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  1. May I suggest you reread Indyguy4ki's post again...I think you are still missing the point!
  2. Am i the only one who got excited and searched for the Walmart public cams? I have a feeling they would be very interesting to watch...lol
  3. Was at the park Monday, and riding the train, saw Halloween decor in front of the old buildings. Could this mean the train is running this year? Or do they have something going on there this year? I know the train hasnt been used for haunt the past couple of years, but did they run it in the daytime?
  4. Just my personal opinion, but several things. Targeting a wider demographic, expansion of the season with Winterfest, and budget cuts
  5. I remember it being discussed before on here, but was unable to locate it.. In regards to the spin the wheel game...does the front of the line pass entitle you to just enter the Fastlane line, or does it literally get you to the very front. Played for the first time last week and won a couple for Diamondback. The lines were long that day and even the Fastlane line had a good 15 to 20 minute wait. Was just curious. Thanks for any enlightenment.
  6. After not riding the coaster for several years, we did a mini marathon on it one day this summer. It had no wait, and we did choose a middle seat everytime, but got some of the best rides i have ever gotten on it.. Maybe it was the weather, misting, very light rain, wasnt the biggest, baddest, ect...but was tons of fun. Fell in love with it again lol. Happy to see some Racer tlc.
  7. Thanks Bodda, thats good to know/hope for.
  8. I would kill for a Haunt show a cut above the rest. The clip of Haunted Homecoming posted on here from another park, really left me unimpressed. Change for the sake of change isn't always good. I'm hoping it will be different, or even just better music than the other park. If not just bring back Hot Blooded. I so wish, and exptressed to the park to bring back an Ed Alonso level show. It was great. I want a show like that or the former Elvira show @ Knotts, Midnight Syndicate, ect.
  9. Something that has stuck with me from the WLWT video, Dons' quote "Something is definitely happening in Rivertown, and you're gonna need this ax", and the quote "Over the River and Through the Woods to the train station we go" On the surface, you have Rivertown, the woods and an ax. All seem to go together. I always took the " Over the River and Through the Woods to the train station we go" pretty much at face value Other than hearing the song growing up, never really even knew all the words. A Wiki search reveals it was based on a poem. A poem not about going to grand
  10. ^ Thank You. I had to make a quick decision and couldn't wait for them to open. Went ahead and ate the service charge. Thanks for your help though...much appreciated!
  11. Does anyone reading this know if the 30.99 price for an after 4 ticket is the same price at the gate as on line. Just trying to avoid the processing fee. Thanks for any insight you can give!
  12. Not saying I have a beef with that actual article( can you say conflict of interest?) but the title is pretty misleading. Leaving the politics, Kingdom rave/rants, religious beliefs aside: I went by the construction site yesterday. It's a huge area, stretching over a couple of hill tops. While hard to get a good look, area closest to the road will be parking, the actual vertical construction can be seen on the other ridge top. Massive amounts of excavation, and columns (that the ark will sit on, along with the beginnings of the towers that will be attached, are taking shape. You
  13. ^^ Wish I could like this twice Had this happen to me the other week at Haunt. Some young girl got up as close as she could without sticking her tongue in my ear, and purposely screamed as loudly and shrilly as possible. It popped my ear and was a good half hour before the ringing stopped and my hearing returned to normal. Scared.............NO ****ed..............YES
  14. I can second that there is indeed a Fright Lane que to board the train, and another at the start of the trail back. While the train has enormous capacity, keep in mind during Haunt, some of the railroad cars are removed. The line for Tombstone Terror-tory moves r e a l l y s l o w and can easily be your longest wait of the night. If you don't go for the Fright Lane, do this one close to closing. (line seems to clear out)
  15. I don't find the haunts to be scary. I'm the type that likes to stroll around, take my time & look around. With that being said, & after last night, I have to give props to Slaughterhouse. The maze was great (as always), and the workers always sink their teeth into their roles. Enjoyed the new layout/location. For me, Slaughterhouses' Skeleton Key room was the stand out scene of the whole night, and probably the past few years of haunt . It was eerie, in your face uncomfortable, ,with a twist of humor. The tall dude was casted perfectly. I would give his performance a 10. His
  16. ^^^ Tweet stated for use on a Sunday in the fall.
  17. Well it's not like the author has any bias now is it...he is only the CCO and co-founder of Answers in Genesis/Ark Encounter. LOL I live just up the road from where it will be built...and if they succeed, this will be a great benefit to our local economy. On the other hand, I would classify myself as a liberal leaning agnostic. As you could imagine, I have conflicted feelings on the project. Would probably visit once though,,just to check it out.
  18. I'll have to recheck, but I believe it said to present a copy of the email and your pass @ the season pass processing center prior to entering the park.
  19. I haven't seen this mentioned yet(if it was please ignore) Just an FYI . Received an email a day or two ago from Kings Island with a one ride(one time only) front of the line voucher for Banshee or any other ride of your choice if you haven't used your season pass in over 30 days. Valid till July 20th. Must present printed email, and season pass in good standing. The email looked like one of their newsletters, and was in my junk folder.
  20. ^^^ DANG I was gonna pull out the air mattress for my next trip.
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