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  1. Looks like they’re going to cancel the NBA season. The original plan was to have playoffs in late July: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2884996-windhorst-nba-angling-to-cancel-2019-20-season-after-chinas-cba-shutdown
  2. Im curious how would they handle season passes if the park were to open up in mid July? How would that situation potentially affect the following year’s pass deal? Just curious.
  3. The Scrambler had it’s 50th anniversary season last year or the one before that.
  4. Looks like cars for flying scooters were changed as well.
  5. Unless the ride was disassembled and replaced by Monster.
  6. One could see cars from the Soak City bridge.
  7. As I’ve been saying from early on, don’t expect the parks to open this year.
  8. But then one would end up paying more for the pass for the following season (renewals cost less than flat out new passes). Also to complicate that matter is that most parks schedule their big events for July. Look at Island Nights, Carnivale, July Fourth Firework Spectacular, and more. If I only came in for the rides, I’d be fine with that, but we come in for more than just the rides.
  9. But then If one has their pass overflow into the following season, wouldn’t they have to buy the passes at full price and then have to buy another pass a few weeks later for the following season. 3 passes for 2 years? This is the catch 22 that all tourism companies are having to deal with because of this pandemic.
  10. Carnival has cancelled numerous cruises through December of 2020.
  11. I never for once mentioned Corona. I said that he should be following the stay-at-home orders of DeWine, that went into effect March 22nd.
  12. Because the thread was encouraging someone to do something that the government as ordered us not to do.
  13. You never know. Seems like the uploader has total disregard for public health.
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