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  1. yes, those cards will be basically trash with no value at the end of the day, always stop before you head out and get them added, just wondered if you could add them through that part of the website or what exactly it is for. Also, in the Kings Island app, there is a scan bar code option, anyone know what that is for?

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  2. I can't figure out how to re-adjust photos at all. Also, on the FunPix website there is a place to look up photos, is there any numbers or a code you could put in from the cards that the photographers at the front gate give you? (just bought FunPix yesterday)

     image in spoiler


    Also, When i go to my albums and click on a photo to see the different things to order, the overlay is gone and i see the stock image that the camera takes on the ride.

  3. It seems to be flipping back and forth a lot this year. Maybe Cedar Fair needs to hire a new app and website developer or vastly improve both because there are so many errors that come out of nowhere. Heck. The Kings Island app in the Google Play Store still has a screen shot of Kings Dominion... Not to mention it is an old map of Kings Dominion.

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  4. Ok, so does anyone have any suggestions of what "3' OFF B/C" means? Check my post on the last page if you missed it.

    I'm not sure. I would love to know if anyone does. Seems your posts were passed over with people attacking Beast Gal. Please quit being hostile to other people. If you don't have something good to day. Don't say anything. This is a decoding thread. Be nice to people so more people stay on here and feel welcome.
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