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  1. Mod Edit: You can see multiple rides in the background.
  2. https://www.wlwt.com/article/gates-open-on-most-expensive-ride-in-kings-island-history-Banshee/2916596?fbclid=IwAR3Lv_G15VwxtmZrqLUPn2Ymawcs4nwTndmdilpYWxG7z9UKfZdWrfKyi9c Me and my Hubby got an interview. I am the hyper one...lol
  3. Because I love to be there when the gate opens in the morning!!! https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=today's+gonna+be+the+best+day+of+my+life&view=detail&mid=01F11DDCCE2F3988F5D001F11DDCCE2F3988F5D0&FORM=VIRE0&ru=%2fsearch%3fq%3dtoday%27s%2bgonna%2bbe%2bthe%2bbest%2bday%2bof%2bmy%2blife%26qs%3dNM%26pq%3dtodays%2bgoing%2bto%2bbe%2bthe%2bbest%2bday%26sc%3d2-31%26cvid%3d3634611A28BD481FAF52D77DB14A2000%26FORM%3dQBLH%26sp%3d1
  4. I am thinking Orion could be known as "The Iron" due to the comparisons to a flat ride. I am 'pressed' to ride it soon as soon as the 'wrinkles' are worked out prior to opening day. I hope to be 'Permanent(ly) (im)pessed' by the ride and the 'ironing board' looking legs holding up the track. ...keep it going...
  5. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=defunct+rides+tomb+raider&view=detail&mid=67A935C6912D4F3FF69B67A935C6912D4F3FF69B&FORM=VIRE
  6. I know that GateKeeper at Cedar Point is filled with sand. It was on a press release about the ride due to concerns of the front gate and noise while associates are greeting and communicating with park guests.
  7. Various versions of the Banshee have been described, from a woman with long, red hair and very pale skin to an older woman with stringy, gray hair, rotten teeth and fiery red eyes. She is often depicted with a comb in her hair and this has led to an Irish superstition that finding a comb on the ground is considered bad luck. Quoted from : http://www.drakensang.com/Banshees Another factor that likely contributed to the superstitious legend is the cry of the barn owl. In ancient battles, owls would screech and take flight if they noticed an army approaching, which would forewarn the defending army.
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