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  1. Don't quote me on this but I believe Banshee came went up the next day after the announcement.
  2. Why do you have a screen shot of my season pass?
  3. LOL like most of it hasn't already been figured out.
  4. The biggest problem is anything out there that would interest kids is owned by either Universal, Disney, or WB/AT&T which all have parks already. So unless they inked deals with PBS or children's shows on Netflix I don't think there is many realistic options anymore.
  5. Is this the drum show during haunt that was a recording while they pretended to drum?
  6. I remember it as the Smurf ride when I was a small child and it was easily my favorite ride at the park at the time.
  7. It's kinda clear (not you) but some are not watching this based on their comments and just going off the title.
  8. Is part of the building still used for a Clown attraction for Haunt?
  9. The coaster that's on YOUR SIDE. Confirmed WING COASTER GIGA!
  10. Watch the video. There is individual numbers given for each park. It's very fairly done.
  11. Watch the video and tell me Michigan Adventure is anything other than a Have Not.
  12. After watching the whole video you can't help but feel Cedar Fair needed the now former Paramount Parks more than they needed Cedar Fair. (Not saying they shouldn't have bought them. I get they were for sale.)
  13. He puts us in the Have's and his reasons behind it make 100% sense. I see some on here who think we're the neglected child and you'll always have that but this video puts everything in great perspective.
  14. This guy divides the parks up into 3 categories and gives his reasons why. I thought this was interesting as I often see us compared to Carowinds, Cedar Point, Canada's Wonderland on here.
  15. In America? The first. In most of the world? The last.
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