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  1. I feel the pain. Hoping to get back for CoasterStock 2017 though!
  2. Credit of this picture goes to CPFoodBlog on twitter, but KI teasing #WhatsInTheShed at Halloween Haunt
  3. EDIT: Nvm, for some reason trying to put the still image in but getting the live stream instead.
  4. I know Steel & Wood coasters are alot diffrent construction wise, but when was Banshee's lift hill topped off?
  5. From a quick google seach, Orange Stakes mean that there is lines/cable underground there.
  6. From renderings it doesnt look like it could be a Drop Track. I have a feeling it will have something to do with that "Medusa" villain they said that caused nature to take over.
  7. Just saw Don go up on a Scissor Lift up to the platform. Getting close!
  8. Sorry for the double post, But now sounds of Chainsaws are being played.
  9. Buffering has stopped for me. Just refreshed. Playing some weird backround music
  10. I hope they fix the buffering/lag before the announcement is made. 1.2k people watching this.
  11. Looking forward to watching the announcement tomorrow. Most likely going back to KI next year after 3-4 years since I moved away from Cincinnati. Can't wait!
  12. Just saw the picture, it looks interesting, to say the least. Looking at the plans It seems the first drop will be in a tunnel, like Gold Striker's first drop.
  13. Hey everyone, haven't posted in a year or so since I haven't been to KI since 2013. But looking at this picture, It seems like the trees are like bending, which maybe could mean the wind is bending them, indicating that something fast may be coming? #TeamWoodenCoaster
  14. So it seems like Monster Rock may be the same show as Let It Rock, just with different costumes. In that logo on the website, Its the same "rock" font for Let It Rock and appears to be the same guitar as well. Just thinking.
  15. I was thinking of 2 things, 1. Something like the Mysteria maze from 2012 or 2. One of the Interactive style mazes like Knotts Berry Farm has, something like Trapped (One of the do challenges and escape the room style)
  16. Heres the Tweet to the new maze, Blackout https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/627568767531413504
  17. https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/627194675217215488 Heres the picture Diamondbackandbeastlover said.
  18. What did the middle picture use to be? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Middle pic was Kill Mart for Halloween Haunt last year.
  19. Wonder if this means an end to Cornstalkers or a relocation, for like the 3rd time.
  20. Does anyone know where the IR Entrance was? I could never find it at the park a few seasons ago. Thanks! EDIT: To make it more clear, I am working on a KI recreation and I need to know where the entrance was, Was not trying to sneak in
  21. I remember reading a post that Don posted saying the one of the 2015 season`s new shows was Playlist Live: In Concert (May Have gotten the name wrong) But as I was looking at KI`s website and noticed that Playlist Live: In Concert was gone and seems to have been replaced by Off The Charts. I know that nothing is "official" But I really liked Playlist Live the past few years. Does anyone know more?
  22. Posted on Holiday World`s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152598503709538
  23. It was Spotlight Souvenirs I think. Had to find it on Google Earth.
  24. Don`t know anymore, but 2 seasons ago, I asked if they had them in the old Action Zone Gift Shop, and they said that there were in the store near the gates. Forgot the name of the store.
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