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  1. I don't expect a PR statement till the person is caught and charged. So I'd expect it in the morning at some point. The security are the ones who are out searching in this terrible weather because of someone who thinks they can get away with it. Also all of the lights for Banshee are on. The only lights on for Diamondback are the station lights. The lift lights and the ones on the brake run are off...

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  2. There is definitely at least one vehicle down there. Hard to see with the rain. And looks like they turned in a bight light into Banshees queue. Not sure if that's always on or not. I'm seeing at least 2 sets of flashing lights through the drops of water. Nothing yet on the Diamondback cam.

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  3. Reliability really isn't the issue at all with Maverick, it is just the capacity, even in the Fast Lane line, you are going to be waiting a while just to get to the merger. I waited less time in TTD (though the reliability of this was terrible and it did break down at one point while we were in lije but it was back up and running very quickly) Fast Lane than i did in Maverick.

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  4. If it was ment to be a tease I'm sure we would see something. It isn't anywhere else but the app which I have found very buggy in the past.

    EDIT: I believe the error is when the app is loading up it downloads the latest information off the servers so it could be some thing in their servers where it refers to an image but there is a conflict in file names so it is 50/50

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  5. Because ERT is not where the park makes money off of. It is an incentive to buying a more premium season pass. If it were an hour. I would see why they would but for half an hour, allowing people who purchase Fast Lane to get infornt to other people doesn't really make that ride time all that exclusive and not as much of a reason to upgrade your season pass when there are still people able to get on the ride 2 or 3 know times than you would being a normal gold pass holder.

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  6. Management has better things to do than mess with KIC...

    I recall them messing with us when someone found the "Worlds Longest Inverted Coaster" on the website around the announcement time for Banshee. They changed it to something about a wing coaster and something else.

    For linking from Imgur,right click on the photo and click on copy image address then paste it into the image thing above the text input box

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