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  1. Well it appears they are trying to hire year round restaurant staff. Maybe they are going to try year round operations.
  2. Yes it was said at the very end of the show . We won't be back until at least next summer. I did hear it. Was at the last 2 shows also. The best show I have ever seen Kings Island do.
  3. We just used our skip the line pass on The Beast. So it is good even on Fast Lane plus.
  4. I haven't used my skip the line pass yet but it says go to Fast Lane plus entrance on it.
  5. Sounds like a good idea until the card machines crash. A while back I was up at Cedar Point and had no cash. I went to a food stand and was really hungry. Sorry our card machines are down right now. I had to go hungry for quite a while until they were able to get machines back online. Yes it doesn't happen often but when does not very pleasant. It does happen sometimes. That's the down side of it.
  6. I just ordered a copy. Can’t wait to read it.
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