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  1. On DB I was in the front luckily because some guys hat went flying off, I really wish Cedar Fair had some free lockers for like an hour or something enough to let you ride fof and friehawk and it had your finger print I think universal has them so you didn't have to worry about it at all.

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  2. I bring a bag because I don't have much trust keeping my phone in my pocket during a ride and if I bring a sweatshirt I'll need a bag for it. But I don't ride friehawk because there's no where to put a bag and fof because you never know if they will let you bring a bag on the ride

  3. There have been times in the past when it was not so included.

    oh, I hope it is kept in for 2014 but I also hope the time gets boosted to at least 45 minutes so gold/platinum pass holders can still get in and ride what they want without waiting forever.
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  4. I have heard that sometimes when you are there that the ride ops won't take your stuff to the storage bins Flight of Fear has near the exits so I have been avoiding it because I have a bag I always bring but don't wanna loose it on the ride during the inversions. I am sorry if this has been posted but I couldn't find anything just about Flight of Fear. So, what do you do with your stuff when going on Flight of Fear?

  5. I just saw the crane walking to my bus and it is huge! If I look at it from my school it looks so tall

    When I was attending school there SOB was being built. It was really cool seeing a little bit rise every day. I bet you'll be able to see quite a bit of Banshee as it's being constructed also.
    I am hoping to see a lot of changes, it is my first full school year at this school I came halfway last year from New York... But I can't wait to see Banshee going up with the blue and red tracks more and more will pop up every few days!
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  6. My sister told me that she heard the passes only get you into Kings Island till Labor Day then you can't use them unless you renew then for next year other than for the haunt. Can someone please inform me on this

  7. Last week I went to Kings Island early in the morning with my gold pass and it was really foggy to the point where the top of Diamondback was barley visible! Anyone seen the fog lower than that? And post pictures when you do, I would love to see them

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  8. I wonder if they will have actual fog machines similar to the night ride POV video? That would be sweet!

    I think it would be cool to have fog on the lift hill. Turned on at night time and during the day time it will just be normal. If it happened it would be another reason to ride at night
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  9. It would be sick if they could make a fog screen you go through as you exit the station to make it even more spooky

    I don't know about that- I mean, do we Really need another Smoker's Area that close to a ride?
    no, just fog machines or something to make it spooky or as your going up the hill. One can only hope. Haha
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