago I was riding Magnum and as we were going down a hill I saw this phone just seem to float up and out of the train. Someone a few rows behind me was able to grab it out of the air and returned it to the owner who was 2 or 3 rows in front of me once the train returned to the station. What most people seem to not realize about phones and other objects dropped during a ride is that they will tend to continue in the same direction at basically the same rate of speed. So loose objects tend to not really be a danger to other people on the train. The majority of the danger is to people in other trains, on the ground, etc.
  11. You are ignoring the fact that when the trains get back to the station the reverse has to occur. On a Vekoma the weight of the people and the seats must be lifted while on the B&M they are just being lowered. From a wear perspective, I doubt either one is worse than the other. I also prefer hanging in the restraint instead of laying on my back in the brakes.
  12. This is one hundred percent personal preference. There are a number of issues with counting coasters, do clones count? Think about the number of SLC, boomerang, Skyrocket II, and other standard layout coasters. If a coaster is moved, is it counted in each location? For instance, do you count both X-Flight and Firehawk? Back to your original question when does it become two different coasters? Totally different layouts which share a station like Dragon Challange, mirrored layouts like Racer, or are two coaster tracks with basically the same layout like Gemini two different coasters? I consider Racer as a single coaster with two tracks. Which I would only count as one ride. But it is completely up to you to decide where the line is between similar coasters.
  13. No idea what has changed but in the past only your home park could replace your pass, add a dining plan, or process the renewal. If you have the ability to renew a KI pass at CP then something has changed.
  14. The cashier who told you that she could not sell you the drink plan is wrong. I am not certain if it is a training problem or if they just forgot how. But I have heard a similar story from several people, one of which proceeded to guest services who instructed them that it could only be purchased at the park by going to a location which sell beverages. The good news is that they tried another drink stand and found an employee who knew how to do it. On a side note you can add your annual pass to an Apple wallet. Which will sync to an Apple Watch allowing you to display the QR code on your watch, which I can confirm the registers will scan. So if you have an Apple Watch you can just use that instead of your phone or plastic pass.
  15. According to news reports a disabled man has fallen out of the Krater Coaster in Columbia. This article according to Google translate says the man had no legs. Which if true I have no idea why he was allowed to ride since the coaster uses a lap bar. This is supposed to be video of the event.