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  1. HoliWood Nights 2018: Coastershack

    I go to Holiday World every year and I figured why not just join a coaster club and go to Holliwood Nights? I was thinking on which Coaster Club I should join. I thought about ACE because they also have the Storm the Kingdom event. Any suggestions?
  2. Blitz or RMC?

    Sheer Intensity- Definitely a Blitz but overall ride experience I would go with RMC hands down
  3. Will Gerstlauer ever come to Cedar fair?

    Hangtime at Knotts is going to be a Gerstlauer [emoji4] https://www.knotts.com/explore/hangtime
  4. HoliWood Nights 2018: Coastershack

    This might be my first Holliwood nights and im so excited! Any tips or suggestions?
  5. Kentucky Kingdom

    It seems like people are already getting upset about the price hike.
  6. Kentucky Kingdom

    Kentuckys Kingdoms new rides for 2018 have been announced! It includes a Zamperla Endeavor and general park improvements! Link: http://www.wdrb.com/story/36750528/kentucky-kingdom-adds-4-new-attractions-for-2018-season
  7. "The Bat's" complete history

    Thanks for writing this. I really enjoyed it!
  8. That would be great! I Would say it would be good for it to be every 2 weeks
  9. Cedar Point changes for 2018

    I'm happy they are tearing down the stadium. When I first went to Cedar Point I thought that it was such an eyesore. But I do hope they find some way to incorporate the show into another area of the park!
  10. Current wait times

    Vortex never had more than a 25 minute wait. Props to you guys!
  11. Current wait times

    Beast and Diamondback are up too 125 mins Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Current wait times

    We have been in DB's line for about 20 mins and have not even got half way through the upper switchbacks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Current wait times

    Dont come unless you absolutely want to. Wait times are really long. Currently in a two hour line for Mystic Timbers. Diamondback, Beast, And Mystic all have 90+ waits. Vortex and Bat have 60 min waits.
  14. Mystic Timbers named Best New Ride

    I LOVED Mystic Timbers, GCI and the team did a great job. one if not the best ride in the park for me! And on that day it was running smoother than Banshee and Diamondback