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  1. Sounds like a good idea until the card machines crash. A while back I was up at Cedar Point and had no cash. I went to a food stand and was really hungry. Sorry our card machines are down right now. I had to go hungry for quite a while until they were able to get machines back online. Yes it doesn't happen often but when does not very pleasant. It does happen sometimes. That's the down side of it.
  2. I just ordered a copy. Can’t wait to read it.
  3. Diamondback, Beast,Mystic Timbers, Orion,and the train are all not running right now.
  4. I noticed today they were playing the old drum soundtrack from Tomb Raider The Ride, in Adventure Express station today. Haven't heard that in a long time.
  5. If the park already knows they need to announce it now not wait. I have to let my manager know that I will be working and he can cancel my vacation days I was going to take. My work schedules up to 3 weeks out so I need to know something. I’m sure I’m not the only one that needs to change requested vacation days and cancel hotel etc.
  6. That was my favorite show also.I like it when they include Comedy in the shows .
  7. I just got an email from ACE. Looks like registration for Orion media day is expected to open in mid February.
  8. The thing I noticed right away is they did away with the midnight closings in the summer except for July 4th weekend. I think they are trying to keep the piece with the neighbors.
  9. I used to work 3rd shift for about 7 years. Sleeping during the day was very difficult with all the noise during the day. The easiest solution was to sleep with a fan running. I have sinus issues anyway and moving air seems to help that also.
  10. The complaints are from Deerfield Township residents not Mason. So Mason is pretty much siding with Kings Island.
  11. I’m referring to the fastlane you get for renewing the platinum pass.
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