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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. You can disagree all you want. Here is a press release from Kroger. All of the contactless forms of payment, Samsung, Apple, Google, work on the same technology. Traditionally once the work is in place to support one you can support all of them and most retailers do. It is possible to prevent a single companies contactless payment system and some retailers do.
  2. This is more of a training issue and the fact that contactless forms of payment are not chainwide and they have been slowly rolling it out. But the Kroger stores which take Samsung pay or Google pay also take Apple Pay.
  3. https://www.hfecorp.com/whats-new/ The deal is done and has been formally announced by Herschend. Craig Ross the former GM of Dollywood is taking over as interim GM of Kentucky Kingdom. Personally I am expecting more shows, live entertainment, festivals, and likely a new indoor theater. They are already talking about extending the season so a fall harvest festival and maybe even a Christmas event seem likely.
  4. FYI SeaWorld San Antonio has the lowest price passes in the chain. You can pickup a chain wide platinum pass pretty cheaply. When they run sales around holidays it’s not uncommon to see them for around $130-140 although the last time I really watched the price was almost 2 years ago. If you have any plans to visit Busch Gardens, Orlando or just other Seas parks in the next year it’s nice having a pass and can save you some money. I do have a Platinum pass and my “home park” is San Antonio. I have not had a chance to visit but you might also want to run over to ZDT’s Amusement Park whe
  5. Craig recently became the COO of a new division of Herschend called the Growth and Opportunity Group. Which was to support the acquisition of theme parks, and other properties. This happened back in I think November.
  6. Simply put that map that map is a map of Herschend properties. The one in New Jersey is Adventure Aquarium. I also see Newport Aquarium, Dollywood, and Silver Dollar City. There is one more circle I cannot account for though.
  7. They are 4th, Kings Island is ahead of it as well, by a decent margin. The weakness of the Canadian Dollar really hurts their revenue and profitability. Even without the currency difference I am not sure if they would be 3rd in profits due to the lower operating costs at KI.
  8. Basically reservations and blackout days. All guests are required to make a reservation in advance. Have several different price points with the difference being what days are blacked out and how far in advance you can make a reservation and how many reservations you can make at a time. Higher tier pass holders get a number of extra visits which by pass blackout days. Disneyland sent out surveys to former pass holders which outlined possible tiers and pricing. At the high end around $1500 for 6 reservations few blackout dates, 90 days in advance reservations, and 6 by pass b
  9. That’s the thing I remember another article which went into detail and broke that price down, x going to Clermont for the steel, y going to B&M, etc. That was what made it different and special. Wonder if it was not the Sandusky Register and was instead another site.
  10. Many enthusiasts do not understand ride pricing, and how to properly compare the price of attractions. That $24 million or $30 million dollar B&M is for the entire project. That’s the total being spent everything from land clearing, design, track, trains, control systems, to the theming, signs, and plaza. On a ride like Orion that is going to include projects done at the same time, like the modifications to the Flight of Fear queue, the plaza, food stand, etc. Which is why it’s often difficult to compare the price of two coasters because what enthusiasts have access to is not reall
  11. As a company B&M is likely fine. Most of their sales have moved to parks in China, which is seeing less effects from the pandemic then other countries. They only need a handful of ride sales a year, 3 or 4 is a typical year for the company. They could likely survive on just one or two a year for a few years. They also have a large install base which will need maintenance for decades to come. I am not even sure this is the end of the relationship between Cedar Fair and B&M. The biggest Cedar Fair parks still need rides with massive capacity, high reliability, and low maintenan
  12. They are cancelling them as well, and refunding the Disneyland side of the pass. The handful of people who have one are allowed to renew to a Disney World only annual pass. They never sold very many, and really never tried to either, the admissions systems at Disneyland and Disney World are not compatible and the passes were in reality two annual passes sold as a bundle, then put on the same card. The cards had a barcode, a magnetic stripe, and an RFID chip. They could only be purchased in person at a park, and could only be renewed in person at a park, although on time renewal w
  13. This news story is misleading, this is not a new policy and what the two resorts are doing is very different. This is only news because of what is happening at Disneyland. Disney World stopped selling annual passes when they closed temporarily due to the pandemic. They never restarted selling them after they reopened last summer. Which means the last time someone could purchase a new annual pass was March of 2020. But Disney World is letting existing pass holders keep their passes and to continue to renew them. The restrictions are only for new pass holders. Disneyland is comple
  14. Testing has begun again. I have not seen closeup pictures of the lift yet so no clue how much work was done. But I have seen videos of the trains cycling. Still wondering exactly how this accident occurred. I believe the train had to be traveling backwards for the front wheel assembly of the third car to end up under the car in front of it. But I have since seen high resolution photos of the lift with the train stuck on it and the chain is clearly intact. So I am still a little confused on what initially broke.
  15. Wiener Prater in Austria has removed 26 according to RCDB. Here is the parks that I could think of and I grabbed the numbers off of RCDB. Geauga Lake - 14 coasters Great Adventure - 15 coasters Palisades - 16 coasters Cedar Point - 17 coasters Dreamland -17 coasters Wiener Prater - 26 coasters I doubt Kings Island is even in the top 20 or 30 for most removed coasters.
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