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  1. I'm a freshman now and last year I totally was. I think I annoyed my teacher who actually worked at Kings Island. Oops. If you enjoy rollercoasters and all the science with it, I would recommend going into an engineering class next year if your high school offers PLTW classes. This is what I'm doing this year and we will learn about the force and acceleration and deceleration of rollercoasters at the end of the year. Also, if you get a B average the whole year, you get a college credit to some colleges.
  2. Tennessee tornado at dollywood, I think that's what it's called.
  3. I'm going today too with my friend. He doesn't really go there and when he does we usually get fast passes but this time we aren't. I'm usually the type of person who avoids August at Kings Island AT ALL COSTS, but this is my last weekend before I have football games to go to every Friday night till November so I won't have much more time to go to one of Ohios "happiest places".
  4. I wouldn't want to see any of them gone in exception to face off. (Yes I still call them by their original names)
  5. The first coaster my cousin ever rode was Diamondback, I told him just hold on to the lap bar, enjoy the view, don't hold his breath, and have fun. He loved it but didn't want to ride it again that day.
  6. I think if its not super crowded they'll let you ride again and again if you're a single rider but if its crowded they won't. That's been my experience, in the summer I don't count on reriding with another single rider. In the fall on a Sunday though that's a different story.
  7. I used to be able to do the ladder game by not rushing but not going super slow. Plus you have to balance all your weight out and not slide around on the bars. Hard to explain.
  8. On the wheel spin I got a front of the line pass on my first spin. That one there's I think 1 where you don't win anything so for the what I think is 2 dollars you have a pretty good chance of winning something. I would like any of those prizes except for XFlyer or whatever it's called. That thing scares me so bad.
  9. I've done the all clear you're outta here thing before.... A few times.. Not for locking the car, but when I'm buckling in my seatbelt.
  10. You can call the workers by their nickname.
  11. I don't know if anyone else thinks so but I personally think slingshot only gets a lot of people to ride it when they drop the price down. I hope they tear it down. It's fun to walk by and watch the people but other times its hard to get past it because of people watching it. On another note, who else hopes that it has a "roar" like raptor on its first drop.
  12. Thanks it's kind of hard to find on the tapatalk app but I figured it out, thanks again.
  13. I don't know how to edit on my phone. I'm sorry.
  14. I heard about Banshee plonking there. Does anyone know how much it is?
  15. Thanks. What if they'll do something like wind seeker where they have one in almost every park (or was that kinzels idea?)
  16. I should say this about the posts I've recently put. I'm just joking, I seriously don't think it would be lollipop themed EVER, I just needed a laugh. (if it was they could just rename Action Zone to candy land) but i have a serious question, is there any other Cedar Fair trademarks that aren't being used?
  17. If it is real it looks like one great coaster with lollipop theming haha.....
  18. So what if everything has gotten made up and that blueprint could be a prototype (or something close to that type of thing. It could be real, but I really don't feel like going back and reading 30 pages to see what y'all think) I'm not sure if They usually throw people off but what if they are and they've gone through all this strategic planning to make us think its an inverted named Banshee. It could be a giga named lollipops for all I know. I guess I will see what it is on the 8.
  19. I have a question. Does Diamondback still use the term "tallest, fastest and meanest coaster to strike Kings Island" line still?
  20. I just have a question, who else gets notifications from twitter for Kings Island? I got it when they started doing the tweet ups and I'm not constantly on my phone at Kings Island. Now on the other hand I do like getting notifications from it with the "hints".
  21. Would you guys recommend working there if I live an hour away? I have family down there that said I could stay down there some nights if I did.
  22. I forgot to add on that I know a few places where they're only open half the year and if you turn the requirement during that time they are sometimes lienant about it as long as you are under a month away. I don't know if its the case like this here or not.
  23. I have a question, a lot of you have seemed to work at KI. If I'm 14 now and next year when the season starts ill still be 14 but during the season I turn 15. Would I still be able to apply or would I have to wait for the following season?
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