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  1. 7 hours ago, SnakePlissken said:

    I do not know the answer but I'm sure its near 0. The chances of you catching it outdoors is next to nothing. Its why Dewine has decided on things like allowing fans at Browns games later today and on Jan 3rd. I'm still not sure why King's Island didn't go ahead with a taste of Christmas or something like it. People are gonna party privately and not be safe on New Years Eve when they could do it safely at King's Island if that had stayed open. Also just like the Browns they would have been exempt from the 10pm curfews and likely could have sold alcohol right up until their usual "1 hour before close".

    Because there is a third wave going on and numbers are surging in Ohio. With Winterfest, people gather close together for shows and waiting for rides. That’s the last thing you need during a pandemic.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, DownInRivertown said:

    I am a huge fan of the grand carousel. As a lifetime KI gold pass member, I have many fond childhood memories on it. However, my favorite memory has to be spending my days nannying three kids who also happen to have KI passes (best gig ever), and our tradition was to start every day with them taking a carousel ride as I drank my morning coffee from the starbucks on IS (I was in charge of three children who weren't mine; I needed it). Today I really love seeing the carousel lit up at night, especially during Winterfest. Something that ha always interested me however was the paintings of landscapes on the carosel, anyone know anything about them? TIA

    They were painted by Carole Lanter. The fascinating thing is that KI’s carousel is not the first or oldest carousel in Cincy’s history. The oldest carousel can be found in Seattle.

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  3. 6 minutes ago, KIghostguy said:

    Super amazing. Rick Bastrup (President of R&R Designs) told me that the model was “lost somewhere along the road,” so it’s nice to see that it has survived somewhere after all these years! A real shame that it’s being sold and will never be seen by the public instead of donated to a museum, though.

    It’s the person’s own property. If they obtained it legally, they can do whatever they want with it. 

  4. 16 minutes ago, DiamondbackFan said:

    Looking at the supports, it is clear that Kings Dominion is not getting the Six Flags model.  The four  \|/ shaped supports that get bolted to the foundation are not there.  We don't know if this coaster is the same model as Adventureland Park or not.


    Six Flags model:


    Dragon Slayer at Adventureland Park:


    It’s not any one of those. The track transitions are shallower, with the track pieces of the Adventureland model, so it’ll be similar to the one at World Fairytale Land.

  5. 2 hours ago, Shawn Meyer said:

    ^Son of Beast was a beautiful wooden roller coaster, but it was a chiropractor nightmare as far as what the human body can withstand. If they ever decide to build something on that scale, I hope Cedar Fair considers Gravity Group or GCI to come in and build it. Heck, I would be cool with them going with RMC topper track to make it look like an all out wooden roller coaster.

    It was going to be a much smoother ride, although last minute changes with the swapping out of the steel with composite tyre with a normal tyre caused massive issues in the end. 

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  6. 21 hours ago, tuxedoman52 said:

    What a statement! Glad we already know what we're getting in the future. So, magic 8 ball, when is this Dive Coaster arriving?

    Out of the entire park, the park is likely wanting to fill in the former Vortex site. Given what I said about the benefits of the site, there are reasons to indicate a dive coaster would be built there.

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  7. They’ll be getting a floorless dive machine. The park needs to fill in The Vortex spot. The site of Vortex is an area where the soil strength is much larger than that of Action Zone and Planet Snoopy. The only reason why rides like Banshee and Drop Tower could be installed was due to extensive foundation and work with concrete piers. It’s an engineering marvel.

    I think the park will invest in what is the largest possible ride that could be installed in that area. The stronger soil would significantly cut down the work needed for the ride’s piers and therefore reduce the overall cost. Furthermore, with the B&M track being manufactured close to the park, it would cut down a cost that would be larger if it was another park. Considering Valravn and Yukon were both built on land that interacted with water, KI could add a record breaking coaster with a lower price tag.

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  8. It looks like the markers are for the new campgrounds rather than on Columbia road by the park. The water lines appear to go from GWL, by the high school, down to the campgrounds. That begs the question, what were the markers in the front of the park for?B1D66367-0895-4190-9ECF-5CAD0E503872.jpeg

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  9. The Sun-Sentinel piece on DeSantos is a bit troubling for the Orlando parks. The paper’s article stated that DeSantos’ government cherry-picked data to ensure money would flow back to the state.

    With misleading statements, the state has been lying about the spread of the Virus. This may bite Disney and Universal, as they were lauded and touted as safe by DeSantos. Now, with the credibility issue, I wonder how many people will want to travel to Florida.

    I feel that Cedar Fair did an excellent job in dealing with the pandemic during the summer of 2020.

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  10. I have a huge concern with the purchase of Quimera. It was different than the Mindbender accident where a car axle detached due to maintenance and engineering oversights. The reason why Mindbender was reopened was that there was nothing wrong with the physical structure and track.

    However, with Quimera, investigators ruled that the ride was riled with defects. There has been numerous reports of track and supports having severe structural issues, and the loop appears to have significant structural issues (check out the deflection between 2010 and 2019). It looks like whatever refurbishment will be needed will likely cost more than the current value of the ride.

    The final concern I have is that the ride can not run with any condensation on the track. The ride was removed from Flamingoland for this exact reason. Furthermore, it being built by the lake may result in the ride being closed more than it is open.

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  11. On 9/3/2020 at 8:35 PM, IndyGuy4KI said:

    No, they are not associated with KIC in any way. We want to coexist and respect other coaster sites and are fine with information and articles being shared on KIC. 

    Well, I would say there isn’t much respect being shown on this site. It’s a shame that people and sites are being called liars and frauds over accurate reporting.

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