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  1. https://www.denverpost.com/2021/09/24/glenwood-caverns-death-child-ride-operator-error/ Well investigators know exactly what happened, and why. Frankly it reminds of the Smiler accident. The operators made mistake after mistake. I get the feeling they had zero clue how to correctly operate the ride and obviously had no idea what to do when they received an error.
  2. The Ohio state Supreme Court ruled on this in 2015. Private police forces in Ohio are subject to open records laws. Makes no difference how they are funded. This includes colleges who were not successful in defending their opinion that they are not required to comply.
  3. The Freedom of Information Act only applies to the parks security because of the fact that they are actually a real police department, the Cedar Point Police Department. They are actual police officers with the ability to arrest individuals, write tickets, etc. They are subject to many of the same standards as regular public police departments and are required to respond to FOIA requests. If the park did not want to be subject to public scrutiny then it would have been as simple as not having an actual police force and instead just being park security. There is no point to waiting for an investigation into the accident to end, or anything else to occur. The only information that can be requested is what is generated by the parks police, which likely has nothing to do with the on going investigation. Their work on the accident was basically done the day of the accident. This kind of work by Newspapers and other media organizations is how investigative journalism is done. You might disagree with this specific case but in the future what happens if they are investigating a serious crime? Oversight of police departments is important and confirming the right for news organizations to have the ability to request documents and information is important. I do not have an issue with having this fight now and confirming the parks responsibilities under the law instead of waiting for something else. Like I said before if the park does not want to have to respond to these types of requests in the future then it just needs to no longer have a real police force. I cannot imagine any decisions about corporate headquarters take into account the local newspaper. I have spoken with people before about why they are located where they are in the chain. I hear a lot about how Cedar Fair is giving people the option of where do they want to be located, the problem is everyone is making the same choice, Charlotte. Jason McClure for instance when he was promoted from general manager of Cedar Point to regional Vice President of a number of parks including Kings Island, Cedar Point, and Carowinds, moved to Charlotte. Honestly I get the feeling that the headquarters in Sandusky is little more than a building and to claim it is in Sandusky. The move while still unofficial has already happened. I do agree that personal details should only be published if the victim or their family consents.
  4. Except this is the papers complaint. That the park is not willing to provide the information that the paper believes it is required to provide under state law and decisions made by the states Supreme Court. Having read the argument the paper is making I actually agree with the paper that the parks security likely will be forced to respond and provide documents and information. I am not sure if what the paper requested is really that important, but from what I can tell the paper is correct and the park appears to be breaking the law. The city would not be involved here and has nothing to do with this. You make Freedom of Information Act requests directly to the agency. In this case that means you request documents directly from the parks security. It reads to me like the park is refusing to respond to those requests and is instructing the paper to talk to the parks lawyers. Which is part of the problem here, none of us know what the parks response has been.
  5. Jersey Devils operations and design is not compatible with Cedar Fairs safety standards. It is impossible for this style of ride to have decent capacity without major design changes or major changes to the chains policies. RailBlazer has a fraction of the capacity of Wonder Woman even though they are the same ride just mirrored.
  6. After seeing a photo of the bracket and having seen where and how it’s believed to attach to the train on pointbuzz, I have an idea on what might have happened. Brackets like that are used to trigger proximity sensors. These types of sensors do not require contact and should never touch the item triggering them. Except you can clearly see scrape marks where it was rubbing against something. It would not take a lot of cycles to cause that though. But it suggests the plate had moved or sensors were out of position. I suspect the issue was with a bolt holding this bracket on this train. I really do not like the plates attachment method. Using two screws means you have a single point of failure. If one screw backs out, breaks, etc the plate suddenly has nothing preventing rotation. Even a slight movement of the plate will cause it to impact other parts of the ride and will likely cause other damage for instance the bracket breaking free. There really should have been 3 screws. This way in the event something does happen to one, maintenance at least has a chance to catch the problem before it becomes catastrophic. You can clearing see scrape marks where it was rubbing against something while the ride was in motion. My guess is something happened to one bolt, allowing the bracket to move. At first the motion was likely minimal and it just rubbed against items during the ride cycle. Then a few cycles later the bracket moved enough it struck something, and you can see a dent, causing the other bolt to break and the piece of steel came completely free and unfortunately it struck a guest.
  7. A little history lesson. Kingda Ka opened with a queue in the rides infield, it was much smaller then the one on TTD and the overflow queue which was not located inside the ride first turned into the temporary queue after an accident which ended up becoming the permanent queue and is still in use today. The original queue did not even last the first season. A few months after the ride opened the launch malfunctioned. The catch car encountered too much resistance due to problems with loose material in the trough in which it travels. This resistance meant that the train was accelerating much slower then it should. The rollback brakes are not controlled by sensors but instead work off of timers. So while it looks like they follow the train down the launch track they raise based on where the train should be but if it’s not in the correct location they can catch up to the train and overtake it. The launch computer at the time was programmed to provide additional power if the train will not gain enough speed to clear the top hat. Not moving fast enough, increase power, still not fast enough, increase power, etc. So the ride raised the brakes, under and in front of the train which immediately slowed the train, causing the launch computer to command more, and more and more power from the launch motor. The magnetic brakes are not designed to withstand the full force of the launch motor. Worst case was supposed to be a roll back, not trying to drag the train through them with a 20,800 horsepower motor. The ride destroyed a number of brake fins, and other parts of the launch. My understanding is the train was damaged and I have no idea how much debris this generated. The state opened an investigation and in the end it was decided that the infield queue would close. I have heard it was the state who forced the queues closure but I am not certain. The ride was closed for a while between the investigation and the fact that many parts are custom made and had to be special ordered from Intamin. The ride even had a launch viewing area basically where the TTD stands are located which also permanently closed. I think Cedar Point will reopen TTD. But I hate to say it’s time for them to learn from Six Flags and move or enclose the queue. Also close the viewing area or add additional barriers between the viewing areas and the launch. I personally think a plexiglass wall which extends several feet over the top of the launch and then angles out over top of the track would be enough.
  8. The footage was not leaked. Ohio state law requires that body cam footage is considered a public record. That means you can use the freedom of information act to request and review body cam footage unless it meets a small list of exceptions. The news organization which posted it requested the footage and they were allowed to examine and record their own copy of the video. If I remember correctly police departments are not required to provide a digital copy, what you see is likely just how they comply with the laws requirements.
  9. Mostly because I dislike random speculation. Here is a compilation of pieces of information that have been discussed on other sites. The park made a statement yesterday not long after the incident which makes it clear that it was a piece of the train. This is from a statement from Tony Clark. Local police scanner listeners have stated that the ambulance requested a helicopter while it was on its way to the hospital. In short they knew they needed to get her to a different hospital. I have not listened to it myself but I believe a copy of the audio is available online. A nurse who was in the line and helped treat the guest until paramedics arrived wrote an incident report for the park. She claims she thought the park would lose it and took a photo of her report and posted it online. I will not post the photo. I do have a copy and it’s not hard to find. The short hand used in the report are consistent with what would normally be found in something written by a medical professional, and people have confirmed the individual who posted the picture is a nurse. Note: Readers might not want to continue to read this. The report in short states that the injury was to the right side of the head and that there was “visible brain matter”.
  10. Sandusky Register here is the latest update. Well the good news is that the woman is alive. That Firelands had to transfer her to another hospital is not good. That suggests to me that the injuries are serious enough that the local regional hospital could not handle it. I have some ideas but not willing to speculate right now.
  11. Reports are the item came off the train in the brake run and the incident is not related to the launch. Right now my best guess is a magnetic brake fin, or something else brake related. While I am not aware of any injuries, there have been cases before where a fin or the train becomes misaligned enough that they strike each other. I could see a fin getting sheared off and being thrown a decent distance. I really hope that the eye witness accounts are wrong because the early reports are claiming the guest was struck in the head. Early reports are frequently found to be wrong, and a lot of what I just posted is based on rumors from people who claim they saw something. So who knows what’s correct.
  12. The park could really use a B&M hyper but with Apollo’s Chariot at BGW it’s going to have to be something special and unique, at least for the area. I have suggested it before but some other park really does needs to do it. A B&M hyper with a dual load station with one side running trains facing forward and one running backwards similar to Hollywood Dream at Universal Studios Japan. It adds complexity and cost with track switches, more queues, staff, a fourth train, etc. But it also basically gives the park two ride experiences at once and USJ actually has different naming for the backwards experience calling it BackDrop. Advertise it as two rides in one and give it two different names.
  13. It’s been a few years and I doubt I could find the interview if I tried but Cedar Fair executives have spoken before about what they want in this location. I want to say it was the old CEO who made the comment. But in short they wanted to give the area the feel of a classic beach boardwalk and put in an older style wooden coaster. I think it was around when Cedar Point added the path around the outside of the park on the beach. Pretty sure this was what started the Wicked Twister removal rumors a few years ago. The comments are a few years old but frankly I am expecting a boardwalk area with a modern wooden coaster that looks like it’s an older ride, my guess is GCI. Cedar Point tends to move flat rides around to help make room so if the layout needs it I would not be surprised to see other attractions move.
  14. I would be shocked if this is moved to another Cedar Fair park. The chain is trying to get rid of expensive to maintain rides and part of doing that has been to remove problematic Intamin coasters. Also based on fillings by Dorney park last year before the Pandemic it appears that Possessed which is a very similar ride is also on the chopping block likely to be removed soon. I see basically 3 possibilities, sell the coaster, scrap it, or keep possessed and send the parts to Dorney to keep that operating.
  15. Well it’s official Wicked Twister is getting removed. Last day is September 6th.
  16. I rode The Beast a bunch of times earlier this season and the only really bad place I remember was right before the underground tunnel after the brake shed. I typically ride rows 14 and 17, so towards the back of the train but not over a wheel, although I have ridden in other rows including over wheels this season. Overall I think the ride is running rougher then previous seasons but not 100% certain, definitely rougher then I typically like. But based on rumors I heard earlier this year I suspect the ride downtime is due to the control system. I have heard the ride has had issues turning on some mornings this season and if the problems have continued or gotten worse I could see it having some unplanned downtime. If what I heard was accurate it sounds a lot more complicated then just a sensor or two not working.
  17. I have heard that B&M dive coasters are really affordable. This layout looks designed for a small flat area and could likely be easily cloned. If this does well, which I suspect it will, we could easily see copies of this pop up at a few more Six Flags parks. It’s great seeing Six Flags move into bigger rides again. I am actually looking forward to seeing what else the chain announces.
  18. Steel Vengeance is actually better about it’s opening time then it used to be. It is a very large and aggressive coaster with a wooden support structure. The ride needs a lot of inspections every morning and likely maintenance had not signed off on operations that morning.
  19. The rumor that I have heard is the music in the shed will return. It sounded to me to be a pretty simple case of the part broke and the replacement is on back order and will take a little while to receive and install. Have not spoken with anyone regarding any other theming issues. That people who work on the rides may not realize there is an issue is likely what prevents these problems from being fixed. If no one realizes something is wrong and then does not reach out to the right party to fix it nothing is going to be done.
  20. First this is likely just a start and the picnic structure next to it is likely to come down as well. Likely after haunt ends. I can think of several different projects this space could be used for. Executives have expressed a desire to build a harmony hall style restaurant theatre. I remember Jason McClure stating the biggest problem was having a place to build it. I actually hope this is not what it will be used for. I want the park to build something like this in a more central location. The park has also been discussing building a dark ride for a while as well. Finally as a space to move rides from somewhere else in the park to build a larger project somewhere else. The author of the article suggests it’s to make room around Wicked Twister. Which is where it has long been rumored a GCI would be located. I could see this, clean up this site. Relocate flat rides over the winter, and build the ride in 2022 for a 2023 opening. Even if it’s not flat rides coming from around Wicked Twister, I still feel this is the most likely answer. Moving rides to open up a hole to build a 2023 attraction.
  21. Sign shop Maintenance Computer room on a B&M Greenhouses
  22. Having seen video of the overturned boat and interviews with the parents, I feel like I need to say something. I am not concerned about how the boat ended up upside down. I am also pretty much ready to not blame the manufacturer. Frankly while something went wrong this is a free floating raft ride no matter how well maintained or designed the ride is there is always a chance something could go wrong, what happens next, how the park figures out something has gone wrong, and how the park responds is what I am concerned with. Also what can a guest do when the worst occurs. As far as I can tell the park had no monitoring of the course beyond the station. When the raft overturned the ride was not shut down, and I do not believe the park had any idea something had happened until the next raft with guests on it returned to the station which happened to have a guest filming the ride which is how we have video of the overturned raft. When someone is trapped underwater seconds matter. These rides have a huge pool of water at the end of the ride which is the lowest point, so most of the ride rapidly drains when the pumps are turned off. This incident appears to have occurred at a point which would have drained without the pumps operating. The shacks throughout the path of the ride on White Water Canyon at Kings Island are there to monitor for accidents so that something can be done if something does happen. Because there is always that chance of something happening I really have an issue with locking restraints on rides like this. I have no idea what type of restraints this specific ride has. I have never been to the park. This is more of a general complaint. I am fine with Velcro but think that anything which is difficult to release in an emergency on a raft ride is a mistake. The parents made it out, and I have heard guests from other rafts jumped into the water to assist in the rescue so obviously it could not have been too difficult to release. But thinking clearly enough when something has gone horribly wrong to release a seat belt is difficult.
  23. In previous years how fun pix worked was you presented the event barcode to one of the photo booth attendants. Which they scan and give you one of the fun pix lanyards and you scan that for your photos.
  24. I have no idea what did happen, but whatever they think they saw did not occur. Could have been a water dummy or even more than one, a typical way to empty the dummies on the rigid versions at least. Is to just remove the plug and run the coaster and let the water spray out throughout the ride. But one thing I can guarantee is no seats went flying off the coaster.
  25. Before I answer the questions, these rides were built in the early 80s, and have basically proven themselves to be safe after more then 30 years of service. Whatever went wrong is unlikely to be a design flaw. Same manufacturer and to my knowledge same raft. Intamin made the raft in several sizes, but they are both six seat rafts. Layouts are pretty much unique to the location since they wanted to take advantage of the terrain, and there is no point to duplicating the designs. I am reminded of an incident that occurred on a similar ride in Australia around five years ago. One of the pumps was not working which caused the water level to be too low to operate safely. This allowed a raft to get underneath another raft at a conveyer belt which caused one of the rafts to flip over and killed several people. I have no idea if the incidents are similar, but that’s what I immediately thought of after I heard of this occurring.
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