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  1. I will bet money that Kentucky Kingdom will not get Firehawk
  2. They are just releasing a teaser Friday, the announcement will be sometime soon
  3. Kentucky Kingdom will release a teaser on their YouTube channel for the 2019 attraction on Friday, September 14th. I can’t wait!
  4. Please don't take Loose Articles on rides, bins are provided on every attraction at KK. The women was hit in the temple by an object and apparently is not doing very well. I'm pretty sure she will be ok though. http://www.wave3.com/story/38963674/officials-woman-hit-in-face-by-loose-article-brought-onto-kentucky-kingdom-roller-coaster
  5. According to OVC, the orange train is back in service on T3.
  6. Im pretty sure the park has the option to expand into the parking lot (it's not used for anything besides a rare overflow day) The area marked in red is owned by the State Fair Board. And Kentucky Kingdom has first dibs on that land (They were talking about it to be used for the 2019 addition). The area outlined in blue the state fair board does not own. However, they are waiting for the current owner to move out and then they will buy the property immediately. Also what jtro said sounds really great and I hope it happens soon!
  7. The only thing close to a hill is the hill they made to cover up Chang's footers. (which is pretty much just a mound of dirt)
  8. Ed Hart is talking it up to be the biggest investment in park history. He said that area by Skycatcher is being saved for something big and that the area had a height limit of 200ft+ and kinda winked. I also got to talk to Mark and he was saying that while the placement of Skycatcher makes no sense at the current moment. In 2019 it will be one of the most popular attractions in the park due to the new attraction. The 2019 coaster is also said to have a new area built alongside it and the entrance for this new area was to be around Skycatcher. Some things are also new in the 2018 season. The park switched over from Coke to Pepsi (The park now has Big Red ) and there is a new eatery called Scoops that serves hand dipped Ice Cream Cones and some form of Cinnamon Bread. Himalaya also has a much more respectable height requirement of 48'' inches. (Down from the insane 60'' inches when Kentucky Kingdom first opened.) If you have any questions let me know!
  9. During the Winter Walkthrough they said it should get in by April or May (Cant remember) the Enterprise Pad is completely gutted Fun Fact: The Enterprise gondolas are still on site but they are sold. One of them is going to a museum!
  10. They are also waiting to buy the land by Mile High Falls
  11. Ed was talking about how they still had around 120 acres to expand on. He also mentioned the height limit which is around 215 near Skycatcher. He stated that it was being saved for the next attraction and winked. This was during the last rides speech.
  12. I go to Holiday World every year and I figured why not just join a coaster club and go to Holliwood Nights? I was thinking on which Coaster Club I should join. I thought about ACE because they also have the Storm the Kingdom event. Any suggestions?
  13. Sheer Intensity- Definitely a Blitz but overall ride experience I would go with RMC hands down
  14. Hangtime at Knotts is going to be a Gerstlauer [emoji4] https://www.knotts.com/explore/hangtime
  15. This might be my first Holliwood nights and im so excited! Any tips or suggestions?
  16. It seems like people are already getting upset about the price hike.
  17. Kentuckys Kingdoms new rides for 2018 have been announced! It includes a Zamperla Endeavor and general park improvements! Link: http://www.wdrb.com/story/36750528/kentucky-kingdom-adds-4-new-attractions-for-2018-season
  18. Thanks for writing this. I really enjoyed it!
  19. That would be great! I Would say it would be good for it to be every 2 weeks
  20. I'm happy they are tearing down the stadium. When I first went to Cedar Point I thought that it was such an eyesore. But I do hope they find some way to incorporate the show into another area of the park!
  21. Vortex never had more than a 25 minute wait. Props to you guys!
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