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  1. I would bring your backup just incase your digital one doesn't work.
  2. ^ I think they could easily change the sign to gold/plat and pre-paid parking seeing as it is automated it is probably just the click of a couple buttons to flip it out if it does start to cause issues.
  3. I'd assume so seeing as it will be sold in Sweet Spot. I'd call the park to double check though.
  4. It is kinda wierd but I for sure will have to try it.
  5. I'm sure they will have some sort of signs and cones or something directing people more than just those little signs. Especially this first weekend where no one really will know what to do.
  6. looks like Sweet Spot is getting blue ice cream popcorn! photo from the Kings Island Merchandise Twitter Page
  7. Not sure if someone already said or not but the welcome to Kings Island does light up and there is some LED signs on each gate that seemed to be cycling different things (I assume they will say season pass, open, or closed) I drove by around 4 and they were cycling colors and words. When I drove by around midnight the welcome to Kings Island was lit up and the LED word cycling signs were off. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures because I was driving.
  8. I assume it's gonna work exactly like KD new games system
  9. There was a video of KD opening day somewhere on here where they showed off the game cards.
  10. Maybe it could be a FunPix location where people can buy prints, get their cards, and create accounts.
  11. Yes. They can be annoying. But usually it only takes 2 times of saying no thank you. If you are polite to them. They don't mind it. I see a lot of people actually getting the pictures and a lot of people looking at them throughout the day. While the number of takers could go down I thnk it wouldn't be a bad idea for them to spread them out. Maybe have them so there are different rides like Banshee or Diamondback in the background. I have seen them try this a couple times and I think it would be a better option then having them swarm you the moment you scan your pass/ticket.
  12. Cedar Creek Mine Ride has restraints both locked and unlocked with the foot pedal it seemed.
  13. its kind of funny because at Kings High School. You didn't hear anything.
  14. or fog coming from the eyes or behind the eyes to give it a more eerie look
  15. Don't forget. Ohio State law does prohibit dropping items from rides.
  16. I have heard people during haunt ask if Flight of Fear was a maze or a ride...
  17. I have heard people ask if Adventure Express is racer this season.
  18. I went there and it was way to crowded. I was expecting the lines to go down during haunt. The parking lot was just as packed as it was earlier in the day when I drove by. Ended up riding AE and walking around for a bit. No one tried to scare us because the midways were really packed no one could do anything. It was hard just walking down coney mall. I liked walking around though cause of how KI looks during haunt. Definitely one of the most busy days I have seen.
  19. Calling the park would also give you some more answers if you are looking to plan before actually getting there.
  20. Go to guest services and they can tell you the safe places to eat per different diatary needs.
  21. Blackout freaked me out. I can go through any maze and not get scared but when I went through black out I was getting really anxious actually got scared. Mainly because you can't see much other than arrows and the random light flashes with the wierd textured walls. In most mazes I'm expecting people to be in certain places or just to scream. This one just scares me getting lost and no one there to tell you where to go. Most mazes flow and people show you where to go. This one is just dead ends.
  22. Guess we will all see tonight at 6! First night of haunt.
  23. I don't know who came up with those levels. But they are not true at all in my opinion.
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