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  1. Seriously. Is everyone at the park right now?
  2. I know right. Could still be good clues though. The barrels could indicate barrel rolls. I don't know but can't wait to find out! ^^^^ to the guy who doesn't like the name did you read about the splintercat yet? Sent from the future while riding #KIProject2017 using Tapatalk As a matter of fact, I did read about what a Splintercat was before I made that post. What I found did not change my opinion on the "cheesiness" of the name... Edit: With that being said, I cannot wait to see what happens at the announcement tomorrow!
  3. What I'm about to say might be somewhat of an unpopular opinion, but I honestly do not like the name "SplinterCat". I can't give an exact reason, but the name just feels cheesy and unpolished. I also don't know how the park could tie in a theme with the name. With that being said, I'm sure whatever Kings Island is building for 2017 will be a fantastic attraction, regardless of what it is called. I'm just glad that the announcement isn't so late in the season this time...
  4. Seriously, Vortex is one of my favorite rides at the park. It gets way too much crap for what it is: an intense yet fun Arrow Custom Looper. 7-1 is by far my favorite seat, however I must admit that 5-1 is the smoothest. Not to mention, I've never gotten a headache from Vortex, or any roller coaster, for that matter. If you want a rough ride, see Invertigo, or even The Beast.
  5. Flight of Fear was designed my Premier Rides.... Not a lot of space has been cleared for the 2017 addition... Premier Rides Sky Rocket II for 2017 confirmed. It would surprise me, after all. ThatGuy, cross threadin'.
  6. Nor did it take a Centurion.... TheBEASTunchained.... Dropping in for a buzz. That pun made me Fury-ous. ThatGuy, making a sudden departure from Carolina Harbor.
  7. This but slightly shorter in height would be nice. Cedar Fair I really want a Mack Rides coaster.
  8. Does anyone else play NoLimits2?

  9. Anyway, that would be an interesting idea for a coaster. Something about 150 ft. tall, 60 mph, with 4-5 inversions would be great. Sort of like an "updated" Vortex of sorts.
  10. Thank you. Never heard that term refer to B&M lap bars before.
  11. Clam shell restraints? You mean the restraints on older looping and inverted coasters such as Afterburn and Raptor right?
  12. Hmm... That's odd. All of my non-enthusiast friends who only go to Carowinds once or twice a year (Carowinds is about 3 hours away form my city), enjoy and praise Fury 325.
  13. Sheesh, sorry about the excessive caps. Just trying to emulate an advertisement... McSalsa, that ride looks really interesting! Does anyone know the last ride that Mack designed for a Cedar Fair park?
  14. New For 2017 AT Kings Island: Gigasaur - A revolutionary RMC "T-Rex" track styled coaster. Experience the prehistoric times at speeds up to 70 miles per hour, zipping through Kings Island's "Dinosaurs Alive" attraction. Come ride today! Edit: Fixed caps issue as per Terms of Service.
  15. I was there on Friday as well! It honestly was a great day to go, as there were hardly any lines for most of the rides.
  16. I somewhat agree with the above post made by DiamondBanshee. (not quoting as it would be redundant). However, the only teaser we have gotten so far has been fairly vague and does not offer much in the way of discussion. I was actually surprised that there were no new teasers put up around the park, considering the nature of the PR department. However, the more that I think about it, you guys are lucky to get all of these teasers, as Carowinds didn't say much about Fury325 until about halfway through the year. -ThatGuy, who thought we would get a new teaser before Pigs Fly.
  17. I get so confused when it comes to your posts. I guess it is up to us to Interpret?Anyway, I can't wait to see what the General Public thinks about Storm Chaser.
  18. Is it really that bad at Kings Island compared to the actual restaurant?
  19. That's because you both are using Tapatalk, which has less posts per page. The mobile version of the forums works just fine.
  20. Oh come on! You should really try being "That Guy." A wing coaster might be possible, but in my opinion, it should be similar to Thunderbird. However, it could interact in a unique way with the terrain. KI certainly has a higher budget than Holiday World and Kentucky Kingdom, but this new competition might cause them to step up their game. I think we need another teaser.
  21. Why is that? I found Lightning Run to pack a punch for such a small ride.If KI was going to get a ride similar to Lightning Run, however, I think it should go back in X-Base. This would allow for some good theming, possibly similar to Afterburn at Carowinds. It's only speculation, after all.
  22. A Mack Rides launch coaster such as Helix or Blue Fire would be nice.
  23. I'll try and see if I can go to Kings Island next week while I am in Northern KY. It would be great to go see the construction site. I honestly think it will be some sort of wooden coaster after reviewing this thread. The "Beware Falling Trees" kind of implies that trees will be used in the construction. Anyway, I can't wait to see what is to come for 2018!
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