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  1. Same here. It sounds incredible!
  2. #GoldenSecret

  3. Your wish has been rewarded: You have two left.
  4. This is my design, I’ll erase the scribbling sometime after next April.
  5. How many warning points will be distributed? #whatsintheforest
  6. Looks like the pedestals were never part of the original plans to start off with, also Frontierland? In regards to aesthetics, the new fountains are amazing!
  7. 2.5% increase was phenomenal imo. I’m curious how much the new Antiques will draw since that was a ride cherished by many.
  8. I would have said it looks like a sci fi show model.
  9. I think the set up may be quite similar to what was seen yesterday during passholder previews.
  10. I can tell you they are very easy to spot, even when people are attempting to sneak them on rides.
  11. I know that. I was saying, in terms of alterations to the footing, leg connection, what was altered to fit it on the KI site.
  12. Nice set of questions. I wonder how deep the footing and foundation would have been for the Eiffel Tower if it was built at Coney.
  13. Or maybe Mystic Timbers, Antiques were all built by temporary smoking sites the previous year. And there’s a smoking area near the old Firehawk site?
  14. You got to be kidding. So this would make it the third consecutive ride to be built on top of a temporary smoking area.
  15. Nope. It stops at 315. The 264 foot distance cited is the fall length, from the dropping point to the first application of brakes.
  16. You never know. Plates and composites are used for redirecting loads. You could have easily gotten away with only installing a few plates to strengthen the coaster.
  17. But it was. The Beast is a great ride, but nothing beat the first drop or loop of SOB. I find The Beast as rough as I found SOB
  18. No I wasn’t. Sonny was much better than The Beast!
  19. There’s ways to fix subgrade lumber. That’s what composites are designed to do.
  20. True, but the same could be said with Rattler at SFFT. That ride was designed to be 120 ft tall, but the news about MS forced the park to add 60 feet to the ride. Whenever you’re forced to radically redesign something with 90% of it designed and engineered, you’re asking for problems.
  21. Let me restate my question: If we knew what we did about composites and rehabilitation techniques in 2012, do you think the park would have saved either the ride or structure for RMC?
  22. As we all know, Son of Beast was a fantastic ride. However, it had well known structural issues as well. From a structural engineering standpoint, there are now materials in CE fields to reinforce and redesign deficient structures (wood, concrete, steel, e.t.c.) at a very low rate. That being said, if these new methods were available at the time the decision was made to tear down SOB, do you think the park would have made the same decision? This is a hypothetical situation, I’m just curious to hear what people’s thoughts on this would be.
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