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  1. Do they have outdoor seating for the Miami River Brewhouse?
  2. The Bushman painting aligns with much of the Bushman concept art I’ve seen.
  3. Having ridden Orion a few more times, the ride really is the best in the world, in my opinion. It’s neat that the ride is built 287 feet tall on top of a berm, so that the ride towers over everything else. In fact I think the vertical distance between the top of Orion and the lowest part of Kings Island is larger than the respective values for Fury 325. That being said, the ride is intense in the pull-out sections of the drop. I feel the wave turn is neat as it provides some floater airtime with lateral g forces. The reverse treble clef has a good pop of air with stronger airtime. The speed hill is intense, and the camelback hill is absolutely insane. To put it into perspective, the fifth hill of Orion is as tall as the second hill of SFOG’s Goliath. The helix is intense, and the final off axis airtime element before the brakes is intense. The ride is a world class addition to a world class park!
  4. Nope, isn’t six feet. The 4 seat v shaped cars are shorter than two 4 across cars.
  5. A Gerstlauer Infinity coaster would be amazing, especially if they used the ditch to the ride’s advantage.
  6. In the last few days there has been more work being done at The Vortex site. There has been a significant amount of soil moved around within the site (even though all footers are removed). Furthermore the site doesn’t match the recent CF trends to fill in the sites of prior rides. It looks more like a grading project is going on rather than a fill project, creating a flat plot of land for future projects. Vortex: Stinger: Volcano: While it seems like expansion is far off, the fact they’re not filling the site is peculiar. Thoughts?
  7. That is due to there’s a delay and deaths and now younger individuals are getting it. I also attended and saw very few mask removals. The only guests without masks that I saw were promptly dealt with by park employees within 30 seconds.
  8. The park has been and will be enforcing the policies set forth by their precautions. They have: A reservation time system that allows for a set number of individuals to enter the park at a predetermined time. They have social distancing on lines and rides. They have minimized interaction between guest and associate to minimize the chances of spread. They have set up temperature checks and cleaning procedures. They have a pre visit medical questionnaire. They have reduced capacity of dining facilities and arcades. They have set up markers to set up queue flow in regions of high congestion. KI has set up a comprehensive strategy to try to operate in light of a devastating pandemic. The park is determined to ensure safe and clean operations. They have been thorough in reminding guests to keep their masks on. There’s only so many ways one can instill urgency of using said masks before guests will become terrified or agitated. The smartest thing KI did was requiring masks to be worn, as it forced the guests to follow in the footsteps of what associates and executives are doing.
  9. The spread was be mitigated in March through April. Once the stay at home orders were lifted, numbers rose like crazy.
  10. Those beaches are in a state where the governor has been routinely criticized by the citizens of a state.
  11. True. There’s a lot more questions than answers in the article. The fact they are asking guests to consider themselves a low priority risk to exposure leads me to believe that these workers interacted with guests.
  12. SDC Employees have come down with COVID-19
  13. I took some video of the line: There were references to The Bat, Vortex, Skylab. Zodiac, Shooting Star, Tomb Raider, Firehawk, Magnum, Racer, and more.
  14. To note the views are great from the top. Did anyone see the video KI published?
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