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  1. Meteor shower tonight in the KI region! Make sure you look up!
  2. Steel Vengeance feels like it’s a dead end and you can be trapped by the train.
  3. 1. Crowd wasn't that bad. Arrived in parking lot at 10:15am. Had to stand in the stroller line which was the longest line and it didn't even reach the floral arrangement at the entrance. 2. Didn't see really anything strict being enforced. People were acting civilized and forming lines. (That's how low the crowd was). Upon going thru the turn styles there are tables where an employee hands them out. 1 or 2 employees per each turn style. It was laid out quite nicely. Edit: still mountains of them when I walked in around 1025am
  4. This is a sad truth. I'm loving this site, but wish there were more like it. Now I can't get his out of my head. http://youtu.be/48-tcRiBNj4
  5. In response to the blue track sighting at CSF, is it really for Kings Island? It looks like the track color matches the blue supports for Invertigo and the blue on Delerium. Is Kings Island going to put that much blue in an area or mix it up? Just pondering.
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