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  1. I don't see it as a hint. Just a way to get on more social media with the younger population
  2. I honestly had no issues last night. My only complaints are the angle of turning into the enterence from the left is kind of awkward and tight and then once you get in the lane markers suddenly dissapear which I think will lead to some issues during busy hours.
  3. Everything here is basically a station wait
  4. According to the website they open at 4 today actually
  5. That sounds super expensive and I can't imagine the logistics of moving Drop Tower to the complete other side of the park. Not worth it for a giga imo. I would rather see them expand back by The Bat or put one in X Base
  6. Even in the pixelcaster site? It works perfect for me.
  7. Yeah, i was gonna bring it up on the errors thread but never got the chance to and then forgot about it.
  8. Odly enough, on the browser tab, both cams say "King's Island Banshee Live Camera"
  9. They started doing it last year I believe. If you click on the image itself or the hyperlink for live feed under, it'll pull the live feed up, otherwise you will get the still shots.
  10. This wouldn't be the first time they used another parks coaster in a commercial...
  11. Does the mobile app have menus on it? If not they should add them. Also, they should get little pamphlet menus kind of like how Chipotle has some in their lines.
  12. Maybe have it as a fast-casual experience like Culvers where you order, they give you a number that you place on your table and they bring the food out to you. Then all you really have to do is go in. Order your food and get your number and there is no fussing with trays or feeling rushed to do everything.
  13. What's the point of speculating if you just wanna wait till it is announced? I think it's fun to see everyone's opinions and predictions on what it could be
  14. Yeah. It would be an app I'd use and buy as long as the ads are not annoying. Ironic that I would buy an app for ads that don't bother me but I'd rather support developers who are not in it for the money only
  15. As long as the ads arn't intrusive and pop up every time you tap something. Then I'll enjoy it and probably buy the ad free one. I hate apps that have ads every 5 seconds basically.
  16. I wonder if we may be getting a classic ride. There were a lot of classic Kings Island pictures posted on their social media over the off season. Also, I don't seem to be able to find the teaser with the green space which could have been something that they were not able to get opened by the start of this season so they took down that teaser.
  17. Yeah, looks like it is just a space filler, but they could have put Vortex or another ride there. It could be a hint that has been ignored as we all just think it is a space filler though.
  18. Who says the station will be right there? It may be off the path a decent way with games and food on the midway leading to it and room for more expansion of may be some flats or another coaster in the future.
  19. Just looked it up and the Kings Island Drive part of Imagine Western Row should be done in December of this year. source: http://www.imaginewesternrow.com/projects/kings-island-drive-improvements
  20. It is a lot of work, sometimes good things take time. You can't blame construction crews when they had the winter to work and only a few good months to really work hard. this project isn't supposed to be done till the end of next year or this year, I can't remember exactly.
  21. The enterence at Columbia is One Team Way and for associates only. That too was mistaken for a normal enterence although clearly marked for associates only last night.
  22. Did Sweet Spot have the blue ice cream popcorn? And if so, did anyone try it?
  23. Hopefully they get it opened up soon! Are you able to get in form the south side or is that all still blocked off too?
  24. From what I could tell you should be able to just turn left into it unless they have it blocked off still
  25. Just went by Kings Island and traffic is terrible up through there as they're doing last minute road construction. Be careful driving through that area especially if you're coming from the south.
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