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  1. I was referring to the ' but yeah, good point.
  2. ^^Rita's Water Ice ^If you're going to correct people you might as well be right.
  3. I suggest you go to Carowinds sometime in the future.Or SeaWorld Orlando. Manta looks pretty darn awesome!
  4. read the comment! I hope that isn't true [emoji16]
  5. I know this might seem a bit far fetched, but what if B&M used wing coaster trains on this coaster. The airtime and smoothness of a "giga" with the freedom and open-ness of a wing coaster. (replacing the OTSRs with lap bars of course)
  6. To all the people wondering how crowds will be on future dates: http://hubki.wordpress.com/crowd-calendar/
  7. My least favorite boomerang is Goliath, at Six Flags New England. Good lord Vekoma... Not only is the ride incredibly rough, it even manages to bash your head while going straight. Its probably the roughest steel coaster I've ridden.
  8. Like many TPR members have said, the oval indents on the footers match the appearance of Banshee's footers during construction. We could be looking at a B&M family coaster.
  9. Line cutters... A group of girls cut in WindSeeker's line without getting a number. They tried to sit in someone else's assigned seat. Needless to say, there was a lot of arguing.
  10. As of now, Zumanjaro isn't open yet. I visited on Monday night and Tuesday and there was absolutely no movement or testing of Zumanjaro.
  11. I love all of Kings Island's coasters! But if I had to choose my least favorite, it would probably be Invertigo because of some minor head-banging.
  12. elyk disagrees, having ridden WindSeeker many times this season.
  13. The ride ops at Six Flags are so slow I keep thinking the rides are down.
  14. The employees infront of the Golden Kingdom said that Zumanjaro may open towards the end of the season. Sounds like they're having some major problems.
  15. What happened to the awesome ride cycles Top Spin's used to have?
  16. elyk

    Which ride?

    Shockwave at Kings Dominion. The ride is so terribly designed that its actually kind of fun.
  17. elyk

    Best seats?

    The back car on Adventure Express is my favorite ride in the park. there are some intense laterals, pops of ejector airtime and its just an awesome ride overall. It really throws you around but imo thats what makes rollercoasters fun. have fun on your 1st trip to Kings Island!
  18. How was your trip? I absolutely adore Indiana Beach, and Cornball Express is one of my favorite wooden coasters.
  19. While loading in The Bat's station: have a great day at Michigan's Adventure! While unloading: Have a great day at Worlds of Fun!
  20. When I visited about a week ago, there were two guys infront of us in line vaping marijuana. First of all, they were smoking in a non-smoking area, second of all, it's illegal! This really made me mad.
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