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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I do think they will keep Vortex up for a majority of the 2020 season. It’s a very photogenic coaster. I just hope whatever they choose to do. They keep it as “awesome” looking as possible and offer a loop close to public walkways.
  2. I'd love to see an RMC like RailBlazer (a record holder in length and inversions styled like Vortex) or our own Maverick. But I think they are going to use the space for a better layout of walking paths/ flat rides.
  3. I mean Dayton does have Wright Patterson Air Force Base. That is were the original Project Blue Book was. I can see it being tied back to Ohio. Edit* Also Neil Armstrong lived in Cincinnati. We have our Space roots here.
  4. I thought I read somewhere that Dorney Park also has an announcement today? Could be wrong though.
  5. Any investment from Cedar Fair is welcome in my book. Look at Valleyfair or other Cedarfair parks. They don't get near the amount of love we do and we should all be grateful!
  6. I think a tunnel with cool lights/ themes would be legit awesome. Maybe make it look like we are going into a giant mountain/crater with fog and a continuation of the FoF story.
  7. Didn't Kings Island have that title before SoB was torn down?
  8. This still by rights means the blue prints stand true? They were kinda vague about the clue.
  9. Thank you for clearing that up! I had connection issues and couldn’t get the video to play properly yesterday (thanks AT&T).
  10. I wasn't sure if it was a troll move to the "Beast Unleashed" video or not.
  11. Honest question that I'm not sure if it was discussed yesterday. Do we know why the evidence book is "clawed"/shredded at the bottom? Is this a reference to anything? Or is it suppose to look like someone tried to get rid of it and failed?
  12. Thank you, Hawaiian for all the great local sources!
  13. I remember a wing coaster also being "leaked" before too lol. Not sure if I'm remember it correctly or not.
  14. I have hope for the restrooms. they hinted at them on the Change.org page.
  15. That connects both parks, because why not
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