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  1. There is a tasteful and appreciable difference between a ride that promotes cultural education, and a cartoon showcase shoehorned into an area themed in stark contrast. I have no problem with a "cartoon showcase;" I like cartoons, and I am not naive to the economic benefits of commercialism, but I'm disgusted when said commercialism comes before artistic integrity- as I said before, the two can work in tangent. That bygone era of Epcot was exemplary of this, which is probably the reason its image has resonated so well with so many who only know it through second hand. Disney could learn a lot from its own history.
  2. I feared this news. What a travesty; a beloved work of art is going to die soon, and with its successor, Disney has chosen to disgrace its own creative integrity. Clearly, Disney is determined to milk the cow for as much as it's worth, but they needn't be so shameful; maintaining artistic integrity, or even ascending it, can work in tangent with maximizing profits. If you don't believe me, take a look at the truly beautiful, and very profitable, work that has been done in recent years at Universal Orlando and Tokyo Disney(Owned by The Oriental Land Company). Or, explore DisneyWorld's (or DisneyLand's) past, and you will find darning evidence that such tastelessness is unnecessary for the kind of profits Disney wants.
  3. The oldest operating ride is Dodgems.
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