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  1. Also, the soil has varying strength.
  2. So what is happening is that they’re turning on sets of lights at a time, finding out where the particular lights are connected to, disconnecting them, and repeating the cycle for another part of the station.
  3. The previously lit lights in the queue are now off. This is interesting.
  4. Furthermore, he admitted to the accusations on his IG channel.
  5. Nope, it’s the most recent one, and the allegations were horrifying. The are enthusiasts who have called the police and offered to give evidence. He’s in deep trouble.
  6. He’s alleged to have done it with a minor in CA where the age is 18. Furthermore, there’s allegations of assault.
  7. Good point. The thing is that some of the people who have come forward have presented irrefutable evidence for which the person has admitted to it for one case.
  8. OVC’s owner was revealed to be grooming teenage girls and behaving in predatory and inappropriate behavior. As of now six people have come out, and there have been two reports of him allegedly committing a worse crime.
  9. Question is, will there be any criminal charges? As of now there are 6 victims, and likely more. I’m disturbed that you-know-who did these horrific acts. EDIT: Another person came forward. I’m disgusted by the situation.
  10. There’s now more markers by the exit lanes. I’m thinking it could be an possible expansion of ki drive.
  11. Doesn’t matter. This project is 1/4 mile from other project.
  12. Not grasping at straws, it’s notable, because they could be expanding the entry lanes into the toll booths. No need for your disrespect.
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