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  1. For the 3 time enter thing will the times expire after the season is over so if you had 2 remaining then next season you would get that one time back? I haven't had to use this option yet but I'm just curious

  2. Do season passes only get us into the haunt once?

    Existing 2013 passes, either unrenewed or renewed at the same level (Gold or Platinum), can be used unlimited times through the end of the season (but only once per day at the parking toll booths). Newly purchased 2014 passes can only be used once in 2013.

    so my 2013 pass can get me into the haunt until the last day?
  3. well if they raised prices and provided lockers te lines would go faster too because there won't be constant fighting to get into the storage bins on like diamond back and rides that have them and long lines. I also noticed that on stunt coaster which I don't mind bringing stuff on that, there are bins but they won't let people leave stuff behind as they ride...

  4. Yes, some know.

    Universal is not Cedar Fair.

    Totally different business model.

    yeah but I heard that more parks are converting to this. If Cedar Fair could do something to keep lockers from being outrageously expensive then I think they wouldn't have to deal with as much stuff getting lost
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