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  1. I'm really hoping this isn't the layout
  2. I would suspect a complete Coney Mall renovation next year with Racer and most likely monster to receive some big upgrades. Doubtful that the park would be removing it as it seems that's not the direction that they're going in when it comes to bringing back nostalgia. The Arcade could use a nice upgrade too, which I can also see happening next year.
  3. Did they put new blacktop in around the Eiffel Tower?
  4. The new seats definitely take away from the drops with the angled position and vest restraints.
  5. Why would you want either of those? Lol the New dive trains suck. A lot of you are really jumping the gun here. These are the first reportings of tree clearing and people are already thinking that's the entire space. Give it time.
  6. Give it time....They'll have something similar if not the same in the gift shop. They'd be missing a huge opportunity if they didn't sell a shirt like that. It would be incredibly successful for the retail.
  7. Awesome addition. Hope Coney Island is next.
  8. Its Ohio..lol They'll never do away with the smoking areas. As for the games, I'd just like to see the game buildings upgraded. They're really outdated.
  9. That's funny because I was actually part of an internship program at Cedar Point for the 2017 season. I was an Area Supervisor for Park Services/Guest Services. When I was there, King's Island was on the rise and absolutely destroying CP in attendance most days. The park is totally eligible for flagship/destination resort status but there's still some work to do with this park. 1. Capital Improvements: Coaster refurbishments, Area renovations (Action Zone and Coney), Renovated facilities and a new main entrance 2. One more signature coaster- This park is on the verge of h
  10. Rebel Yell ran great when I was there in March and then again in June. I like Racer but the ride has not seen enough upkeep to maintain high ridership numbers. Whereas Rebel has seen a big ridership increase this year.
  11. Would love to see some new rides added to Coney Mall. A tilt a whirl and Ferris wheel would be perfect for that area. I'd also like to see that ugly sky coaster get removed and replaced with another larger flat ride like a HUSS Jump2 (Sledgehammer) or a Gerstlauer sky roller (Like the new one at Canada's Wonderland). That would be a great way to market a newly themed land (Action Zone renovation)
  12. A lot of the Coney Mall buildings and stands are pretty outdated and ugly. I am hoping that they do more than just add the antique cars this year. A racer overhaul and some more renovated facades (Think Coney-BBQ) would be an awesome project for 2019. Candy Apple Grove looks amazing over at KD so I hope KI follows their lead.
  13. Gotta say, I'll take Rebel Yell over KI Racer any day. People have said they spotted re-tracking on the ride but when I went for winterfest a couple weeks ago, I couldn't see anything. KD did a great job retracking rebel yell and now it runs glass smooth. I hope KI starts to focus on a full restoration project for the attraction.
  14. Action Zone is definitely the arm pit of the park. I feel like they did an ok job refreshing it when they got Banshee but then kinda gave up half way. Congo is completely outdated and could be replaced with a better water attraction or even some new flats/family coaster. I totally agree with the Black Forest theme, Invertigo to Demon would be awesome. I'm sure X-Base is their main focus right now but Action Zone should be a top priority.
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