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  1. True.. Either it be not right now but could be theoretically possible in the future.. Tbh I can see it soon... But at this moment there actually been a trending situation in the amusement park community.. Albeit Indiana beach closing and other opportunities for Cedar Fair to step in to catch the flailing stock price/share for six flags it is reasonable yet a fact in the industries top competition in the US against the top two in the amusement industry.. (I.E. universal, Disney)
  2. https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/02/20/will-cedar-fair-buy-six-flags.aspx Thoughts? I mean if it means something of six flags makes a nod to buy Cedar Fair.. Why not turn the tables instead...?
  3. Would s&s sansei possibly wanna use that new concept coaster in they just made????
  4. Coney_man

    Best Band/Song.

    id have to say that rush is my fave and journey is my second fave Rush 2112, tom sawyer, limelight Journey separate ways (worlds apart)
  5. i wouldnt mind seeing a blitz coaster with some fire and water effects put in SoB place
  6. well lets just hope that SoB comes back next year
  7. For me i would have to say a new ride, maybe a mini flat or a new small roller coaster, that would boost up Kings Islands coaster count. Who knows?
  8. it should be a hit in the park...terpy, what is the forecast for the haunt? raining midgets that intentionally hurt themselves for our viewing pleasure? bloody vampires that come out once in a dark night? or werewolves ripping off our limbs with glee? we shall see come october 1st!
  9. I miss it a lot. ditto man, PKI shall live on forever in our hearts
  10. who remembers Bring a friend free in 04, horribly packed had to drop off my brother it was out to western row
  11. KD's Version of the Crypt is way different than the one at KI. The pros and cons of the KI Crypt and the KD Version 1.the crypt at KD is unique (since the same theming is used on the ride and the music) and KI's version has been stripped of the original theming 2.the ride program @ KD has not changed, @ KI the program was reduced from intense (When it was TR:TR)to mild then to wimpy (despite the ride model difference) Finally there is a distinct difference in both of the rides, one has it's original theming when CF came in, and one has none of its in ride theming just whisles and howling an
  12. Sorry man, different company, different ride (as in the programming) and ride theming. Cedar Fair cannot use paramount trademarked movie names for the rides or the theming.
  13. lol sorry next time i wont forget
  14. 4/17/10: The day started off with a season pass processing for me, i was there waiting for 2 hours for the gate to open. then it WAS ON!! running to Diamondback (pooping out half way, cause im fat now ) got on in the back, my adrenaline pumping while going up the first hill of DB. ah, the pure rush going down the hill at 80 MPH really gets the endorphins going in the morning. After getting off i had checked out Planet Snoopy i got a video of myself dancing with snoopy (the video is on facebook) in this linkit may seem stupid but i was having fun Then it was on to lunch!! had 2 slices
  15. Cant you get a re-do on the processing, it will cost you at least 15 to 20 dollars to replace. i know in the days of Paramount lost or misplaced season passes cost about 15 bucks to replace. i dont know about the Cedar Fair Passes lost or stolen policy for their passes? Someone fill me in on the policy for Cedar Fair's pass recovery
  16. Happy that Kings Island is opening!!

  17. when scoobys ghoster coaster was up, i felt sorry for the guys (the dads) who rode it with their kids,it always busts their nuts. Hence the name "Scooby's nut buster" Hats off to whom those who lost their nuts on that ride *plays taps*
  18. From what i heard, the gerstlauer cars on SoB Makes the thing worse, hence the accident last year with the dag near stroke, those cars are not safe, we need Timberliners!!
  19. One thing i would Love to see is The Racer back in its old paint colors, Anyone agree?
  20. Well this trip started yesterday, while i was getting my money, i was getting calls from coaster enthusiast friends, Karen Talley and Adam Wallisjov. Well the time i got to Mason, i decided to check out great wolf lodge. Boy, they did a great job on the whole hotel and water park. Amazing on what they did, the arcade was very elaborate...i tried to play DDR for the first time in five years...FAILED! But the one thing i liked about the water park IT WAS AWESOME LOOKING!! Then it was on to the beach, Paid 9 bucks to get in, It was Worth the money, i tried to ice skate....FAIL....i kept falling o
  21. But really, Dominator, Volcano, Grizzly, Shockwave, The Crypt (which, by the way, theirs is in no danger of removal - it's absolutely the best flat there, and no one questions it... Remember back when Islanders laughed at Kings Dominion for getting an "outdoor, downgraded" version of Tomb Raider: The Ride? Joke's on us, folks...). It's a fantastic park, definitely a "destination" and someplace to travel for. i would have to agree, even though i havent been there, im making a trip to go there and try out Intimidator and ride (again when it was at geagua lake) Dominator. The floorless experien
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