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  1. Here is video I shot of the park. I highly recommend visiting it.
  2. Nope. However the park has been vastly improved by Cedar Fair. Contrary to what enthusiasts say, the park is quite nice, and the infrastructure improvements have gone a long way towards improving guest experiences.
  3. I was making a joke since that diagram was extremely similar (almost identical) to a diagram of the original structure of St. Peter’s in my art history course that I took in college.
  4. That’s the area of the park with the lowest elevation and floods frequently. With it being so close to the lake as well, if you wanted to build a tall coaster, you would need to have deep piles in order to deal with all the stresses.
  5. Doesn’t meet fire code for a structure like that.
  6. The park has been looking to potentially keep facilities related to employee access consolidated. Currently some of it is on the mainland and some of it is on the peninsula itself. The park uses the area to drop off employees for shifts. If one was to build a ride there, you would need excessively deep piles to anchor the ride and to prevent impacts from other rides. Considering that they’re moving everything off the mainland, maybe they are planning to move some of the parking lot off property, as they have been buying up dozens of properties.
  7. That’s a structural model of the original St. Peter’s.
  8. There’s dozens of markers from antiques to mine ride to stockade. It would be nice to see a few flat rides back there.
  9. Just to show that this is not a rare event And this: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.daytondailynews.com/entertainment/test-dummies-fly-off-jersey-shore-galeforce-roller-coaster-during-safety-test/qeMbfZESdgBZbJp4miSEYO/%3FoutputType%3Damp
  10. True, however, the roof truss structure doesn’t represent any roof we have in the park currently.
  11. In a recent video to KI’s YT channel, the park did a quick feature on its head of Maintenance and Construction. During the video, blueprints are shown in the video. The video show blueprints that are blurred out, except for a small section that shows a truss structure similar to what is seen in stations. Is the park planning a new ride? The park has used similar teases to promote a new ride. A tweet in 2016 featured the turnaround for MT with a Starbucks cup nearby.
  12. I did not write an article saying a coaster was coming. The wing coaster concept was to visually show off the size of the site that the park was working with, from Timberwolf to the front gate.
  13. There have been markers seen around Timberwolf since the middle of last year, the berms on the side have been removed, and the organizers of Spirit Song have laid off a good portion of their staff. The writing is on the wall for Timberwolf.
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