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  1. I think it would be a good ride, but I have to point out that this is an attraction in the planning stages which is going to be nothing more than just rumors for at least another year. Its still very possible it will be completely changed or cancelled, or we are completely off on our guesses and it could turn out it was a Starflyer the entire time. BGW does have an announcement coming later this year, which does appear to have an Intamin coaster. I think it would be better to focus on the what is about to be announced and not worry about what might never happen.
  2. Not a chance, BGW just got clearance from some local government for an attraction more than 300 feet tall but that is for a ride in 2021 or later. The 315' request which was for 2020 was totally cancelled. There is still a chance of a giga, but I suspect if that future ride does turn out to be a coaster it will be similar to Red Force, LSM launch with a huge tower.
  3. Eye witness accounts are rarely accurate, and it’s very difficult to guess how fast something is traveling. I do not believe it’s possible the train was even close to 40 MPH when the crash occurred. Valravn has a very steep drop into the station, at the top of the slope it has a set of magnetic brakes, this is followed by a series of mechanical brakes. Once a train is off the slope and on the track leading into the station everything is handled by drive tires, as far as I know there are no brakes inside the station. Valravn is extremely automated there is no way for a ride op to active the drive tires on their own. Doing this requires the ride be placed in manual mode, which can only be done by maintenance. My guess is something in the rides electronics either malfunctioned or just failed. Unless there were serious injuries I do not believe the state will investigate, so it’s possible we will be left with speculation and rumors. I can see at least two people in the drive box. So it’s possible the computer was not in control.
  4. When they purchased the Paramount Parks, then it was removed the following year.
  5. Anniversary coasters make no sense from a business perspective. 2022 is going to be about the 50th anniversary, same as 2020 at Cedar Point is about the 150th. The anniversary and celebrations surrounding it will draw in large crowds and is likely to break attendance records on its own. I would also not be surprised to see construction next year at CP for a 2021 coaster. People will come for the 150th, then when they see the construction they will return for the new attraction the following year. The same is likely to occur at Kings Island, we will have the 50th in 2022, with construction on an attraction opening in 2023. This is pretty standard around the theme park industry, the one that comes to mind is Dollywood with the 30th in 2015, and Lightning Rod in 2016. I cannot think of a single park which installed a major attraction in a major anniversary year. B&M has plenty of models we do not have but I doubt most of them are very likely. I suspect a dive coaster is in our future, maybe not 2023, but I expect to see one at some point. Although I would not be surprised to see a Gerstlauer infinity coaster instead of a B&M.
  6. I have them scan the code from my watch all the time, I use an Apple watch and an iPhone and just added it to my wallet from the official app and it syncs over to your watch automatically. The scanners have a hard time scanning the watch face, and about 25% of the time I have to pull out my cell phone or the plastic card. If you can bring up the QR code I am confident that the employees will scan it. I would worry that if you use an image which might have some scaling issues that the scanners might not be able to handle it, because they seem to hate the small screens on watches. If you are going to use a watch as your pass I always recommend having a backup for when you find one of the scanners which refuse to read the code.
  7. I had a conversation with an employee who works on Banshee about two weeks ago and we discussed fanny packs. According to them the policy officially changed earlier this year, you can now take them on Banshee but you are required to still wear it while you ride, so you have to move it off to your side and the restraint must still close. The problem is the policy changed and there has not been good communication with the ride ops to make sure every is aware of the change. I have no idea how enforcement is right now. The other problem is that with rules like this which are not public and not posted anywhere, how are guests supposed to know if there has been a change?
  8. Kenban

    Decoding 2020

    It’s a launch coaster, all the rumors point at premier. There is no other plant for the track, all B&M coasters are produced at CSF. It makes no difference where in the world the ride will be located.
  9. I have to give credit where and when it is due. I was at Holiday World for Holiwood Nights over the weekend and Voyage is running better then I can ever remember. In the past Voyage typically was a one and done experience for me and I rode close to a dozen times and I never would have done so on previous trips. The ride is very smooth and I hope to continues into the future. Every single coaster in the park is one that I am currently willing to jump right back in line and ride again. Plus their reride policy is simple and enthusiast friendly, if there is no one waiting you can stay on, if there is someone just grab an empty seat if one is available.
  10. Kenban

    Decoding 2020

    That screen is amazing, but its actually not a projection, its a giant LED screen made up of modules similar to how a billboard is built. I would love to see that screen show up Kings Island with a different show. I actually thought the screen was better then the show. Cedar Fair had a partnership with EA at the time, I believe only two attractions were built though, Mass Effect and Plants vs. Zombies. I initially assumed we would see Plants vs. Zombies at more parks but it seems to have gone no where, but having done it several times I am not surprised, while I do enjoy the experience it is a chaotic mess playing, just way too many people shooting the same screen.
  11. Kenban

    Decoding 2020

    Cedar Fair themselves has stated that they have a financial interest in building each ride bigger and larger then the last. They have stated repeatedly that building record breaking coasters is their goal. Here is a quote from the CEO Richard Zimmerman. I think Cedar Fair has made the argument over and over again, building each ride bigger and better then the last is important to their strategy. Look at Valravn and then Yukon Striker for an example. I would argue this coaster is on a scale that other companies are unwilling to match, but at the same time, I do not know of a single record this coaster could possibly be setting, and do not get me wrong I actually do not want the longest coaster in the world, Steel Dragon 2000 has a major problem with having to shut down in high wind situations. Go on any discussions about Nagashima Spa Land and you will see complaints about the ride not operating. The record that I assumed they were trying for was longest drop on a traditional lift, which would have only required another 20 feet, let Fury keep tallest traditional lift. I am also a little disappointed in the shortness of the ride, I figured it would be around the 6,500 ft mark.
  12. Kenban

    Decoding 2020

    Most parks are not located in jurisdictions with the same requirements that Kings Island has. So it’s uncommon for parks to have this exact kind of leak to occur. Some communities do allow plans to be submitted privately, and they become public at a later date. Why do we not receive similar documents for every little thing at the park? I think it’s possible for certain types of construction. But my understanding is that this is more detailed then actually required. Which has kinda surprised me, I have wondered if this was done on purpose to try to limit the damage after the initial leak of the layout, because I doubt they expected just how negative the reactions have been. Why else go from a partial document to the most detailed I have seen the park file. Also other parks do suffer from similar but different issues, Sea World had an internal presentation leaked which showed their 2020 plans for every park in the chain last year. Universal Orlando has an unofficial twitter account which automatically tweets every building/demolition etc permit they file. Just this morning the fact that Six Flags America recently had soil samples taken in a location where an attraction was removed was reported. Busch Gardens Williamsburg has to get height waivers and sometimes other permits which have repeatedly caused the entire plan to show up online while it’s still being designed. Some parks have to get City Council permission and sometimes that has to be done in open meetings, which means the basically every major detail about new attractions gets reported before the park can finalize details. Closer to home Cedar Point had Valraven spoiled by the local newspaper who reported the cost, manufacturer, and type of ride. I am having trouble remembering the exact timing but I am confident it was long before the announcement and before enthusiasts had figured it out. Whatever documents they got a hold of reported exactly how much was being paid for the ride itself but not construction. Frankly this is the new normal, and it’s not just Kings Island, most of the major parks have similar issues.
  13. Kenban

    Decoding 2020

    I have only had the pleasure of being on two, Maverick, and Cheetah Hunt. But I am a firm believer that the Intamin Blitz coaster is their finest work. Out of all the types of coasters Intamin has produced that is the only type of coaster that I wish Kings Island could get, and only part of the issues between Cedar Fair and Intamin that I hate, because the chances of Cedar Fair ordering one for any of their parks is extremely small. At this point I just hope that we get a Mack multi-launch at some point. If you really believe in the KI is getting coasters 20 years after CP, which I do not, the next two coasters after MF were Wicked Twister, which I cannot see KI getting, and Top Thrill Dragster, again another ride type which I cannot see KI getting, that leaves us at Maverick. I believe Kings Island will get a new coaster in 2023, the year after the 50th. So its possible, but I doubt Cedar Fair will purchase another coaster from Mack either with the steel tariffs in place.
  14. Kenban

    Decoding 2020

    You would be surprised at how permanent tents can be. Universal Orlando uses a pair of tents from a company called Sprung. They are effectively permanent and used for Halloween Horror Nights, they have been at the park for more then a decade now. This does not appear to be a structure from that company but just because it might be a tent does not make it cheap or not permanent.
  15. Found this on YouTube it’s the entire show. I think the fountain looks fantastic.
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