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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. There was an accident on the Manhattan Express today while testing the new cars. The train had a rollback and derailed on the lift hill. The lift hill is now tilting towards the south. I don’t think the coaster can be saved, as it appears the damage is quite extensive.
  2. Nope, the drop off location would be the markers by the original drop off by the main marquee sign. From the pictures that were posted, it’s clear it’s for the drop off location.
  3. There’s now a potential covid fatality case linked to WDW.
  4. Dive Machine. It’s the only ride that will appeal to enthusiasts, GP, and ensure that the excellent soil capacity is taken advantage of.
  5. Yet, Sevier County has over 100 more cases per 10,000 than Hamilton County.
  6. Because there is a third wave going on and numbers are surging in Ohio. With Winterfest, people gather close together for shows and waiting for rides. That’s the last thing you need during a pandemic.
  7. With the park buying both coasters, one has to wonder how they’ll design the section of the park behind Steel Hawg. It’s definitely going to be different from the plans the park previously had for that section, which included a wave pool. They’re already removing Cascabel. It’s being disassembled by same contractors who did Quimera.
  8. For $2500 you could by a car from the former KI Monorail. It’s being sold out of FL on FB Marketplace.
  9. They would be working on it since they are the legacy supplier for Schwarzkopf.
  10. It seems Funtime is working on Drier Looping. My question is, when they get to 2022, will they go with the Psyke Underground treatment since they’re adding the shuttle loop on the strip of land beside Drier Looping and Steel Hawg?
  11. Looks like the park is adding a third ride as well! This is insane how fast they’re expanding.
  12. They were painted by Carole Lanter. The fascinating thing is that KI’s carousel is not the first or oldest carousel in Cincy’s history. The oldest carousel can be found in Seattle.
  13. The Carousel WAS opened on May 29th, as the piece says. The different operation of parks was the primary reason for the date of opening. Regarding the Twister, @TombraiderTy can attest to this, there are some photos in private hands that show the numerous stages of construction for the ride.
  14. It’s the person’s own property. If they obtained it legally, they can do whatever they want with it.
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