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  1. And from reports on Twitter, the line got stuck again tonight.
  2. It can’t. Most people don’t realize if you built a building on a hill, it can’t be relocated without massive amount of re-engineering.
  3. Actually, it’s likely to create an access point for heavy machinery to enter the ride area and demolish it.
  4. I’ve worked internships in Mason across the highway, and you can not hear anything from the park. I’m curious about the noise ordinance, because it all depends on where and how far out you take your samples.
  5. Orion in all its glory: https://youtu.be/ErbepMkK9Cg
  6. And those were used on KIC’s social media channels attributed to him, when they’re really from another publication.
  7. He just said here are some better pictures. No source was cited even though the images came from Attractions Magazine.
  8. That isn’t a good enough source. Let’s just say he took it from one of the leading theme park publications.
  9. Question: can we have a source? I can tell you those aren’t his pictures.
  10. It’s done for according to the listing. Question is, would you like to see a mall on that location?
  11. https://www.citybeat.com/arts-culture/culture/blog/21097174/the-beach-waterpark-in-mason-is-for-sale?utm_source=featurefollow&utm_medium=home&utm_campaign=hpfeatures
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