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  1. Was that potato quality for everyone or just me? Lol. Cool news that all parts are on site, however!
  2. Those helices are intense, but I was just comparing the speed hills. Orion won't sustain that many positive Gs for as long anywhere in its layout.
  3. Definitely reminds me of the hills on Goliath/Titan...those are actually great sustained floater hills. Orion's shaping seems maybe more pronounced, so could well be more forceful.
  4. Pantheon's outer banked turn was just completed and it looks INSANE...many enthusiasts are focused on Iron Gwazi and sleeping on Pantheon. I still think Orion is gonna be a pleasant surprise for everyone, however.
  5. Not all that similar, and nearly twice the size. This is almost closer to a dive loop, but doesn't start to bank significantly until well over 100' up.
  6. I'm wondering if Monday was just supposed to be an off day, anyway. Also I'm gonna take this moment to reflect on how many times people have asserted the temp lift supports are gone when they're fully still there
  7. That space is deceiving, some rudimentary math using pixel counts would put it at closer to 20-25' where the track will actually pass under. I can guarantee you that you won't be able to hit the track with arms fully raised like is apparently possible on Beast's tunnel (ooof, and ouch!).
  8. I think objectively Orion's should be more pronounced, but it may or may not have much impact while riding. Fury's headchopper during the helix almost makes the helix worthwhile.
  9. I had the same thought, but I do think Orion's layout is one of utility. It would be *ameeeeeeeeeezing* if that first element was an outward bank, but I think B&M are not quite ready to bend it like RMC. Nonetheless, element one (it's not a wave turn) is unique!
  10. Steel Dragon 2000's first airtime hill is a whopping 252', and its second is 210'! But Orion's turnaround is definitely B&M's tallest non-lift element.
  11. It's IAAPA, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  12. Although I was vocal about the stats being offensive (they are), I was also singing this tune as soon as I got a good look at the blueprints. Orion will be a succinct run through B&M's best speed coaster elements and possibly their best work to date.
  13. Agreed. The drop also appears more pronounced/steep than in renders, I'm very curious how the 'wave turn' will look (and obviously ride) irl, it's massive!
  14. Fury's drop is 320' making for a 20' difference. Whether that 20' is perceptible would be up for debate, probably ever so slightly. But the steeper angle should make more of a difference!
  15. Not entirely sure why, but when the mood for MS Paint strikes....
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