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  1. Same here. It sounds incredible!
  2. #GoldenSecret

  3. Your wish has been rewarded: You have two left.
  4. This is my design, I’ll erase the scribbling sometime after next April.
  5. How many warning points will be distributed? #whatsintheforest
  6. Looks like the pedestals were never part of the original plans to start off with, also Frontierland? In regards to aesthetics, the new fountains are amazing!
  7. 2.5% increase was phenomenal imo. I’m curious how much the new Antiques will draw since that was a ride cherished by many.
  8. I would have said it looks like a sci fi show model.
  9. I think the set up may be quite similar to what was seen yesterday during passholder previews.
  10. I can tell you they are very easy to spot, even when people are attempting to sneak them on rides.
  11. I know that. I was saying, in terms of alterations to the footing, leg connection, what was altered to fit it on the KI site.
  12. Nice set of questions. I wonder how deep the footing and foundation would have been for the Eiffel Tower if it was built at Coney.
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