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  1. Kentucky Kingdom was a great little park yesterday. Hope they continue to build it up! Storm Chaser is really fun! As was Deep Water Dive! We luckily had the cheap out of state ticket deal with free drinks...so it was pretty nice. Weird that the tallest "ride" at the park is the ferris wheel and the water slide lol. But the coasters still pack a good punch. It's definitely not always about height.
  2. Yeah, seems like everyone is doing that. An over hour line for MS was a sight to see this weekend. Enjoy it!
  3. We went to CP the last two Saturdays. Valravn gets much less of a line later at night. In fact, for as big as the park is, those midnight closings on Fridays and Saturdays are not busy at all. People flock to Valravn first. I think I saw it lower (less than 1.5 hours,lol) mid-afternoon once. But, we got in 1 hour around 7pm. Dragster is always a crapshoot. Usually, a really long crapshoot...but last weekend got on 30 minutes, and this weekend 20 (about 1015am)
  4. So tragic. And I'm like a moth to a flame whenever this sorta thing happens. I want to be respectful of the family/park at this time. But, it's like I want answers now...hoping it was a silly/stupid (used loosely) glitch in the checking of restraints, or something, and not that the ride itself is truly unsafe. I just want thrill rides to continue to be thrilling, but safe. But rides that obviously have passed inspections/even changed layouts, and still not safe, make me wonder/worry about other rides.
  5. We second the SkyHawk at Canada's Wonderland! Lots of fun! But please make it a longer ride. By the time you get going and doing maneuvers , it's over. Also, I'd be pleased with their Sledgehammer or Shockwave as well.
  6. Was at Cedar Point Saturday... 2nd and 3rd rides of the day: Millennium and Dragster Millennium, front row, huge dead bug on my sunglasses and dead bug on my chest Dragster, front row, definitely ate a bug. but, hey, that's what you get at CP! America's Rock n'rolling Bug Coast!
  7. Might be in the clear minority, but I love Mean Streak. We went to CP yesterday, and it was great! I wouldn't mind another great woodie at our park. Or a cowboy coaster...but whatever it is, I hope we get some more real clues soon...
  8. After we got done with a morning event elsewhere, we ventured out to hit up the preview of Soak City. I was rather hesitant due to the nature of the drop slide and the cold, but it was a lot of fun. Obviously, going to a water park when it is under 60 degrees is an interesting experience, but once you got in the water it really wasn't too bad. The wind would make you cold, but outside of that, things were nice. The weather definitely helped the crowd over there. I don't think we had to wait for a single slide, though that probably explains why they shut it down at 1:30. After that we went over to the dry side and it was packed! Took us 45 minutes or more to get a burrito at the burrito shack place. The other food lines were insane as well, so I see that kink still hasn't gotten worked out yet. All in all, I would say tropical plunge is an excellent edition to Soak City. The tube slides, especially the steep one, are a lot of fun, and it was neat seeing the added surprise inside. Now I just hope the next addition to that side of the park is a water coaster. Does anyone know if they will be giving out First Slider shirts next weekend for the official opening? I originally just assumed that was for coasters, but then I saw someone earlier this season have one from last year's snoopy gliders or whatever, so I wasn't sure.
  9. When I was there early this morning I saw quite a few kids in shirts that said such and such place's choir. I was curious what the sign meant, so that explains quite a bit
  10. There are four rides open for Gold Pass ERT: Diamondback, Woodstock Gliders, Snoopy's Space Buggies and Woodstock Express. The early ride lineup will change monthly beginning June 1. I understand. Again, I didn't mean to sound ungrateful. I'm very excited to be able to have ERT at all, and I am very happy that Diamondback is one of those rides. I was just commenting on this year vs past years. As another poster noted, most adults without kids will more than likely be heading straight for Diamondback, and without another "Adult" ride for lack of a better term to balance it out, Diamondback can get backed up I would imagine. Still, really happy I was able to ride it early period!
  11. Got two complaints, which I don't want to sound negative all the time, I love KI and am super glad it's my home park. First, the new ERT seems less than ideal to me. I arrived at the park today at 9:30. By the time I made it through the gate and then through the gold pass gate thing and walked to Diamondback, the line was already to the entrance of the queue. They eventually opened a switchback which helped get everyone into the line at least, but by the time I got off Diamondback, it was already 10. So, in the half hour of ERT, you get one ride in (and that wasn't waiting for a particular seat). If you are going to shoehorn everyone into one ride for ERT then it is going to get decently backed up pretty quickly. I don't remember exactly how it was in the past, but I feel like there were multiple rides across the park you could do for ERT. Having every gold/platinum pass holder going to Diamondback is going to make it less ERT, more head start on forming a line for said ride. Second complaint was about a T-shirt I saw in a shop. Either I'm missing something or I'm not sure how this shirt made it to print. It lists a bit about I survived being rattled, ragged by Banshee, blah blah blah by Diamondback, etc for each ride. But at the last part it says 'devastated, traumatized and scarred for life on the Kings Island" Since when is it 'the' Kings Island and how can you be on it?
  12. I don't mind shows being in Festhaus but you are certainly right that the volume is way too loud. It's almost painful depending on where you sit. The volume might be okay in an open air area, but enclosed it just becomes worse than what it normally would be.
  13. In response to the older posts in the thread, the wife and I bought new platinum passes this year (didn't have passes last year) and they worked just fine getting in. So the whole renewal only thing seems to not have been a thing after all. Also, am I the only person who had lights on in the helix of The Beast?
  14. Leaving the lot at close has been terrible for as long as I have been going regularly. Maybe it's just me but the light at Western row really needs reprogrammed or it needs more than one left turn lane when heading east. On preview night, going after work, I got to that light around 6:05 or so and it took probably close to 10 minutes to turn left to head to the park. The line was backed up a long way and the cycles were far too short for the turn lane. I get that you want to make sure the 71 exit isn't backing up, but there has to be a better balance than what it's been lately. It'd be faster to go straight through the light, which brings up a question, judging by the map, is there an entrance and or exit on Columbia Rd? I feel like it'd be faster going that route to head back west on Western Row than trying to get on KI Drive first. Anyways, preview night was bad on food to continue that thread. We stopped in Festhaus and the line was basically to the end of the queue. Got up to the cooler just about to grab pizza and the line just dies. Multiple people were waiting for presumably a gluten free pizza. Why they weren't told to wait in a certain area is beyond me. Instead the line was just standing there waiting to move on while they made a pizza. Then the cashier took forever as well. I really wish they would let you preload money on your pass or maybe do the Holiday world thing and give you a wristband with preloaded money on it to shave down time counting out change on top of the other things that slow down a cashier. By the time we got to the table the pizza was cold. On an unrelated note, The Beast on preview night had lights on in the helix tunnels. Is that new or just a maintenance light that should have been turned off? They weren't giving much light so I thought it might be new theme mine lights or something, but of course it was 7pm so it was still plenty bright to the point the lights might not be showing like they would at night. Just curious
  15. I'm also looking forward to the videos posted afterwards. I'm stuck at work and sadly every streaming thing I've found is blocked by the content filter. The beauty in our screen name was going to come down, but we realized the passes were in my car which would be a crazy long drive for it. Oh well, maybe next time. Hope everyone has fun who gets to make it out there, and stays dry
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