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  1. Thought your name at first was RIP Tom Braider.
  2. Coaster Media is the most generic coaster related name possible. It's like they didn't want to be easily searchable lol.
  3. If this was a floorless how would that impact the speed vs the same coaster with a traditional giga trains?
  4. What's so bad about that video?
  5. minus well...bone apple tea.
  6. Orange but if I'm being real silver or black would work well.
  7. Sounds user edited to me.
  8. Maybe he thinks we are getting a B&M Giga Steal Wild Mouse. lol
  9. Please no. We need some variety. I love B&M but it's time to mix it up some.
  10. Black Momba...get it?
  11. What's the white structure by the station house that's not entirely in view?
  12. My guess is we get something in 2022 for the 50th anniversary. If it weren't for that number I'd say 2022 is in no way happening. Either way I feel the next likely thing is a non B&M coaster as it feels the most likely direction. We have enough B&M time to mix it up after this coaster. Unless its a Wing Coaster which offers a unique enough experience to stay with B&M. Otherwise I think we're going with a RMC T-Rex, Intamin coaster of some sorts, maybe even a S&S - Sansei Technologies. Either way that's a while off and I'm looking for to our new coaster being built now. I'm confident it'll be an enjoyable ride.
  13. Action Zone got Invertigo and Drop Tower both in 1999. The perfect time to put two rides or more in is when you create a new area or expand upon it.
  14. The top of the window in his screen shot says AutoCad 2019.
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