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  1. Coney announced their season pass rates, and they’re more expensive than KI’s Gold Pass. How long do you think until Coney closes for good at this rate?
  2. Corkscrew is a less dynamic roller coaster than Vortex. The stresses placed on the connections and footings pale in comparison to those in Vortex.
  3. Coming in 2022, the tallest, fastest, wildest elevator in an apartment high-rise. The Cincy market is way to crowded with waterparks. Does not look good for coney.
  4. Same here. It sounds incredible!
  5. #GoldenSecret

  6. Your wish has been rewarded: You have two left.
  7. This is my design, I’ll erase the scribbling sometime after next April.
  8. How many warning points will be distributed? #whatsintheforest
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