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  1. I’m guessing I Street Restaurant. That’s where they came across all the history books being shoved up there.
  2. Unfortunately, it seems that some of the security guards are projecting the “proper amount of supplies” on guests that need those supplies.
  3. It’s happened to multiple guests this weekend.
  4. Except, the problem is that they’re saying that isn’t allowed in the park and people have to take it to their cars.
  5. It promised access to a VIP area. That is still being offered.
  6. I can’t believe there’s so much outrage over the “Magic Fridge”. If you don’t get the reference
  7. The park is named Kings Island, not Wachsland.
  8. There’s three mechanics in the world that’s trained to deal with this organ. Source: Carousel Museum in Sandusky. The sky isn’t falling.
  9. It’s the kid body slide complex. It’s like Lakeside Landing at Cedar Point.
  10. Has anyone seen the slide complex open this year?
  11. I can confirm, there hasn’t been a sticker.
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