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  1. gforce1994

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    To be fair, they did have an electric horse ride on the actual ship. Similar to the old quarter bucking bronco rides you’d see at Thriftway. And speaking of 2020 attractions, some park in China is actually building one of the largest attractions ever made......... I’m not joking.
  2. gforce1994

    International street makeover

    Are you sure it wasn’t Gerstlauer heading to Dollywood?
  3. gforce1994

    International street makeover

    Wait what’s in the shed that was a mystery?
  4. 30 dispatches per hour, 480 pph. That’s only twice the amount of a Larson scooter.
  5. gforce1994

    KI Blog: The Beast gets its name 40 years ago today

    Here you go. This is the original train as designed. My guess to why they didn’t do this was a). Guests would pick at it, and b). the decorations would created aerodynamic disruptions that would cause a greater friction loss, which would prove problematic on colder days.
  6. gforce1994

    KI Blog: The Beast gets its name 40 years ago today

    Instead of the claw decal on the front, I want them to bring back the lamp that was originally attached to the trains. That would be ideal for me. Regardless, I’m loving the paint scheme (I always tried to replicate it in RCT).
  7. gforce1994

    KI Blog: The Beast gets its name 40 years ago today

    I’m loving the change. However, I’m mystified why they used “Beast” and “Unleashed” in the same sentence in the tweet, considering how outrageous the enthusiasts’ rumor mill becomes.
  8. Not good. It was one of the best coasters ever made, imo. Something must have been drastically wrong if the ride never reopened after May’s shutdown. At the end of the day, there will still be a Volcano in Virginia.
  9. gforce1994

    International street makeover

    Your nightmare has arrived:
  10. gforce1994

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    The Groundhog has spoken, no Giga for 2019.
  11. Here’s the rundown, yes it’s great that someone reverse-engineered the parts, but it’s a catch 22 situation. With the reverse-engineered parts you can get the parts at a cheaper rate, however, if they don’t know any company protocols used for the production of said parts, you’re going to have to replace them more frequently than the authentic parts needed replacement. If that’s the case, then you’d likely be paying the same amount for both cases. If this sounds ludicrous, here’s my point. While many of the ride companies make money off of selling new rides, a portion of their profit comes from selling replacement parts. Is a company really going to be giving the manufacturing procedure to a potential rival? It’s an interesting solution to a common problem. I wish both companies the best of luck.
  12. gforce1994

    International street makeover

  13. gforce1994

    Future plans for Firehawk's station discussion

    And the station is gone according to reports.
  14. gforce1994

    International street makeover

    I wonder if they’re bringing in RMC for the pavers or entryway walkways.
  15. gforce1994

    International street makeover

    Quick Q: what if it’s a commercial flight? Just asking.