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  1. I know it was posted as a joke, Just making the comment that an 18' height difference is barely noticeable, if at all (unless, yes, you put them right next to each other, which clearly is not happening). And I know they are two different rides. Just making the generalization that it could be any ride, not Orion vs I305 or Orion vs Fury or I305 vs Fury etc... You're going to ride Orion one day then Fury or any other giga at some other point in time, not being able to tell that you're 300' in the air or 287'. The number is purely a spec and not indicative of what the overall experience will be
  2. I don't think anyone is going to notice an 18' difference. A 305' hill and a 287' hill are going to look nearly identical to the naked eye. Seeing the two numbers typed out, side by side, is the only reason, imo, some folks are thinking Orion is going to be the inferior ride. I believe this will be a world class ride experience that I can't wait for
  3. According to that last article, ridership has declined over the last several years. Like others, I am sad and disappointed that they came to this decision. I love the nostalgic feeling of the rides side of the park when the sun starts to go down and the lights start to come on. I hope they know what they are doing. I think if more information was provided as to what their plans are for the future of the park, we might understand their reasoning a little bit better. Still disappointing though. One thing I am concerned about, the future of Moonlite Gardens. Was anything mentioned about what will become of that?
  4. Been going to Kings Island for over 30 years and the Grand Carnivale was some of the most fun I've had there and the execution was very well done. The entertainment offerings were more than what I expected and the parade itself I thought was pretty darn good. One complaint, and it's not even Kings Island at fault, but the level of rudeness of some guests towards park employees was unreal. I was a rides employee for 5 years about 10-15 years ago and I know how guests can get, but man last night during the parade I couldn't believe the way some guests acted. Blatantly ignoring some employees who were asking politely to stay behind the white line. Right in front of me this poor employee asked a guy to please stay behind the line to which the guest responded "nah I'm leaving" and nudged the employee out of the way and kept walking, less than a foot away from the moving floats. Now I know theres not much room to walk, especially where we were standing, but man. The level of rudeness is epic these days. Food I had was good, not great, but still good. The reggae band they had was wonderful as well. And the french acrobat hanging from the Eiffel Tower was very good. Here's a few shots I got from to carnivale
  5. Sinking? You mean settling and packing down, a solid base and properly drained gravel base will not sink into the mud. Actually weeds and grass will grow in the gravel on top of the weed barrier and if grass/weed killer is kept on the gravel(and weeds are pulled) then they won't have to mow. However it is still about the same amount of work. This. As a horticulturist, it makes me scratch my head that landscape fabric is still sold and advertised as preventing weeds. Using it for other applications is one thing, but my tip of the day if you're thinking about doing some landscaping, skip this step and save you some money. Plant material is going to grow wherever it wants and if that means soil drifting into gravel or whatever media, and weed seeds blowing into said soil, they're going to grow. Mother nature at its finest
  6. ^ I like the light fixtures on the building. Nice little touch
  7. Or park in the water park parking lot and leave all valuables and unnecessary items in your car until you are done. Thats what we do. Its really no hassle and saves you however much a locker is. I haven't bought a locker in years.
  8. looks as though the que house is nearing completion. i see railings
  9. no confirmation yet, but it seems as tho they are going along with a similar design, as far as entrance, like Maverick has. So i'm sure it is a test seat
  10. They arent there anymore. But I'm willing to bet they'll be back come opening weekend once all the construction in the area is finished
  11. I like it. Its exactly what I expected. And the color of the wood and the colors from the logo go hand in hand. What were some of you expecting, a digital video board lol
  12. new views on the webcam. Vortex, and Racer views i have seen so far and the DB plaza
  13. i saw a backhoe working in the crypt que yesterday on the webcam. im sure its getting an overhaul
  14. If i remember correctly not all CF parks charge seperate admission for their waterparks. I went to Dorney Park 2 summers ago and I don't remember having to pay a seperate fee to go to Wildwater Kingdom.
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