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  1. My first upside down coaster was Corkscrew at Geauga Lake. My mom took me on that when I was about 8 or 9.(I don't really remember exactly how old I was at the time.)
  2. I hate Firehawk. It scared the living daylights out of me. It's the first and only ride to make me feel dizzy and ill after riding it.
  3. Easy. Vortex on the lift that I took while in line for The Beast. Easy: A photo of Son of Beast Hard: A photo of Son of Beast coming down Expert: A photo of Banshee's track before coming to the park.
  4. I've only grayed out once, and that was on Millennium Force. I was sitting in the very last seat and started to gray out about halfway through the ride. I don't know if it was because I had worked an eight hour shift before going to Cedar Point, or if it was because it was the first ride I went on, but it freaked me out a bit because it had never happened to me before. The funny thing is, it hasn't happened to me since, not even after I rode it 10 times in a row last year at Boo Buzz.(I'll never ride it 10 times in a row again, it made me feel a bit dizzy when I was done.)
  5. When my sister and I were there our photo appeared four times because apparently someone in the four rows in front of us either had their phone out or flipped off the camera.(We were riding in the last seat.)
  6. I voted other. My favorite wooden rollercoaster it's a toss up between The Big Dipper and Raging Wolf Bobs at Geauga Lake.
  7. ^Or you could just buy an athletic strap for your glasses and you won't have to take them off or leave them in a locker. At least that's what I do, that way I never lose my glasses.
  8. Ok, I did not know that. I thought that they required a strap for glasses just like Cedar Point does. I always use the strap for my glasses only because I really don't want to lose my glasses.(Even though the pair I use is an old scratched and beat up pair.)
  9. ^ Well, figuratively it was a smelly mess. Firehawk made me want to kiss the ground after I got off. And it's the only ride to make me feel like I was 'drunk'. I could not walk in a straight line after I got off.
  10. Glad everyone enjoyed the pictures and trip report.(This was my first time writing a trip report.) There was one thing I noticed while we were there. As you can see by my pictures, I wear glasses.(I don't usually take them off when going to an amusement park because I can't see without them.) But I noticed that when I got on the rides none of the ride hosts asked if I had a strap for my glasses.(Which I do.) I'm so used to the ride hosts asking when my sister and I go to Cedar Point that I found it strange that they didn't ask at Kings Island.
  11. I won't ride Firehawk. That ride scared the crap out of me. I rode it twice this weekend and I said I'd never ride it again.
  12. Had a blast at Kings Island!

  13. The Snoopys here look similar to the shape of Minnesota. I don't know why that jumped out at me, but it did. Now that you mention it I see it too.
  14. Last photos. I don't want to bore everyone with Sunday's activities since they were more of the same. All in all a great trip. We hope to make it back soon.
  15. We rode Diamondback, which was great then we headed back over to the Festhaus to see the British Invasion show. It was good and the singers were pretty talented. After riding a bunch more we headed to the Eiffel Tower at about 9:30 to watch the fireworks. While we were up there I took a couple photos of the sunset. Last few photos coming up soon.
  16. Saturday started off as a pretty crappy day. It was chilly and wet. We ended up arriving to the park at about 11 am. and getting our Fast Lane Plus passes. After getting our passes we headed over to ride Invertigo. It was fun and a bit dizzying. After getting off we headed to the Festhaus to catch Rock 'N' Roll Never Forgets. It was a pretty good show and we thought the singers were pretty talented. After that we hit a few more rides. We rode Flight Deck and then headed over to Flight of Fear. We rode Flight of Fear again and then decided to ride Firehawk. We ended up g
  17. My sister and I took our first ever trip to Kings Island this weekend. We arrived at about 4:00 on Friday and had our picture taken, after we did that we headed up to the top of the Eiffel Tower to take a look around and take some pictures. After taking in the sights we headed back to Action Zone and rode Flight of Fear. I must say it was quite an interesting ride. Having rode only one other indoor roller coaster(Disaster Transport) I have to say I had no idea that you could have loops on an indoor ride. After riding Flight of Fear we headed over to The Racer and rod
  18. Yesterday while waiting to get on Flight of Fear, the people behind my sister and I were talking about Cedar Point and Top Thrill Dragster and they said that Dragster is like 80 or 90 feet tall. I was like and just chuckled and asked my sister if she believed what she was hearing.
  19. Thanks Terpy. I'm sure we'll have a blast on our trip.
  20. ^Thanks Ride On_17. I know some people don't like the system, but I do. When my sister and I arrive at the park on Friday, we won't be getting Fast Lane, and we'll wait in line just like everyone else, but Saturday and maybe Sunday we're getting the passes because we want to make the most of our time on those two days because this will be our only trip to Kings Island this year. I don't usually let those who give me dirty looks when using Fast Lane bother me, I just walk on by and shrug it off. I will have an awsome trip and will have a photo trip report when I get back.
  21. I have one more question I'd like to ask before Friday. I read on another site that some park guests will say nasty things/give the evil eye when you're using Fast Lane/Plus. Is this true? I've had a few people give me a dirty look when I was using the system at Cedar Point, but most people I've run into there mostly ask if the pass is worth it. I'm not one to 'abuse' the pass, so to speak. I'll ride something once with the pass and then move onto something else before coming back to a ride. Thanks again for all your advice it's been very helpful.
  22. Sorry, guys, I was misinformed. My sisters friend had told me it was Kinzel. I guess she was also misinformed.
  23. Segway man is Dick Kinzel Cedar Fair's former CEO. I've seen him at Cedar Point a few times, but have never talked to him. Although I have seen a few people talk to him while I was there.
  24. Can't wait until Friday!

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