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  1. I'm going to agree with another member. I'd love to see a Scream n Swing in X-Base. I'd love to see anything in X-Base... Especially a restroom! The entrance of X-Base is great, but the coaster enthusiast in me hates to see that great entrance dead end into a Vakoma, and an LIM launch coaster. we need something else.
  2. God I hope not! Low capacity, and honestly not worth the wait. (Even though this one is a bit different from the rest)
  3. What outrages things did you heard from the general public this season? My favorite: While queing Mystic Timbers a young lady told members of her group, "It's not worth the wait. It's the same thing as The Beast, but for little kids." She followed up with "I rode it last year."
  4. The best in my opinion are Slaughter House, and Blackout. The worst are Madame Fatale's, and Board to Death. A lot of people don't like Urgent Scare, but I believe is has a great story, and a lot of potential. Board to Death could be better, it's just not scary in my opinion. Madame Fatale's is just completely boring. If you're gonna use the Crypt building for nothing but Haunt, it better be good... Well it's not. KI is really wasting good space on that one. (Caugh caugh... Dark ride)
  5. While the child in me is hoping for the longest, fastest B&M Giga. I would be perfectly happy with an X Base expansion. With a few flats, and God willing a restroom.
  6. I took a drive to Sandusky last year for their Haunt, and was extremely disappointed. While I believe Cedar Fair's haunt season is underwhelming company wide, Kings Island has undoubtedly the best Haunt in the chain. However, if you're going to KI expecting Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, you'll be very disappointed.
  7. Listen closely... At about 0.43 in. "Something that will be different each time you ride it."
  8. ^ I don't see that, what I do see is the work on the left side of the train where the fence is, is not apart of Mystic Timbers. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. I'll just leave this here... I personally believe it's a launch.
  10. Wow! People really can't handle anything in this country anymore. I was joking. I post a comment jokingly asking for a tweet, and I get called entitled, and a jerk? I wasn't "demanding" anything. The overreaction of the people on this site is ridiculous. I've been a member here for three years, and have never demanded anything or disrespected anyone. I hereby suspend my account. Coaster Addict out.
  11. Hey Don, I know you're reading this. The people of KIC would like a new #Project2017 tweet today, please and thank you.
  12. ^ it's a crazy hot day, I had to take multiple breaks in the Reds Grill. Great day to catch a few Orgins shows.
  13. Mason is about to get hit with a very strong thunderstorm. I look for every attraction to close for atleast 1 hour.
  14. @gforce1994 excellent job, however I believe this will be a GCI. Not saying I'm positive, just my opinion.
  15. Check out the Coaster-Net Uncut video, it's a long one but it will explain everything. As well as show all of the released prints.
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