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  1. Easily, less towers and a shorter cable. When the one at Kings Island was moved from Coney Island it was actually lengthened, and a new tower was fabricated and added. The ride had three towers at Coney and four at KI.
  2. The sky ride that was at Kings Island was relocated from Coney Island, and several other installations have been moved before, the one at Great Adventure is relocated from the Worlds Fair in Queens. All of these sky rides were built by one company Von Roll who also built the one at Cedar Point. The old Kings Island sky ride was the model that had small 2 person gondolas. This is a larger model with 4 person gondolas like what’s at Cedar Point. CGA has a pretty big installation, they have enough towers and cabins to basically get a third of a mile easily. For instance a station near Orion would stretch to Planet Snoopy, going over the launch tunnel on Flight of Fear, and the lift hills of Racer. Station between Racer and Flight of Fear could almost stretch to the Picnic Grove.
  3. The exchange rate matters because the park earns money in Canadian Dollars and all earnings and profits are reported in US Dollars. While I don't have the prices for funnel cakes easily available I can compare the prices for season passes and tickets. Every Cedar Fair park charges the same price for a platinum pass, no matter the currency. A platinum pass at Kings Island is $240 USD, at Canada's Wonderland it is $240 CAD. Which is why I know several people who renew their pass on Canada's Wonderlands website instead of at a US parks. You get charged tax but the exchange rate more than makes up for the difference. A gold pass at KI is $140 USD, at CA it's $120 CAD. A single day ticket online is $49.99 USD or CAD. At the gate a ticket to Kings Island is $85 USD, while Canada's Wonderland is $75 CAD. I wish I had the prices of funnel cakes available I think you would be surprised.
  4. Cedar Fair used to publish this data annually, sadly its been a few years. But look at these graphs, and really look at the one on the right, EBITDA, and compare the tiny little slice that is CGA and the much larger wedge that is CW. Is this a few years old? Yes, but frankly it does not change that much. The exchange rate is even similar today to what it was in 2016. CW is roughly 10% in the graph, 10% of $481 million is $48 million USD. That's how much the park was making a year. The $310 million dollars that Cedar Fair is getting for CGA is like 40 years of profits at CGA, but only a little over 6 at CW.
  5. There is a giant difference between the two, profitability. CGA was barely making any money. This information is a few years old but Canada's Wonderland was 4th or 5th in profitability, roughly around Carowinds, a lot of this is the exchange rate. But this is still a lot of money. Unless something major changes the park is safe, the chain can make more money operating it as a theme park then selling the land. Which is the key its worth more as a park then being sold, which was not the case for CGA. When people say regulations surrounding CGA's closure. Its the height limits, the noise problems due to being near companies, parking issues, earthquake protection, etc. None of which effects Canada's Wonderland. CGA had a 35 ft height restriction until a few years ago, every single attraction was a fight. The park had potential but it was going to be expensive and a risk that the chain would never make the money back. There is none of these issues with Canada's Wonderland. Land prices would need to not just be as expensive as California, they would have to be higher maybe a lot higher before its worth it to sell. I have been worried about CGA for a while, I have zero concerns for CW.
  6. The last year Cedar Fair published revenue and profit graphs which showed the individual parks in relation to each other was back in 2015 or 2016. But at the time CGA was middle of the chain for revenue, but either last or next to last in profitability. It was basically making around the same amount of money as Michigan's Adventure. Which is actually a huge improvement, a few years before that the park was dead last for profitability and it was not even close. The park is incredibly expensive to operate. I suspect Cedar Fair decided that the cost of continuing to invest is just not worth the returns they are getting. Especially when they are offered enough money to justify closing the park. At this point I am left wondering, when will the park close? I cannot see it being operated for another 11 years, it might be possible due to the lease but its up to 11 years, not that it will be 11 years, frankly I give it 2 or 3 years unless it sees a huge uptick in attendance due to the pending closure. What will move? I would love to see the Sky Ride move, shoot that would be an amazing addition to Kings Island, but its so old I wonder if Cedar Fair will move it. Old coasters like Demon, Woodstock Express, and Grizzly just seem like they will be scrapped. B&M coasters will likely be moved, so Flight Deck and Patriot. The only other coaster that I am pretty sure that will be moved is RailBlazer. Psycho Mouse might be moved, might be sold, but I do not think it will be scrapped. Gold Striker is a huge question mark, but I could see it being moved, its a lot of work to move a wood coaster but its pretty new and a very good layout.
  7. I am familiar with how the frisbee rides get stuck upside down I would assume this would be similar. The motor turns off as the arm approaches the top and the control system waits until the arm reaches a set point before reengaging the motor, so it is just coasting over the top. It would be very easy to produce too strong of forces if the motor was engaged at all times. In a case like this a gust of wind or something else at just the right or for the riders wrong moment provides enough resistance the ride vehicle balances upside down. The ride system does not see the motion it is expecting so it faults and turns off power to the motor. On frisbee rides like the ones from SBF Visa when wind does eventually push the ride vehicle over since the ride faulted the motor will not engage to slow the arm, and it just swings back and forth for a long time before it stops allowing the ride op to release the passengers.
  8. The old tower drinks queue never made any sense. I was at the park Friday and you could just see how much of a difference it was making. Racer queue is also a great change. Not sure who is driving these changes around the park but it fantastic seeing them. These kinds of tweaks add up to making a better overall experience.
  9. We might not get too detailed of an answer but someone could try asking at a Q&A at Coasterstock, and if their version is still down at Cedar Point in a few weeks Coaster Mania. I would expect a vague answer without too many details but I would be surprised if there is no answer at all. I doubt they are trying to hide something. It’s just not something they are going to announce.
  10. Last year Kings Island stored the bread in a warming box. This insures everyone gets a warm loaf, but could dry out the bread over time. I have not even been inside the French Corner yet this year, but I assume they are still doing this.
  11. Might be something as simple as a more involved maintenance that’s only done every few years. Since all of the WindSeekers were built in a short period of time they would all need this around the same time. I was at Cedar Points Winterchill out and Raptor just hit that point and they were replacing major parts on every train due to age. Most of the WindSeekers are 10 years old either this year or last year. Design changes do not mean there is a flaw either. I would love for them to upgrade the controls to be able to tell the ride ops exactly which seat is not properly locked when checking restraints for instance.
  12. The entire hill right before the second lift is covered in anti-rollbacks for a reason. If the train needs assistance it’s typically there. I think it’s important to point out I was talking about the very first handful of runs of a freshly rebuilt train. It takes a few runs for the train to break in, it can be just a little bit too much friction the first few runs.
  13. The rumor I have heard is that the train has only been sent a handful of times, sounded like low single digits still as of Friday, thinking 3 or 4 times. What I heard was the train has valleyed every time and has yet to successfully complete the course without assistance. Before anyone freaks out this happens every year. But everything I have heard is they still have a little bit of work to do. My gut says their goal at this point is Coasterstock, so May 20th.
  14. I am not impressed, $99 for a 3 hour long event. Sure there is live music and ERT, but almost nothing else is included. No snacks, no food, no alcohol, the only thing that’s included is Coke products. During the day Frontier Festival is happening already. So you can likely pickup the same food, and beverages, and watch the same bands during the day with a regular park ticket. At least from the description I don’t see what makes this special enough to justify the price. June 3rd is Coastermania. It explains why the schedule is so different from previous years. It was strange that all of the evening ERT was near the front of the park.
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