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  1. Gold pass now for Cedar Point.
  2. funpark

    Decoding 2020

    That thought has crossed my mind also.
  3. Don’t forget the return of Winterfest also. That’s a big one.
  4. Does that mean we don’t need reservations this year?
  5. I got drinks there all the time last year. That location has never been open anytime I visited this year. I was beginning to wonder if they were going even open it this year. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  6. I had the same reaction when I first saw Amazon Falls. The radio Ad made it sound like a huge water ride.
  7. People deciding to go for platinum passes this year might effect gold pass numbers but I don’t know how many are doing that . My girlfriend and I upgraded to platinum this year so we can visit Cedar Point more.
  8. Last year I used the kiosk at Skyline. What I discovered is if you have the drink plan you don't put it as part of your order at the kiosk. What you do is put in your order for your food and get the receipt for it from the kiosk. After that go to the register and have the cashier scan your pass for the drink plan and they give you your cup there. That's how it worked at Skyline anyway. Hope that helps. It confused me the first time also.
  9. It's a very long wait to get out of the parking lot. The new entrance has not improved the flow on to Kings Island drive in my opinion. Just sitting here waiting for the lot to clear. I don't want to burn a half a tank of gas getting out of the lot. Still great being back at the park.
  10. I feel that if Cedar Fair had not purchased the park, KI may have already been closed and the land sold. When Paramount first bought the parks, Viacom had not yet purchased Paramount. After Viacom bought Paramount the parks were constantly being shuffled around to different divisions of the company. The parks went up for sale several times before Cedar Fair purchased them. They were not really interested in owning the parks. I think Cedar Fair saved the parks from being closed and the land being sold off. Just feeling on it.
  11. Paramount put in Drop Zone and I know that was done by Intamin. That's not a coaster though.
  12. I have worked in food service and retail for 20 plus years and without the product there isn't much I can do. I just reread the original post. The food was thrown in the trash. If someone came up to me with just a picture and no actual product, I know for sure anywhere I have ever worked, I would not be able to do much. This is just based on everywhere I've ever worked. It sure helps to have the bad product with you and even better accompanied with a recipe if possible.
  13. Yeah its very busy for a Tuesday. Its not even this busy during the week in mid summer. I was hoping for a slow day. No such luck this season yet.
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