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  1. It’s the kid body slide complex. It’s like Lakeside Landing at Cedar Point.
  2. Has anyone seen the slide complex open this year?
  3. I can confirm, there hasn’t been a sticker.
  4. It was a great night at the concert, everyone had fun, and great music was played. It was nice to go into the Timberwolf, as I had never been inside.
  5. It’s open, and running one train only.
  6. You didn’t get my point. Tiki Twirl and Surf Dog are both Disk’o Coasters.
  7. Der Spinnin’ Keggers did not look like that.
  8. Yeah, but Hershey’s is a resort with waterpark, zoo, and park. It wouldn’t work at KI, and to be honest, no front gate village would work at the park.
  9. Yep. The winds that hit the park a few weeks ago really packed a punch. Did they ever determine it to be a derecho?
  10. There’s an old fashion idiom about “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic” (not the PKI attraction). This is a perfect use of that idiom.
  11. A live look at SlingShot fanboys entering the park this week.
  12. I think a lot of people had high hopes for the park considering all the work CF put into it. Unfortunately, Covid and the out of control real estate market really created a worst case scenario for CF and CGA.
  13. Schrödinger's Coaster
  14. The only CF plaza expansion that was made larger was Carowinds. I’m still amazed how the plantation entrance was deemed adequate for nearly 40 years.
  15. I felt it as well on Thursday.
  16. It has not. They’ve cleared up, and tagged a lot of the trees for removal.
  17. There hasn’t. It was cleared in the past week.
  18. By the parking lot? They have adequate facilities already.
  19. It looks like a span of the pullout has been replaced. Been awhile since I’ve seen it have Top Gun/Flight Deck track colors.
  20. There’s a thing called school. Theater work is very labor intensive.
  21. If anything, they should be doing a sequel to Phantom Theater. An urban exploring film crew enters the abandoned theater and begin trying to film the Maestro, etc.
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