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  1. if they did this stacking would happen more often. And wouldn't get you from the final brake run right into the station. I think dispatches right now are fine and alot of people like the slow lift hill. Gives more anticipation.
  2. ^just edit your posts into one and edit the other ones requesting for deletion. Mods should get to them quick
  3. Cedar Point does scan Fast Lane on their more popular rides. But there is no limits.
  4. I'm going to look at this from a guests side who was visiting the park the first time. You get on a ride. Think nothing of it and start videoing your kids first ride. The kid is screaming having fun you don't hear the announcements. You get off the ride only to be greeted by security guards. Also, not everyone who visits these parks may speak English. There are alot of factors and ruining someone's day for one time is different. Now if someone were to pull their phone out multiple times in the same day and you witness it. It would be a different story...
  5. When I went to CP I ate at Johnny Rockets and that was an amazing experience other than "their kitchen falling apart" the waitress we had was extremely friendly. The whole waiting staff and some people in the kitchen even started dancing to the music at one point. The food was pretty good too.
  6. Not sure. Noticed a comment saying it was private. Unfilled and sure enough it is private.
  7. Don't think this deserves it's own thread but @kingsislandpr on instagram iz not private foe some reason.
  8. Last we heard was there will be no dark rides installed for 2016... maybe it will be a classic flat ride.
  9. According to a picture @kingsislandpr posted on instagram Club Blood will not be returning.
  10. ^ it probably needs it the most out of all the rides.
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing a larger flat ride coming in even though we just had 2 for Planet Snoopy. Or a small flat ride and a major TLC to a roller coaster.
  12. A little cat action doesn't hurt anyone.
  13. if you look at the benifits page on the job site it tells you all the information you need.
  14. guess I will be seeing you this year, same ride!
  15. Hello again, it's Friday so if you plan on going to Kings Island tonight be careful. Watch your speed especially! Enjoy your night and be safe and don't make stupid decisions!
  16. Hello again. Today on my way home from school I noticed they now have signs stating, " HIGH ENFORCEMENT AREA." Also they have signs warning to watch for stopped traffic. These signs are posted between the entrances and exits of Kings Island. Be careful guys and if anyone has any other information about these zones feel free to post. EDIT: also this morning there looked to be a security suv near the start of the zone
  17. Or if you are unsure about something and want complete verification always call the park ahead of time before you go.
  18. Someone who is good with Photoshop should take the old SR&R and redo it to what it could turn out to be with the new lighting package and paint. Would love to see people's ideas
  19. I think it's the wires and stuff that are exposed on the cars I am not sure. But every time it's raining and I have been there Firehawk was closed
  20. If it is raining at all Firehawk will almost always shut down due to parts on the rides cars that can't get wet. So a ride employee told me so don't quote that but I think it could be a good possibility.
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