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  1. That sounds like a very good guess. I know I wouldn't want to work there with that craziness going on. I think they need to limit capacity again if they are having staff shortages. I'd prefer to have limited capacity with regular hours to this, because I like just going for starlight hours. I mean, 8pm closing means no night rides on The Beast!
  2. I noticed that. Do you think that is in response to the incident? If so, that's really unfortunate, that punishes all the guests, adults and teens alike. Worst possible response. I'm also noticing I can't bring up the park calendar on their website.
  3. I'm a metal head, but that's why I bring my headphones. It's a family park. Although one time when I visited for The Haunt in 2019 somebody was playing electro-industrial music that I'm very familiar with on International Street. Would be good to hear maybe "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Metallica played occasionally. Not just "Enter Sandman" all the time. I like hearing old pop and rock played on Coney Mall, I like the bluegrass covers in Rivertown, but I'd like to hear more different bluegrass bands as well. And if not that, the instrumentals are kinda fun to figure out what song they're covering. I would like to hear more '80s pop and '90s alt rock (that's my decade),. I also really like Big 106.5 and listen to them a lot. And they should play as much non-explicit rap as they can. I absolutely do not want to hear modern country music or Limp Bizkit. I like old country music better. The main thing is the music should be happy and put you in a good mood, and cater to all generations.
  4. I'm all for the chaperone policy. It will cut down the lines.
  5. I was at the park Saturday after only going once during 2020 (and not riding anything because Orion broke down), and it was great to be back. Me and my dad rode Orion, Diamondback, Backlot Stunt Coaster and The Beast. Diamondback is still my favorite. In line for The Beast we met the world record holder for riding The Beast who said he'd ridden it 30,600 times (and helped build it). That was pretty cool. He was getting the crowd to cheer and clap and chant "Beast! Beast! Beast!" Has anyone else met him? I didn't see anything about the brawling except the cop cars out in the parking lot on the way out. I think it would be a good idea to require adult chaperones for teenagers. What are your thoughts on that? Also got majorly sunburned (eh close enough) (Oops I put this in the wrong place, sorry)
  6. Holy crap! I feel like partially decapitated is worse than fully decapitated.
  7. Overall Haunt 2019 was fantastic, the lighting and music were amazing. I even got to hear some electro-industrial stuff that I was familiar with being played over the speakers. I wonder who gets to make the music selections? I didn't go through Field of Screams or Backwoods Bayou like I wanted, but I went a few times. I think they need to return Madame Fatale's Cavern of Terror to its former glory by returning to the old lighting and getting rid of the flashlights and glowsticks. It was scarier when you could see the wax figures and wonder which ones are going to move. Now I can't see any of the detail in the maze. Later in the season the park got super-crowded - we had to park in the Soak City lot, which is a first. I think maybe the reason the park was so crowded was the gold pass deal. And there was perfect weather. They need to do something about the crowd next year, attendance seemed a lot higher than last year.
  8. My favorites are Madame Fatale's Cavern of Terror and Wolfpack. Blackout and Field of Screams are my least favorite. I don't like Blackout because I kept bumping into the maze walls, and I didn't like Field of Screams because of the long line.
  9. I've been wondering if anyone knows what music they use in Halloween Haunt. I've heard the theme from Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween there before, but those seem to be the only licensed music they use. I wonder why they don't have more horror movie music. Then there's one piece of music that makes me think of a train coming. I've been told it's from one of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies. Which one and what is the track called?
  10. I once heard a ride op call it Kings Dominion instead of Kings Island. Another said "Kings Island sucks" on a night the park was open til midnight and he was launching the last train.
  11. I really enjoyed the ride. It's very smooth. Doesn't top Banshee, Beast, or Diamondback in my book, but it is another great coaster for the park. The shed disappointed me, but on further reflection I like the slight horror theme that goes with the ride. Maybe they'll do something with that around Halloween Haunt.
  12. I'm not easily scared, but CarnEvil is probably the tamest unless you have a phobia of clowns, but it's still trippy and fun. Delta Delta Die wasn't scary at all when I went last year, and Club Blood and Tombstone Terror-tory are also among the tamer ones. CornStalkers hasn't been scary any of the times I went, but there is a lot of fog. I've only been startled by a few of them, and that's Wolf Pack, Madame Fatale's Cavern of Terror, and Urgent Scare (the siren is really unnerving). Slaughterhouse is really gory, but the lack of chainsaws when I went through the first time was a letdown, but I like the theme improvements this year. I think it would be awesome to have a fake air-compressed bolt gun to puff air into people's faces as they went by. Board 2 Death is creative and clever, but not really scary. Backwoods Bayou isn't too scary. I haven't been through KillMart yet.
  13. I caught a video of lightning striking the Eiffel Tower last night at the park. We had to leave by about 10:30 because of the storm, but I felt so lucky to see this. http://youtu.be/Z4-pVsMBQZM
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