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  1. gforce1994

    Questions about the trains

    True, however a rear view CCTV could help with visibility.
  2. Correct, to further prove a point, the policies implemented at Universal after the blinding drive some people away. If they implemented the same rules at KI, it would be a mess.
  3. gforce1994

    Questions about the trains

    Yes but not at full speed.
  4. gforce1994

    Questions about the trains

    I would love to see them reverse the Kenny Van Meer!
  5. gforce1994

    Questions about the trains

    You could replicate the Great Locomotive Chase, which consisted of the trains that the KI trains are modeled after.
  6. gforce1994

    Questions about the trains

    In looking at the original trains that inspired the KI&MVRR, I noticed that they could run at the same speeds forwards and backwards. Are the KI trains able to do that, and if so, could they have a train push carriages instead of pulling them?
  7. Yep. Fans do imitations all the times.
  8. And the fact that they handed the evidence back is baffling as their apparent inability of not taking a strong stance of banning those who do retake out phones on rides.
  9. As it occurred, the ride ops knew, first aid knew, and park security had the phone. The park should have dealt with it from there.
  10. Under that presumption, if the president was at the park(as a VIP) participating in dangerous activities that put other guests at risk, you’d advise a cost analysis system to deal out punishment? Some Murray super fans will try to recreate the video, and someone might get hurt. They need to deal out the punishment.
  11. No the park should care, as people are already being hit by phones on rides. Some goofball encouraging the act, will only increase the risk for significant injury.
  12. Guess what, he live-streamed the entire ride!