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  1. It was started and run with the door dash bag there.
  2. Well, I guess nobody picked up on the most important news of the weekend-DoorDash now apparently delivers to rides. Carry on.
  3. Icon Park happened, and Funtime manufactured Sling Shot.
  4. Carowinds, CP, and others.
  5. There’s a 118 foot loop after the MCBR.
  6. Actually, it potentially could. The 1979 structure couldn’t withstand trims being taken off, however, with the new 2022 structure it theoretically could.
  7. Uh, a typical concert can be heard for miles. Some performances at local amphitheaters can be heard 2-3 miles away.
  8. I was mentioning the floor as they needed a new floor for the floorless cars.
  9. Valravn was different as the floor in the station was damaged.
  10. True. They’ve retracked a section of the ride heading into the far helix. They’re taking intricate care of the ride.
  11. Basically all the large rides went down in really bizarre ways.
  12. Sorry, I had baked beans. Joking aside, I wonder what the wind speed limit is.
  13. It was a demolition and controlled burn that got out of hand.
  14. Well, after Christmas, they have removed Santa and replaced him with two elves. It looked like they were portraying it as elves taking their boss’ sled on a joyride.
  15. When I visited the Carousel Museum in Sandusky, they had an exhibit featuring a see through Wurlitzer. There’s horror stories of repairs that don’t work out properly.
  16. Agreed. There’s a few people in the world who are capable of restoring these organs. It’s fantastic the park is able to restore a gem of an organ.
  17. So the park has to make alterations in their game plan because of a criminal? The park has gotten ahead of it, it’s just that you’ve lost events. One bad grape can sour the bunch.
  18. Yep. It only takes one jerk to ruin it for everyone.
  19. Same. The sad thing is, had the owners decided to act upon the proposed wood coaster, I feel the park would have been in a good place.
  20. Here’s video I shot of opening night. It was a great event, and I felt the park was firing on all cylinders.
  21. They never said reverse engineering parts for TTD. Jumping to conclusions when a technical investigation is being done can be a very dangerous thing and can lead to wrong conclusions. One example I always cite about the importance of jumping to conclusions a case when the federal government actually announced the results of their investigation into an air accident was caused by poorly manufactured parts, and then discovering days later that the AA had screwed up maintenance on the jet. In these situations, it’s best to sit back and wait.
  22. They’ve been very transparent. The failure of the ride was a complex failure that will take time to do a route cause analysis. The park has stated within hours that an incident occurred and a piece came off the train. They were up front about the nature and scope of the incident. To add to the complex nature of the incident, the bolts were found, but not the piece witnesses said came off the ride. It is highly probable it was scooped up by an enthusiast in line. Furthermore, head injuries are very complex to diagnose and state the severity as well. It is not an injury someone can take a 5 minute look and order cast, braces, or prescription for. Furthermore, the media leading the campaign is the Sandusky Register. In the last few weeks they have run a series of articles lambasting CF for “considering Charlotte” as their main HQ. To put that into perspective, they are upset that the chain wants to put its offices miles from one of the largest airports in the states.
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