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  1. They were paving it looked like fresh concrete and they were fixing up the parking lot, lots of cones near the entrance I'm assuming it is to keep people off of it so everything can cure
  2. nope but it would be nice if they made it not smell so bad walking around that area...
  3. I wonder if we will see one focused on The Bat or if the amudge is cleaned at least so we can get a good view
  4. It looks like they are redoing parts of the parking lot and the pavement outside the front gate! Post more improvements you see happening for the 2014 season!
  5. Or he could have done that trick with editing text in chrome for client only, or it could be real. If we had someone else witness this it could be known for sure but no one has backed the picture so who knows wether it is real or not.
  6. Just saw a yellow crane turn into the park and ride parking lot, wasn't paying attention to the parking lot or anything though.
  7. We're getting off topic, but it looks like there's a support going up by cj
  8. They have been staging stuff back there for a while. More than a month probably. oh havnt noticed till today
  9. Looks to be a lot of track and some supports in the back(along the road first one on the right in the dirt) I can't screenshot it as I'm not on a computer
  10. There is a smaller crane base in the parking lot but the arm pieces are not in it anymore
  11. On my way home from school there were pieces similar to Clifford's but looked smaller
  12. Riding by the parking lot it seems to look like there are more Clifford pieces in it
  13. Wind seeker was up as I was walking to my second class with its lights on, maybe since it's too muddy for Banshee they are working on other rides to prepare for winter or next year
  14. The wind right now is quite bad, there is a severe t-storm warning till 12:30am in warren county and a watch till 4, we probably won't see a lot happening tomorrow because it will be pretty muddy id suspect
  15. and also to move it they have to go all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower, outside the cage... Seems like too much to do with all the people here, some like me seeing it almost every day
  16. Maybe now that the seasons over they will relocate some of the webcams like diamond backs to different views of Banshee
  17. I can't remember but did the rendering have a curve after the vertical loop, the webcam makes it look like there is one
  18. Looking at the benefits page for clubTPR I don't see Kings Island on the list...
  19. In the interview with don someone on kic had(if someone can quote with the link please) he said that no rides would be removed with Banshee coming
  20. I hope the light only shines on the lift hill to match the az theme if they don't retheme but I hope the rest is dark(no lights at night)
  21. I said this before but no one responded... Do you think that they built the lift so close to Sling Shot so the lights reflect into the top of the lift like they do?(unless they installed a different light, but it looks like its slingshots light)
  22. I don't know if they did this on purpose or not, but slingshots lights in Action Zone light up Banshees hill pretty well, I noticed this morning
  23. I think if all weather permits the dive loop will be done by the end of monday
  24. I think it would be cool for offside to see fog screens and the train flying through them. I think they should also bring back stunt coasters theming
  25. the reason apples don't get a lot of viruses is because 1. Less people have them compared to pc's and 2. Viruses are harder to write for apples operating software than windows.
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