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  1. It could have just been a block thing. Employee sends train to soon. Lift stops while other train comes back to brake run. Ride goes on. It says an employee was there for the news station so that is probably why it was a news story. If anything good comes from these it's shorter FoF lines for us!
  2. Sorry for the double post. But are there lockers there and what are the rates. Would like to keep my stuff safe because I won't have a car to keep it in or anything
  3. Only time I have had anything searched/metal detected was at The Haunt but normal season is just walk right in and ride. I havnt been this year so I don't know how much things have changed security wise
  4. The zip line is schedualed to open 6/14 they have it posted on the sign
  5. Awesome. I'll hopefully pos a trip report after it's done. Havnt been to a standalone water park. Thanks for all the info everyone!
  6. Is there any reason they don't open up the back of the park till noon? I'm guessing staffing. Also is there any park maps anywhere. I have never been to the Beach before so I don't know where a single thing is.
  7. Oops that is supposed to be 10am I am there. Is there usually long likes for slides or since I'm going so early should most of them be short?
  8. I am going to the Beach with a summer gym class on Thursday the 12th and will be there from 9-2 what should I ride first so I get the most of my time. What are the best slides this year? Also, is it usually busy during the weekdays?
  9. not to mention The Bat needs some new pictures, so does Delirium
  10. So that's what was sitting on a truck yesterday in the parking lot after school...
  11. Drop Tower / Zone was being tested to he other day!
  12. I would've got an image but my phones camera is messed up. Thanks though, hoping it turns awesome and colorful.
  13. Just an update on my way home from school, the visual sign part has been removed so hopefully it will be replaced by some color!
  14. I think it would be a nice thing if Kings Island created a Passbook app for both season pass holders and online ticket sales. This could be convent for those who don't want to worry about loosing a season pass card and want to carry light into the park. Some people don't want to bring money into the park but their phone in case they need to call someone. Overall I believe that adding a passbook app for season passes and ticket sales would be beniticial for the general public and season pass holders. EDIT: Also could lead to more advertising options online.
  15. On Google Earth, there's a clock icon that lets you roll back to an older set of photos. No need to hoard screenshots! shows how much I know about Google! Thanks for letting me know that!
  16. expect for the fact that next week we will be back in the 20s. This weather is confused
  17. Sorry I'm late to this but I'm hoping if they add a tunnel the Banshee scream plays in there
  18. Kings Island app should get a virtual pass built into it, or a passbook app
  19. If it's supposed to be a barn they should put some haybales in it and improve the theming I doubt if we didn't realize it till now the general public would think it is just another station with barley any theming
  20. I'm hoping they fix up Invertigos station and get the gates looking new because right now they look really rusted
  21. I don't think much will be done today, it is supposed to rain all day
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