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  1. Holiday World now projects June opening. That opening date would be past Holiwood Nights event.
  2. Here’s the catch-22: all passes are sold as the same product with same terms and conditions in two different countries. I’m curious if they are different products.
  3. So what happens if a Knotts passholder took a trip to Carowinds or CP in August and renewed their platinum pass there to get a free FLP. That could open a whole can of worms.
  4. Plus, what about Knotts Platinum passholders who may have taken a trip to Carolina this summer and renewed there? Should they get their passes carried over to the 2021 season. Furthermore, I used my pass this season at a CF resort in January, what does that mean for me as I have technically using my pass all season, just like Knott’s guests.
  5. Knoebels has delayed their opening day until further notice.
  6. Adventureland in LI has just made this announcement.
  7. Basically, park was to build a replica of the Aeroplane Dips coaster on top of the lake, with final drop entering an underwater tunnel. That got shelved for a larger, more impressive coaster, that was eventually shelved.
  8. LANCELOT: Concorde! Concorde! Speak to me! 'To whoever finds this note: I have been imprisoned by my father, who wishes me to marry against my will. Please, please, please come and rescue me. I am in the Tall Tower of Swamp Castle.' At last! A call! A cry of distress! This could be the sign that leads us to the Holy Grail! Brave, brave Concorde, you shall not have died in vain! CONCORDE: Uh, I'm-- I'm not quite dead, sir. LANCELOT: Well, you shall not have been mortally wounded in vain! CONCORDE: I-- I-- I think I c-- I could pull through, sir. LANCELOT: Oh, I see. CONCORDE: Actually, I think I'm all right to come with you, sir-- LANCELOT: No, no, sweet Concorde! Stay here! I will send help as soon as I have accomplished a daring and heroic rescue in my own particular... Can we all just admit how quotable that movie is?
  9. Do not take the model for granted. We don’t have all the variables. Disney has canned the Summer-Winter College Program.
  10. Sorry to burst your bubble, that wasn’t a CCI. That would have been KI by themselves. The coaster they were building in the lake area would have definitely been neat.
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